Alleged Serial Thief at FiDi Bars Is Caught

An alleged bar-hopping thief was arrested last week and charged with making off with patrons’ belongings on eight occasions over a 19-day period last month.

Deniz Halilov, 28, was charged with eight counts of 4th degree grand larceny in the alleged thefts, two of which took place on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, at the Dead Rabbit bar, 30 Water St., and at Murphy’s Tavern, 6 Stone St. Police say he struck at the Dead Rabbit two other times during that period.

With each theft, customers had apparently taken their eyes off their bags or purses placed at their feet or on seats or tables. According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s complaint against Halilov, the suspect admitted to two of the thefts and was picked up on surveillance video in the other six.

Detectives were eventually able to trace the thefts to Halilov after he contacted one of his victims and tried to sell her $1,400 computer back to her for $50, according to a police source, who said the suspect was arrested at Open Market, 15 William St., where he had begun working.

The public defender representing Halilov did not return a call requesting comment.