Art From Mongolia at Sapar Contemporary

Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu Clouds Are Just Like Thought, Will Be Over Or Clear , 2012

Through Nov. 13: Sapar Contemporary is presenting the first exhibition dedicated to Mongol Zurag art in New York City, featuring two of the most prominent representatives of this style, Uurintuya Dagvasambuu (work shown here) and Baasanjav Choijiljav.  

According to co-curator, Uranchimeg Tsultemin:

Mongolian traditional style of painting rooted in a Buddhist pictorial tradition is known as Mongol Zurag (literally: Mongolian picture). This tradition was instrumental in maintaining the cultural identity for Mongolian artists during the period of socialism in the 20th century. It was largely suppressed prior to 1990, when Mongolia opened its doors to the world after seven decades of socialist regime as Asia’s new democratic, multi-party country. Mongol Zurag subsequently was further developed in this century being boosted by contemporary changes of Mongolia’s economy and politics.

When: Through Nov. 13

Where: Sapar Contemporary, 9 North Moore St.