Arrest in armed robbery, shots fired on Pearl St.; delivery bike thefts in BPC

Feb. 02, 2021

Reports from the 1st Precinct

In front of 300 Rector Pl., 4/4, 7:11 pm

While making a food delivery, a man's $1,800 bike was stolen. 

Southbound A train, Canal Street stop, 4/3, 4:30 p.m

A Manhattan man, 33, was sitting with a gift bag between his legs. When the train stopped at Canal Street, a thief grabbed the bag and fled. The bag contained a $1,200 iPhone.

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 3/31, bet. 12:53 and 1 pm

A man placed $1,901 worth of items into a shopping cart and left the store. The suspect, a 43-year-old Staten Island man, was arrested shortly afterwards. The same suspect was previously arrested at the store on Feb. 24 after allegedly stealing $1,049 worth of cosmetics and clothing.

Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina, 83 Pearl St., 3/30, bet. 7 and 9:15 pm

Two men ate at the restaurant and then left without paying. Two employees tried to stop them outside and one was punched in the face by one of the men. Another then displayed a black firearm from a cross-body bag he was wearing. The two workers backed away and as the men fled one of them pointed a gun at the workers and fired multiple rounds into the air. The two men drove off north on William Street in a silver Mercedes. Kwami Bowen, 23, from the Bronx, was arrested and charged with robbery.

In front of 375 South End Ave, 3/30, 6:45 pm

A deliveryman secured his $1,850 electric bike with a lock through the back tire, then went into the building with a food delivery. When he returned 10 minutes later, the bike was gone. 

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 3/30, 7:23 pm

A man stole $3,355 worth of Olay products, Nicorett, electric toothbrushes, cameras and a duffel bag.

Bobby Vans Steakhouse, 25 Broad St. 3/27, 1:30 am

A Park Place resident, 29, was drinking at the bar when a stranger led him over to the kitchen area. Another man then joined them. The first man said, "Unlock your phone" and the victim complied. He told police that he did not remember what transpired after that. The next morning he realized that his iPhone and debit card were missing.The thieves withdrew $999.75 in five different ATM transactions.

Parking garage, 18 Vesey St., 3/29, 2:50 am

The garage attendant received a call from someone who said he was from Zipcar and claiming that someone would be picking up a car. Two people then arrived at the garage and the attendant brought them the car. They then drove away. The attendant failed to follow the procedure for releasing a car, which requires that a customer use his own Zipcar key to unlock the door.


Parents, 1-year-old, slashed on State Street

A 30-year-old Upper Manhattan man is charged with attempted murder in the slashing of three members of a family near The Battery on State Street around 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31. Police say that Darryl Jones cut the father, 22, in the head and the mother on the lip. Their 1-year-old son was slashed on the chin. Jones was arrested near the scene and the weapon was recovered, police said. The victims were treated by EMS at the scene. Along with attempted murder in the 2nd degree, Jones is charged with three counts of 2nd degree criminal assualt, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal posession of a controlled substance.

Jones was paroled last month after serving seven years in prison for attempted murder, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told CNN.

"While we were going to sit down in the park, he came up behind me and attacked me first," the mother told the Daily News. "Then my husband, then he went for our baby."'

Jones' lawyer, Edward McGowan of Neghborhood Defender Services, told the Daily News that the suspect had been struggling with drug addiction. "There's nothing in the complaint that sets forth facts that Mr. Jones came 'dangerously close' to killing anybody," he said.

The victims are Hasidic Jews and police said the slashing is being investigated as a possible bias crime.

South & Broad Sts., 3/28, 10:35 am

A woman parked her car and then went to visit the New York Stock Exchange. When she returned in the afternoon, she discovered that someone had stolen the following items from her car: two Indian passports, two iPhones, an HP laptop, handbags, gold jewelry and a Series 1P Apple watch. The total value of the items was $2,948.

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 3/28, 10:11 am

A man took $1,535 worth of portable hard drives, No.7 and La Roche skincare products, and electric toothbrushes and left with them in his bag.

Platform at Chambers St./WTC station, 3/27, 11:20 pm

A 63-year-old Queens man left his bag on a bench while he looked at the digital screen for the arrival time of the next train. While he did, someone stole the bag, which contained his credit cards, ID and driver's license, among other items. Some of his belongings were later found on the train track and elsewhere.

Target, 3/26, 7:56 am

A shoplifter stole $1,763 worth of skin care products, computer ink and SD cards.

Duane Reade, 305 Broadway, 3/24, 3:44 pm

A thief opened a locked case with a universal key and placed multiple Crest Whitestrips, Plan B morning-after pills, and other products in his pockets and bag, with a total value of $1,079.

In front of 19 Dutch St., 3/24, 9:01 pm

A deliveryman secured his ebike with a lock on its wheel. When he returned from making the delivery, only minutes later, he discovered that the bike had been stolen.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 3/23, 4:36 pm

A man stole three electric toothbrushes and 24 Olay products, valued at $1,083, putting them in a bag before walking out of the store.

Murray & Greenwich Sts. 3/22, 1:05 pm

A 22-year old man was walking eastbound on Murray Street when a thief on his motorcycle snatched the victim's $900 Apple iPhone from his hand and fled north on Greenwich Street.

In front of 4 South St., 3/21, 9:24 pm

An emotionally disturbed woman bit the hand of a police officer who was trying to restrain her. She was arrested. The officer suffered bleeding and pain to his hand.


Hilton Garden Inn, 39 6th Ave. 3/20, 11:33 pm

An 11-year-old boy who intervened in an argument between his mother and father was hit by his mother, 37, with a shoe and her fist. The victim had minor lacerations to his hand and under his right eye. The mother was arrested and charged with assaul

Suspect charged in assault on subway passenger in Tribeca

While riding the #1 train through the Franklin Street station Friday afternoon, March 19, an assailant sucker punched a 65-year-old passenger in the head, knocking the victim unconscious and sending him, bloodied, to the hospital where he was in critical but stable condition. The alleged attacker, Marc Mathieu, 36, of the Bronx, was arrested shortly afterwards at the Staten Island Ferry terminal and charged with 2nd degree assault. Mathieu had been arrested and released the day before, charged with menacing and criminal mischief in the Bronx, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said.

As of Tuesday, the attack was being investigated as a hate crime. A witness told the Daily News that Mathieu, who is black, yelled at the victim, who reportedly is Sri Lankan, “You motherf—ing Asian.” 

Mathieu’s mother-in-law told the News: “He’s got psychoaffective disorder, he’s bipolar, he’s got a whole lot of issues.”

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge set Mathieu’s bail at $25,000 cash or $50,000 bond.

300 North End Ave., 3/18, 6 pm

A resident in the building received a phone call from an unknown person who claimed he was from Citibank. She gave him her bank and identity information. The thief then withdrew $3,043 from her account via Zelle.

In front of 50 White, 3/17, bet. 10 pm and 9 am

A man parked his car overnight and when he returned in the morning, he discovered that his Apple laptop, Apple iPad, Laser Measure and A.P.C. jacket had been stolen. There was no sign of forced entry and the victim was not sure whether he had locked the car.

Office inside 40 Worth, 3/16, 12:52 pm

An employee received an email from a person who she believed to be her sister, the owner of the company. The spoofed email stated that she should pay $50,000 to another company via a wire transfer, which she did.

In front of 4 South, 3/13, 4:30 pm

An emotionally disturbed man, 30, bit the right thigh of a police officer who was trying to restrain him, causing bleeding and pain. The man was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Chambers & Church, 3/12, 10:52 pm

A Staten Island man, 23, went into Dunkin' to get a cup of coffee, and left his car, a 2020 Honda Civic, running with the key in the ignition. His friend was in the passenger seat. During the five minutes that he was gone, a man entered the driver's side and said he needed to go uptown. The friend got out of the car and the thief drove off.

Duane Reade, 305 Broadway, 3/12, 1:22 pm

A man removed $1,436 worth of cosmetics from the shelves, putting them in a bag. When a store employee confronted him, the thief took a hammer from his bag and threatened him. He then left the store with the items.

Felice, 15 Gold, 3/11, 10:55 pm

A Manhattan woman, 54, was eating outside and got up to take a photo, leaving her bag on the back of her chair. When she returned five minutes later, it was gone. The Louis Vuitton purse contained her BMW key fob, $300, Michael Kors perfume, her prescription medicines and make-up. Total value: $2,240.

Borough of Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers, 3/11, 1:20 pm

An employee left her wallet on top of a tissue holder in the bathroom. She realized that she had forgotten it about seven minutes later. By the time she returned, the wallet was gone and the thief had attempted to make a PayPal purchase with one of her credit cards, which was rejected. The wallet also contained other credit cards, her social security card and her ID.

29 Cliff, 3/10, 2 pm

A man was at home when he realized that he had lost his wallet after being alerted by his credit card companies that someone was trying to make unauthorized purchases. The charges had not gone through, and the victim cancelled his cards. The man also lost his driver's license.

Tribeca Pediatrics Headquarters, 11 Park Pl, bet. 5/23/19 and 3/5/21

A woman, 32, who worked in the office, is accused of rerouting money that was supposed to go from patients' insurance companies to Tribeca Pediatrics. Instead, she sent the funds to multiple credit cards that the accused owns. In total, $51,367 was stolen.

80 Leonard, 3/6, 9:40 pm

Upon entering the building, a resident saw that a package in the hallway had been opened. He informed the building supervisor who retrieved video surveillance that showed two men prying open the front door with a screwdriver, taking multiple packages as well as opening the one they left behind.

Dunkin', 2 Cortlandt, 3/7, 5:30 pm

Thieves entered the restaurant through an unlocked top half of the front door, then took an employee's jacket. The worker, who was in the basement at the time of the theft, lost his wallet, green card, MetroCard, and debit card, as well as his house keys and the store keys.

In front of 176 Broadway, 3/6, 8:35 pm

A man, 28, was unlocking his delivery bike when a stranger said to him, "Fuck you, Mexican" and then struck him with a pipe causing a large cut to his head. The victim was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital. 

Inside 200 Broadway, 3/5, 6 pm

A man grabbed the buttocks of a 21-year-old woman as he walked past her in the corridor. He then fled westbound into the Oculus. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-8477.

Food cart in front of 1 Liberty, 3/5, bet. 6 and 7 pm

The food vendor received a call from an unknown man claiming to be an IRS investigator, and providing an ID number. He then received a call from a second man who said he was from 1 Police Plaza and that there was an arrest warrant out for him. The scammer asked how many bank accounts he had and the victim told him the number of accounts, which banks and how much money was in the banks. The scammer, whose number was the same as the general information number for 1 Police Plaza, told the victim to withdraw $5,000. At the scammer’s request, he purchased a $500 Nike gift card and gave the numbers of the card to the caller, who sent the victim the QR code to be scanned at a store on Canal Street. Total loss to victim: $500 and all personal financial information including Social Security number.

Zara, 222 Broadway, 3/5, 4:30 pm

While the security guard was on a break, two men walked into the store, removed a large quantity of jeans from a table near the entrance and, carrying them unconcealed, left the store. The value of the jeans was $1,796.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 3/3, 9:37 am

Thieves took $1,251 worth of merchandise including speakers, hard drives, luggage and skin care products.

Metis Associates, 55 Broad, reported 3/2

The company received an invoice  instructing them to send $40,724, their rent payment, via a wire transfer. A few weeks later, they discovered that it was a fraudulent account.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 3/2, 7:25 am

Three men entered the store together and stole $5,277 worth of cosmetics.

55 Fulton, from 2/25 to 3/2

After the drivers of three parked cars belonging to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development drove off from this location they noticed noise coming from beneath their cars and realized that there were parts missing. It was determined that the cars’ catalytic converters were missing, with a total value of $3,538.

Peck Slip & South, bet. 2/26 and 3/2

A man returned to his Jeep Grand Cherokee, which he had parked four days before, and discovered that his rearview window was broken. A variety of medical supplies as well as a NY Giants blanket were stolen. Their total value was $2,758.

TD Bank, 2 Wall, reported 3/2

A Bronx woman, 28, was arrested for grand larceny in a mail theft scam in which her account was used to deposit $3,000 worth of altered and stolen money orders and checks. 

Downtown Pharmacy, 165 William, reported 3/1

A store employee is suspected of stealing property and then returning it at the store register for cash. Over the course of almost two years, the male suspect, a 31-year-old Manhattan resident, reportedly took $29,858 worth of property.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 2/28, 5:15 pm

A male thief was seen on a surveillance camera swiping $1,894 worth of L'Oréal and Revlon cosmetics.

Suspect wanted in assault and burglary pattern

Police are looking for a man they say committed a series of assaults and burglaries in Manhattan, including two in Lower Manhattan. He is accused of a stabbing on Pearl Street on Feb. 13. (See item below) and on Feb. 9, police say, the suspect entered the Gumbae restaurant at 67 Murray St. and took an iPad from the front desk. The suspect is also accused of burglary at a restaurant on 32nd Street, assault of a 60-year-old woman on a Union Square sidewalk, and the theft of two tablets and $250 in cash from a 64th Street restaurant.

1 Harrison, 2/28, 2:05 am

Zara, 222 Broadway, 2/27, 1:30 pm

Two thieves stole three blazers, a coat and two jackets valued at $1,145.

In front of 15 William, 2/26, 11:50 pm

A 24-year-old Tribeca woman was at Bobby Van's, a restaurant on Broad Street. She ordered an Uber on her phone. Soon afterwards, while in the Uber, she discovered that her iPhone had been stolen along with her Apple Watch, her New York State  ID and credit cards. A charge for $205 was made at 1:20 am on one of the cards She subsequently cancelled all her cards.

Man stabbed on Worth Street near Civic Center

A 36-year-old Chinatown resident was in serious condition on Friday, Feb. 26, after being stabbed by an assailant on Worth Street, near Baxter, in the 5th Precinct. Salman Muflehi, 23, of Brooklyn, is charged with attempted murder and posession of a weapon. Because the man he allegedly attacked is Asian American, Muflehi had been charged with assault as a hate crime, but that charge was dropped. 

“Just a couple of more steps and I would have been the victim,” said Wellington Chen, who was near the victim when he was stabbed. “This guy came charging, like a jackrabbit, out from the Foley Square area to where the [Federal] courthouse is and he shoved the [victim]. It turned out he plunged a knife into him.”  Chen, who is executive director of the Chinatown Partnership, thought the two may have been kidding around and said he didn’t realize the man had been wounded. “The guy ran back the way he came from…When I got home that’s when I found out.”

Police say Muflihi, who reportedly has a history of mental illness, has two prior arrests for assault and one for robbery. According to the Daily News, he was charged in 2019 with assaulting his brother, and charged again this year with attacking a man in Sunset Brooklyn. 

295 Greenwich, bet. 2/23, 10:30 pm and 2/24, 8:30 am

A 30-year-old woman went to sleep at 10:30 pm without locking the apartment door because her boyfriend was coming home later in the night. When she woke in the morning, she noticed that her purse, which she had left near the front door, was missing. The victim told the doorman who informed her that the purse had been found in the building's stairwell. She lost her Gucci wallet containing a debit and credit cards, insurance card, and a Massachusetts ID.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 2/24, 12:15 pm and 2/22, 7:02 am

An employee saw a man put cosmetics and clothing valued at $1,048 in Target baskets. The shoplifter then left the store with the items. A few minutes later, a suspect, a 43-year-old Staten Island resident, was arrested.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 2/22, 7:02 pm

A thief stole $2,057 worth of deodorants and cosmetics that he concealed in personal bags.He then fled on foot down Murray Street towards Broadway.


72 Franklin, 2/20, 9 pm 11:20 am

A man approached a 24-year-old woman on the Manhattan-bound F train from Brooklyn and engaged her in conversation. He got off the train with her at the Chambers Street station and followed her until they reached the vicinity of 72 Franklin, where the man pushed the woman into a building vestibule and tried to take off her clothes and sexually assault her. The woman fought off her attacker and he fled. There were no known injuries. Police are looking for the man in the above surveillance video.

William & Exchange Pl, Bet. 2/18, 7:15 pm and 2/20, 11:20 am

A Long Island woman, 34, parked her car on the street. When she returned two days later, she discovered that the driver-side window was broken and that a Dell laptop and Kate Spade tote bag with a total value of $2,150 had been stolen. 

South Ferry train station, 2/16, 6 pm

While two officers tried to remove a man from the station for smoking, the man spit on one of the officers. As he resisted arrest, the man injured the cop’s elbow and headbutted the other officer, causing him to fall down a staircase, injuring his hand and face and causing pain to his right leg. The assailant was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Bottega Veneta, 225 Liberty, 2/16, 2:05 pm

A woman pretending to be a customer stole a $3,990 Padded Cassette bag.

Conrad Hotel, 102 N. End Ave., bet. 2/15, 1 pm and 2/18, 11 pm

A 27-year-old visitor from California told police that she left her 20-inch gold Cuban link chain, 8-inch Cuban link bracelet, white gold diamond cross pendant, diamond stud earrings and other jewelry with a total value of $11,100 in a hotel room drawer "for safekeeping." Three days after checking out, she realized that she had forgotten them there. She called the hotel but the items were gone. 

Greek From Greece restaurant, 168 William, 2/14, 6:30 pm

Three thieves entered the restaurant via a basement side door and stole $700 worth of tablets.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 2/14, 5:25 pm

A man was seen on video surveillance taking Olay skin care products off a shelf,  putting them in a bag and walking out of the store. The value of the products was $1,843.

Target, 255 Greenwich, bet. 2/9 and 2/14

Grand larcenies at the store have continued unabated (see two thefts on Jan. 27 and one on Jan. 31.) Between Feb. 9 and 12, thieves struck the store five times.

Feb. 9: A shoplifter hid $1,352 worth of HP ink in his jacket and walked off with it. 

Feb. 12: A thief took a backpack, headphones and portable hard drive from a store display. The items were valued at $1,090.

Feb. 13, 9/51 a.m.: A shoplifter made off with three speakers, a Google Comcast, Roku, and two Skullcandy headphones that he concealed in a bag. Together they sold for $1,008.

Feb. 13, 5 p.m.:  A thief walked off with $1,248 worth of skin care products that he had hidden in a black bag.

Feb. 14: Three thieves took five video games valued at $3,190.

Planet Fitness Gym, 370 Canal, 2/13, bet. 5:56 and 7 pm

A man put his $1,250 fur-trimmed Mackage coat inside a locker. When he returned from working out, the lock was open and the coat was gone.

#1 train, Franklin Street, 2/13, 12:15 am

A woman was on the southbound train. While the train was being held at Franklin Street, she took out her $420 Samsung phone. When the doors opened, a thief stepped into the car, grabbed her phone, and fled. 

In front of 83 Pearl, 2/13, 12 pm

A man was standing outside a restaurant when a stranger began arguing with him. The assailant then went into the restaurant, returned with a knife and stabbed him in the face causing a puncture wound along the victim's left cheek. The attacker then fled southbound on Pearl Street.

In front of 38 Walker, 2/12, 2:50 pm

A stranger approached two men standing on the sidewalk, told them he was a police officer and demanded to see their IDs. When the two took out their wallets, the man grabbed the wallets, took out their money and said that if they didn't leave he would kill them. The man, along with two accomplices who acted as look-outs from across the street, then fled east on Walker Street. Together, the victims lost $150. According to the New York Post, the muggers proceeded to Chinatown where they beat up a vendor who had argued with them and then followed the men into the Canal Street subway station.  

2/3 train, Broadway and Park Place, 2/10, 5:10 pm

A woman was waiting on the platform when a mugger came up behind her and snatched her phone from her hand. In addition to her $799 iPhone, the woman also lost her driver's license, bank card and Metrocard. On Feb. 23, the NYPD released the above photo of the person they are looking for in connection with the crime.

Duane Reade, 305 Broadway, 2/10, 8:30 am

A male thief put $1,151 worth of make-up in a bag and walked out of the store.

45 White, 1/15, 12 pm (reported 2/9)

A resident left his iPhone in a package in the lobby to be picked up and returned to Apple. He then began receiving notifications to his new phone of unauthorized purchases up to $3,008. The victim's old phone had all his financial information in the Apple wallet app. 

Louis Vuitton, Brookfield Pl., 1/1, 1:08 pm (reported 2/8)

Two women were seen on store video, each putting a t-shirt in a bag. The shirts were selling for $950 each.

Louis Vuitton, Brookfield Pl., 1/23, 2:13 pm (reported 2/8)

Two women acted in concert to steal two t-shirts with a total value of $2,500. One of the women distracted a store employee while the other put the shirts on under her clothing in the fitting room.

 #2 northbound train, 2/8, 8:15 am

A man entered a car at the Chambers Street stop, snatched a rider's $700 Samsung Galaxy phone and fled.


In front of 20 Pine St., 2/7, 6:15 pm

A man got into a verbal dispute with another man after accusing him of hitting his car. When the accused man suggested calling the police, the other man became angry, punched him in the head and snatched his gold necklace. Before fleeing, the assailant also kicked the car twice, denting it. 

J Train Station, Exchange and Broad, 2/6, 8:45 a.m.

After getting on the train a woman realized her wallet was missing. When the victim notified the bank, she was told a charge had been made at a MetroCard machine. The woman lost three bank cards, her Illinois drivers license, a Ted Baker leather wallet and an amount of cash unspecified by the NYPD.

Residence Inn, 170 Broadway, 2/4, 12 pm

A woman left the room and when she returned an hour later, she saw that her son had injuries to his neck and a swollen lip. Her daughter who was in the room reported that the woman's boyfriend had struck the boy with a towel. He was arrested.

Aloft Downtown Hotel, 49 Ann St., sometime before 2/4

The hotel's general manager, who was responsible for taking cash to the bank, stole $10,092. When confronted, he said, "I have to come clean. I did take the money and can't pay it back."

80 Nassau St., 2/2, bet. 1 and 6:45 am

A man wearing all black and a red facemask and carrying a green bookbag and a black suitcase entered the building through the basement and first tried, unsuccessfully, to force open two office doors with a fire extinguisher. He managed to break into a third room, damaging the door handle and lock, but nothing was reported missing.

A/C Line, Fulton Street, 2/2, 3:40 pm

A 36-year-old assailant was arrested after pushing a stranger, 26, onto the tracks. The victim hurt his ankle, leg and hand.

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 1/31, 9:24 pm

A thief stole $1,468 worth of printer ink cartridges. This is the third reported theft from Target and the second of ink cartridges in four days. See Jan. 27.

Dunkin' Donuts, Fulton Transit Center, 1/29, 11:10 pm

A 26-year-old man was about to buy something when six assailants, four men and two women, attacked him, punching the victim in the face and spraying him with pepper spray. While attempting to get away, the gang grabbed his backpack and fled towards a platform. The victim, who refused medical attention, suffered bruising to the left side of his face and a small cut to one eye. He lost a leather wallet, containing credit and debit cards, and a phone charger.

NYPD video

Millenium Hotel, 55 Church St., 1/28, bet 8:45 am and 4:18 pm

A man returned to his room and discovered his Apple iPhone Pro Max Gold and other items, valued at $1,965 were gone. 

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 1/27, 8:59 pm

Several thieves stole numerous bottles of pain medication,  body creams and make up valued at $1,119.58.

Target, 255 Greenwich St., 1/27, 6:39 pm

Someone took $1,142 worth of HP ink cartridges, put them in a bag, and walked out of the store.

Urban Outfitters, 182 Broadway, 1/26, 4:30 pm

Thieves stole $1,339 worth of clothing including sweatshirts and a jacket.

Bike Lane, Dover St. & FDR Drive, 1/24, 8:45 am

A 67-year-old man was riding on the bike lane. As he approached a man who was blocking the lane, the man punched him in the chest. The victim, who fell off the bike, suffered chest pains and scratches and bruises on his hands. The assailant fled.

Luxury Lash NY, 141 Fulton St., 1/23, 4 am 

Two burglars broke into the salon and took cash and an Apple computer, with a total value of $1,700.