Assaults in IPIC theater and Imagination Playground

May. 13, 2019

IPIC Theater, 11 Fulton, 6/8, 11:15 pm

A stranger struck a 34-year-old woman who had just finished watching a movie with glass cup. The assault caused a laceration under her right eye. A 26-year-old Brooklyn woman was arrested.

Murray & North End, 6/8, 12:25 am

A Queens resident, 26, was on the bus when a woman said to her, “You're a terrorist and you're going to blow up the bus," then struck her multiple times with a metal handle, causing lacerations to her leg, arm and hand. The assailant, 64, who gave her address as the South Beach Psychiatric Center in Staten Island, was arrested and the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Mad Dog & Beans, 83 Pearl, 6/7, 4:07 pm

A 36-year-old resident of Pomona, NY, placed her shoulder bag on the back of her chair while she ate with her friend. It was stolen. She lost $427, her driver's license, credit cards, work ID, house keys, prescription pain medication and a pair of Apple AirPods.

Retro Fitness, 1 New York Plaza, 6/6, 6 pm

A man, 30, returned to his locker after working out and discovered that the lock was gone as well his pants and belt, a wallet with $65, his work ID and credit cards.

Imagination Playground, Front & John, 6/5, 5:40 pm

Four teens were harassing a man's daughter. When the father asked them to stop, they became aggressive and started cursing at him and at least one began throwing rocks, one of which hit him on the head. The group then fled eastbound on Front Street.

John Varvatos, Westfield World Trade Center, 6/3, 7:33 pm

A shoplifter was seen on a surveillance camera taking 17 Pride t-shirts valued at $1,266.

Crown Shy restaurant, 70 Pine, 6/3, 3 pm

A man entered the restaurant and told a manager that he was part of "the construction crew." The man then entered a closet where he took the man's $1,400 MacBook out of  a leather bag, hid it under his jacket and walked out of the restaurant.

Starbucks, 135 John, 6/3, 9 am

A 22-year-old left his backpack upstairs while he went to get coffee on the ground floor. When he returned, it was gone. He lost his South Korean and U.S. passports, a Samsung notebook worth $1,400 and several South Korean credit cards.

Our Lady of Victory Church, 60 William, 5/31, 12:33 pm

A man approached a woman, 39, in the hallway of the church, put a kitchen knife to her forearm and said, "Give me your money." The victim give him her wallet, which contained $70, her driver's license, credit cards and other miscellaneous items.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza, 383 Canal, 5/30, 10:05 pm

A man ran into the store, displayed a large knife, jumped over the counter, and attempted to open the cash register by picking it up and dropping it. When it did not open, he attempted to remove the cash drawer. Failing at that, he grabbed the tip jar containing $30, jumped back over the counter and fled.

Serafina Tribeca, 95 West Broadway, 5/30, 6:10 pm

A 43-year-old Battery Park City resident left his wallet on top of the bar counter. When he returned about 20 minutes later, he discovered that the wallet was gone. He lost $100, his keys, credit cards, his work ID and his driver's license.

4/5 train, Bowling Green Station, 5/29, 7:10 pm

As the train doors opened, a thief grabbed a man's phone and fled.

Louis Vuitton, 225 Liberty, 5/29, 4:13 pm

A saleswoman asked a woman if she could help her and the woman asked if she could pay with a credit card without a photo ID. She then proceeded to walk out of the store with five wallets, two pairs of sunglasses and a bag with a total value of $9,630. The shoplifter had stolen merchandise nine days before.

Duane Reade, 185 Greenwich, 5/28, 8:49 pm

Police responded to a larceny in progress call and arrested a 27-year-old Teaneck, NJ, resident.

Zara, 222 Broadway, 5/28, 8:08 pm

Five men entered the store and concealed $1,545 worth of  t-shirts, and jackets in Forever 21 shopping bags and left the store.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 5/27, 10:30 pm

A shoplifter was seen on the store's video camera removing 74 items of make-up, putting them in a bag and leaving the store. The value of the merchandise was $1,610.

59 Maiden Lane, 5/26, 1:16 pm

A 39-year-old woman, visiting from Cambridge, MA, was standing outside when she placed her bag on the ground to take pictures of her family. Returning to pick up her bag, she discovered it was gone. Surveillance footage showed two men picking up the bag, quickly looking inside, and then leaving the scene. The bag contained a cell phone, bank cards and driver’s license, among other items.

106 Front (parking garage), 5/24, 5:20 am

A man was seen on video trying to steal a 2018 BMW. Police say the man fit the description of the thief who successfully got away the day before with a Lexus from a parking garage at 80 John St. (See item below.)  

80 John, (parking garage), 5/23, 7:35 am

A man was viewed on video approaching and entering a 2017 black Lexus and driving away. The car was last seen by a plate reader as it left Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.

95 Pearl (Ulysses), 5/23, 5:45 pm

An East Northport, NY, man, 54, was seated with his parents, when his bag and wallet were taken from outside, through the window of the bar. Witnesses reported seeing three teenage males taking the property and fleeing in different directions.

SE corner of West B’way and Leonard, 5/23, 2:15 pm

Two boys, 15 and 16 years old, struck a 64-year-old man in the face and head with a plastic construction sign. The victim was transported to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for treatment of lacerations. The teens were arrested.

32 Ave. of the Americas, 5/20, 1:25 pm

The owner of a customized Budnitz bike valued at $6,200, locked his bicycle in front of the building around 11:25 a.m. and when he returned two hours later it was gone.

200 Hudson, 5/20, 6:06 am

A 33-year-old woman placed building keys, radios, a state security ID and other items behind the main lobby desk before going to the bathroom. When she returned to the desk, they were gone. Surveillance video showed a man walking through the building’s revolving doors, removing the items, and leaving the building.

Aldo, 181 Broadway, 5/19, 3:20 pm

A shopper put down her $2,000 Celine purse and a man ran off with it. The victim chased the thief into the Fulton Street train station where he dropped the purse after taking her wallet, valued at $900. The thief attempted to charge $160 at an MTA station using one of the woman's credit cards, but it was rejected.

Apple store, World Trade Center, 5/18, 5:11 pm

Five shoplifters entered the store and stole $3,620 worth of 20 Airpods from tables, putting them in their sweatshirt and sweatpants pockets. The thieves fled into the subway where two of them were stopped by police. A brief foot pursuit ensued, but the men escaped.

Duane Reade, 95 Wall, 5/16, 9:14 pm

Two shoplifters stole $1,062 worth of skin care products.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 5/16, 8:35 pm

One man took 13 sweaters valued at $1,480 and put them in a brown, aluminum-lined shopping bag. Another man then took the bag and tried to leave the store. The men, 54 and 43, were arrested.

Ermenegildo Zegna, Brookfield Place, 5/15, 4:37 pm

Two men stole a $4,950 leather jacket and a $250 pair of flip flops before fleeing south on West Street.

Shinola, 177 Franklin, 5/15, 1:54 pm

A man entered the store, removed three bags worth $1,785 from a shelf and ran east on Franklin Street.

In front of 95 Leonard, 5/11, 6:45 pm

Someone stole a 2013 $5,000 Vespa. The owner told police he might have left the key in the scooter’s key compartment.

The Irish American Pub, 17 John, 5/10, bet. 11 pm and 1:30 am

A woman placed her backpack under the table. Upon getting ready to leave, she discovered that it had been stolen. She lost a $900 laptop, a $150 Kate Spade wallet, her hospital ID and pagers, keys and two credit cards.

Fulton & Dutch, 5/11, 11:37 pm

A 41-year-old Manhattan resident was walking down the street when an unidentified assailant struck the man’s nose with his forehead, saying "Where's my money? Want my money." He then removed the victim's welfare benefits card and his New York State ID from the victim’s sock.

In front of 15 Park Row, 5/9, 4:40 pm

A man, 48, was leaving work while talking on his iPhone. Four or five teens approached him and one of them grabbed the phone from his hand. They all fled.

Retro Fitness, 1 New York Plaza, 5/8, 4:45 pm

A thief cut locks on three lockers, stealing numerous credit cards and $40.

McDonald's, 167 Chambers, 5/7, 7:50 am

A man, 55, was speaking on his cell phone while sitting in the restaurant when a man came over to him and struck the top of his head with a black metal pole. The victim was taken to the hospital. According to an employee, the assailant is often at the restaurant between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

In front of 49 Beach, 5/6, 9:15 pm

A man fled with an electric bike that an employee for Il Mattone restaurant had momentarily left unattended. The thief abandoned it within a few minutes and the owner recovered it.

Bowling Green station, 5/6, 5:15 pm

A man was arrested after he punched the ceiling on a southbound #4 train and then struck a passenger, 58, in his face with his umbrella, breaking the victim's glasses. The attacker, 38, was later arrested at the South Ferry station.

A train platform, Chambers St., 5/5, 1 am

A 17-year-old got on the train at Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn. She and an unknown woman on the train got into a verbal dispute. As the train pulled into the Chambers Street stop, the woman stabbed the teen between her right breast and shoulder area. The assailant remained on the train when it left the station. The victim got off and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Le Pain Quotidien, 85 Broad, 5/4, 11:16 pm

A man was seen on video forcibly entering the store and leaving 15 minutes later. Two tablets on the counter, worth a total of $1,000, were stolen. There was no tampering to the safe, which contained cash.

102 Franklin, Culinary Concept Hospitality Group, 5/3, 3:58 am

A robber climbed the scaffolding outside the building the entered an unlocked window to an office on the second floor. He stole four laptops valued at $4,400, a $3,000 Michel Bras 10-piece knife set and two cameras worth $1,000, which he placed in a garbage bag and shopping cart that were inside the office. He also stole $3,000. The man left the building on the freight elevator.

Lot-Less, 150 William, 5/3, 10:30 am

A 62-year-old shopper put down her purse to take a photo of a pair of shoes. When she turned around, the bag was gone. She lost $80 along with a debit card, medical card and driver's licence.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 250 Vesey, 5/1, 3:30 pm

A shoplifter concealed $1,275 worth of jewelry and clothing in his pocket and under his clothing and attempted to leave the store. The man, 22, who was an employee of the store at the time, was arrested.

Bridge & Broad, 5/1, 5:40 pm

A transit police officer saw a man recklessly riding a Citi Bike in traffic. He stopped him and discovered that the bike had been stolen. The man was arrested.

Fulton Center, 200 Broadway, 5/1, 5:10 pm

A Queens resident, 45, got into a verbal dispute with another man who then struck him with a metal "Wet Floor" sign. The assailant fled and the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 250 Vesey, 4/29, 6:30 pm

A woman, 30, attempted to buy $3,975 worth of merchandise with a stolen credit card. She was arrested.  

In front of 270 Greenwich, 4/29, 3:50 pm

A 20-year-old Queens man was walking to the bank when he was approached by someone who asked him to buy candy. The man said he did not want candy but would give him $3. When the man took out his money, the person snatched a $100 bill from his hand and ran away.

In front of 334 Greenwich, 4/29, 3:35 pm

Two men from Queens, 22 and 23 years old, were approached by “multiple” men who separated them, forcing one into the vestibule at the TD Bank at 166 Chambers St. and making him withdraw $20 from the ATM. The second victim gave another man $10 expecting to get change back. The perpetrator, confronted by the man as he walked away, slapped the victim with an open palm, causing his lip to swell and bleed.

Arrest in Downtown package thefts

Police arrested a man, 63, on April 25 who was seen on video camera forcing open the front doors of three Lower Manhattan buildings and stealing packages. Sometime between April 16 and 22, video showed him jamming a screwdriver into the front door lock of 176 Broadway and leaving with packages containing clothing worth $1,725. On April 17, at 10:29 p.m., he was observed prying open the door of 79 Reade Street and taking a package with a $198 pair of jeans. On April 20, at 20 minutes after midnight, the same man was observed on camera prying open the front door of 261 Broadway and taking a package with $692 worth of clothing.

In front of 185 Greenwich, 4/24, 6:43 pm

An Apple security guard flagged down a police car after stopping a man, 50, who had taken property from the store. The man, who had been involved in a similar incident, had signed a trespass notice in December agreeing not to enter an Apple store.

In front of 368 Greenwich, 4/23, 3 pm

A 38-year-old Queens man locked his bike with a bike chain and a U-lock. When he returned an hour and 15 minutes later, the bike and locks, valued at $1,500, were gone.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 4/23, 2:50 pm

A man, 35, was arrested for trying to steal two Dolce & Gabbana jackets worth $1,700 by hiding them beneath his jacket.

82 Reade, 1803 NYC sidewalk table, 4/23, 2:40 pm

A woman, 36, placed her bag on the back of her chair while she ate outside. When she left to go to the bathroom, she asked her companion to watch her bag. Instead, the friend looked at her phone. When she looked up, she discovered that someone had stolen the purse. The victim lost $1,191 worth of valuables including two iPhones, credit cards and her driver's license.

Target, 255 Greenwich,  bet. 4/15 and 4/22

A store employee observed an employee on camera repeatedly take money from his cash register and place it in his pocket. The total amount was $5,300. The employee, 19, was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Inside 79 Reade, 4/11, 11:07 am, reported on 4/16

A burglar picked the front door lock and removed a package that was between the double doors. The box contained $533 worth of clothing.

Shake Shack, 200 Broadway, 4/16, 8:30 pm

A tourist from New Zealand was having dinner with his wife and placed his bag under the table. When they were finished eating, he discovered that the bag had been stolen. They lost valuables worth $1,200 including two cameras, a Kathmandu rain jacket and other miscellaneous items.

Maiden & South, 4/16, 6 pm

A man working at a food truck was attacked by an assailant who hit him on the head and face with a chair. The victim, 31, was taken to the hospital and a 32-year-old suspect was arrested.

Inside 205 Hudson, 4/16, 12:04 pm

A 28-year-old woman was at work when she received a phone call from an unknown man who said he was with the New York State Police and that her identity had been stolen. In order to get it back, he said, she had send all her IDs to their "attorney" and that she had to wire them $24,800. The woman, a Brooklyn resident, did everything they requested.

Target, 255 Greenwich, 4/14, 11:48 am

Two shoplifters worked together to steal $1,630 worth of clothing by placing them in a backpack and a baby stroller. They were accompanied by two small children. Two suspects, a man, 34 and a woman, 29, were arrested.

Franklin Street Station, Varick & Franklin, 4/14, 4:40 am

While waiting for the the southbound train, a man approached a 42-year-old Staten Island resident and asked for a dollar. The man then punched the victim in the face. causing a laceration to his lip, grabbed $20 from his hand and fled.

40 Harrison, bet. 2/27 and 4/10

When a woman returned from a vacation, she discovered that the following items were missing from her apartment: two iPhones valued at $2,400, a $1,000 Prada bag, and one Cartier hoop diamond earring worth $7,500.

250 Vesey, 4/10, 9:45 pm

A man parked his vehicle with a 16-foot trailer at a loading dock and got out, leaving the ignition on. A woman got into the driver's seat and started to drive away, but the owner was able to stop her by grabbing the keys out of the ignition. The woman fled eastbound on Vesey.

90 Washington, 4/10, 6 pm

A woman, 22, received a telephone call from a stranger who told her that her Social Security number was compromised and that she had to send $2,000 in Home Depot cards and a photo of herself. She did both.

C train at Chambers, 4/10, 4:35 pm

A rider got on the train at Chambers Street and when it stopped at Canal Street, a stranger stabbed him in the back of his left leg and then fled. The victim's wound required four stitches.

Kaede Restaurant, 90 Chambers, 4/10, 11 am

A 31-year-old Staten Island woman left her wallet unattended at her table. When she went to pay for her meal, she discovered that it had been stolen. She lost her $60 unlimited MetroCard, her New York City ID and a debit card.

59 Maiden Lane, 4/1, 11:30 am, reported 4/9

A man called the victim, 43, who was working in an apartment and said that he was a "federal agent" and that if she did not send him Google, K-Mart and Best Buy money cards in the amount of $9,750, she would be arrested. She believed him and sent the money.

25 Beaver, 4/8, 3:45 pm

A thief snatched a man's iPhone while he was reading his emails and ran away. The victim, 38, chased him. The thief dropped the phone and the man recovered it. He called the police and continued running after him, but lost sight of him at Maiden Lane and Water Street.

Broadway & Fulton, 4/7, 10:45 pm

A man was charging his phone in a public charging station when someone came up behind him and grabbed the phone. The victim, 54, struggled with the thief, who punched him several times in the face. The victim wrested the phone from the assailant, who then fled into the subway with the man's headphones. The victim suffered pain in his temple and required stitches on his forehead.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 4/7, 5:30 pm

A man was observed removing the price tag from a Balmain Camel coat and replacing it with tag that was $2,390 less in price. He then tried to pay for the coat. The alleged shoplifter, a 33-year-old Brooklyn resident, was arrested.

Anthropologie, 195 Broadway, 4/6, 2 pm

A man stole 10 pairs of jeans valued at $1,890.

Equinox, 14 Wall, 4/5,  bet. 4 and 5 pm

A 29-year-old Stanford, Conn,. man put his belongings in a locker and locked it. When he returned an hour later, the lock was undamaged but his $8,550 Rolex watch was gone.

Belle Reve, 305 Church, 12:15 am

A thief took a bag that a man, 31, forgot in the bathroom. The $400 Filson bag contained his $900 Lenovo computer, $600 iPhone and $350 Bose headphones.

Broadway & Chambers, 4/3, 10:55 pm

A man ran up from behind a 28-year-old Bronx woman who was walking to the subway and grabbed her wristlet. It held $1,200, keys to her work, her daughter's Medicaid car, and her driver's license.

The Battery, NE corner, Battery Pl. and State, 4/3, 8:02 pm

A 28-year-old man was walking through Battery Park near his home at 21 West Street, when a mugger simulated a gun in his hoodie pouch and told the victim to get on his knees. While on his knees the victim said, “You probably don’t have a gun.”

The robber replied, “Wanna bet?” and took out a handgun from his hoodie pouch.

The victim handed the robber his wallet, who took out an American Express card and $300, and also stole his cell phone, then fled on foot.

Opposite 200 West, 4/3, 3:50 pm

A Ft. Worth, Texas, man, 34, left his minivan unattended while making a delivery. A thief stole two bags containing Chanel and Gucci shoes and Swarovski jewelry, valued at $4,750.

Murray & Broadway, 3/30, 5:50 am

A FDNY EMT was punched multiple time in the face by an intoxicated man who he was transporting to the hospital. The alleged assailant, a 26-year-old Brooklyn resident, was arrested.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 3/30, 3:45 pm

Police arrested a 45-year-old resident of Catherine Slip for stealing $1,326 worth of fragrances.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 3/28, 6:57 pm

A man hid 10 bottles of A&F fragrance worth $1,164 under his coat and left the store.

WTC A Train station, 3/28, 3 pm

A 72-year-old New Jersey man was trying to buy a MetroCard from a vending machine. When a man nearby told a woman to hurry up, the first man asked the woman if she was okay. The second man then told him to "mind his business" and punched him in the head, causing a laceration. He was taken to the hospital.

Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, Brookfield Place, 3/27, 3:07 pm

A shoplifter put $7,215 worth of clothing in his bag, and left the store. A 24-year-old Manhattan man was arrested.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 3/24, 6:17 pm

A shoplifter used a garbage bag to steal 15 denim jackets and 27 pairs of shorts with a total value of $1,993.

In front of 77 Pearl, 3/24, 1:30 pm

A man parked his car. When he returned about five hours later, he discovered that $2,000 had been taken from a jacket left in the car. Unauthorized transactions were also made to the victim's Chase account.

In front of 140 Duane. 3/22, 5:15 am

While a man making a delivery stood at the back of his truck, an unidentified person jumped into the vehicle and drove off. Going east on Duane, he hit a parked car, then abandoned it at Centre and Howard Streets.

#4 train, Bowling Green Station, 3/20, 11:35 am

A rider was going to work on the northbound train. When a man tried to sell him CDs, the passenger said to him, "I don't have money. Get the fuck out of my face." The next thing the victim, 72, knew, he woke up on the platform with a broken nose, a badly injured eye and substantial injury to the side of his face.

Ulysses Bar, 95 Pearl, 3/19, 5:45 pm

A 28-year-old Manhattan woman was at the bar with co-workers when she discovered that her bag was missing. It was found on the corner but her wallet and AirPods were missing. Two purchases for a total of $1,000 were made on her debit and credit cards. A 15-year-old boy was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Macao Trading Co., 311 Church, 3/16, 2:25 pm

A man came into the restaurant, walked around, and then left, taking a jacket belonging to a worker that was on a stool. The employee, 23, lost his $250 Montbell jacket, a wallet with $100, $150 AirPods and a $35 MetroCard.

In front of 200 West Street, 3/16, 4:20 pm

A resident of the building dropped her $800 Chanel wallet as she was getting out of her car. A man on a Citi Bike was later seen on surveillance video stopping, picking up the wallet and removing items from it. She lost seven credit cards including a $450 Saks Fifth Avenue and a $100 Neiman Marcus gift card as well as $100.

Victoria's Secret, the Oculus, 185 Greenwich, 3/16, 3:40 pm

After noticing an empty store display, a store security manager reviewed video surveillance and saw a man and a woman removing 20 bottles of cologne worth $1,204 from the shelves and leave the store.

Trinity Place & Cedar, 3/15, 7:10 pm

A 20-year-old man broke the driver's rear side window of a car with a bike lock and then hit the driver with the lock, cutting the victim's left arm. A second man, 24, shattered the car's rear passenger side window with the bike lock. The two men, one from Brooklyn, the other from Manhattan, were arrested.

In front of 46 Walker, 3/11, 3 pm

A witness observed a man used a bent clothes hanger to obtain multiple packages from a Fedex and UPS dropbox that he put in his messenger bag. When the police arrived, the alleged thief was still on the scene and the victim pointed him out to them. The man, a 38-year-old Bronx resident, was arrested.

1 Beekman, bet. 3/9, 5 pm and 3/12, 6 am

Thieves entered a construction site and stole copper pipes and fittings valued at  $5,570 plus $640 worth of miscellaneous items.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/10, 7:35 pm

A shoplifter, 22, was arrested for concealing two Dolce & Gabbana jackets worth $1,380 in a bag and attempting to leave the store. He was also in possession of burglar's tools.

Opposite 250 Broadway, 3/8, 12:55 pm

A visitor from Canada was walking along the sidewalk carrying a shopping bag containing a $500 Louis Vuitton wallet when a boy on a bike snatched the bag from the 17-year-old victim’s hand, saying, “Ha, ha, I got your Louis Vuitton bag.” From surveillance video, police recognized the alleged thief, a 15 year-old who lives at 220 Madison Ave.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/7, 5:28 pm

An Ann Arbor woman, 35, attempted to steal $6,702 worth of clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items from the store. She was arrested.

In front of 28 Warren, 3/4, 9:30 pm

A 30-year-old Bronx man working for Gran Morsi restaurant chained his $1,730 e-bike to scaffolding. When he returned two hours later, he discovered the bike missing and the broken chains on the sidewalk.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 3/4, 6:30 pm

A man took two boxes of fragrances with a total value of $84.98 from a display shelf and concealed them in his jacket. Security guards tried to stop him as he left the store. The alleged thief took out a folding box cutter and menaced them before fleeing. A 38-year-old man was later arrested and charged with robbery.

Gristede's, 71 South End, 3/4, 8:19 am

A woman, approximately 35 years old, entered the store and removed 22 six-packs of Hershey chocolate bars worth $176 and put them in her backpack. When she tried to leave the store two employees attempted to stop her and a struggle ensued. The woman then pulled pepper spray from her pocket and sprayed one of them in the face, and then fled. The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Brookfield Place, 3/2, 4:10 pm

A shoplifter stole a $2,200 handbag and fled.

Victoria's Secret at Westfield WTC, 2/15, 2/26, 2/27 and 3/3

A woman arrested and released March 4 for an alleged shoplifting spree at Victoria’s Secret at the World Trade Center Oculus had been wanted since June for the alleged violent assault and robbery in Brooklyn of an 84-year-old man.

The day after she was released on her own recognizance for what police say was taking nearly $6,000 worth of bras, panties and pajamas over four different days, Rachel Golden, 42, was arrested again. Prosecutors say that in the course of taking the victim’s wallet, she, with an accomplice, threw hot coffee in his face and pushed him to the ground, causing the man to fracture his hip. The alleged accomplice, Geneva Johnson, was later arrested.

Among 18 counts against her in the case, Golden is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and second-degree gang assault. She is being held on $15,000 bail or $10,000 bond. The complaint quotes Golden telling officials, “I tried to help him up and call the police, I didn’t push him, my coffee flew in the air, it was all Geneva’s idea.”

Police say Golden’s thievery at Victoria’s Secret began on Feb. 15 when she stashed 45 pairs of underwear, worth $990, in a bag and walked out of the store. The next week, on Feb. 26, she returned twice and stole 32 pairs of underwear and 120 bras valued at $1,596 and the day after she took 100 pieces of underwear and 15 pairs of pajamas, according to the complaint. She allegedly returned yet again, this time on March 3, and took 110 pairs of underwear valued at $1,813.

R train at Rector Street, 2/25, 10:10 am

A 67-year-old Brooklyn resident reported that a woman boarded the rear of the train with her at Cortlandt Street. When the train pulled into the Rector Street stop, the woman grabbed her $1,000 iPhone. The victim started to run after her but a witness stopped her because she had forgotten her bag on the train.

In front of 115 Broadway, 2/25, 7:04 am

A driver left his 2009 Ford van running while he went inside the building to make a delivery. When he returned less than five minutes later, the vehicle was gone. The driver also lost his cell and ID.

Platform of #2 train, Fulton St. Station, 2/22, bet. 10:50 and 11:30 pm

Police arrested a 52-year-old Bronx man for allegedly stabbing a 37-year-old woman from South Orange, NJ, in the head and a Brooklyn man, 55, in the hand. Both victims were attacked with a screwdriver and both suffered small lacerations. The man was arrested and charged with assault.

79 Franklin, 2/19, 7:09 pm

A thief forcibly entered the Happy Science Temple by breaking the front door glass window. Video shows him opening multiple desk drawers before leaving empty handed.

N train at Cortlandt Station. 2/19, 2 am

A woman fell asleep on the southbound N train with her purse around her. As the train entered the station she was awoken by a man attempting to remove the bag from her. The 24-year-old Brooklynite tried to stop him but the thief made a fist threatening her and she let the man take her wallet. He removed her credit card and gave her purse back. Her card was used shortly after at a nearby 7Eleven.

N/R line at City Hall stop, 2/17, 4:20 am,

A thief snatched a Samsung Galaxy cell phone from a woman, 22, as the train pulled into the station. When the door opened, he fled.

Apple Store, the Oculus, 2/16, 2:36 pm

Two men removed two cellphones worth a total of $1,198 from a display table in the store.

Greenwich & Chambers, 2/14, 6:45 pm

A school bus driver reported that someone stole her wallet from her bag while she was driving. She lost several credit cards, a health insurance card and a monthly MetroCard.

In front of 52 Walker, M1-5 Lounge, 1/20, 1:13 am, reported 2/13

A New Jersey man handed his TD credit card to his car service driver. The driver dropped it and then handed a card back to him. When the man tried to use the card in the club and it was declined he realized that it was not his card. In the meantime, $700 in charges had been made on his card.

Corner Reade & Church, 2/13, 6:35 pm

A 39-year-old Manhattan woman was waiting for a taxi when a thief grabbed a $1,200 iPhone from her hand and fled.

Abercrombie & Fitch, 199 Water, 2/10, 1:45 pm

Two women put 14 bottles of cologne worth $1,544  in a brown paper bag and left the store.

Murray & Church, 2/10, 3:40 am

While a man stopped to get coffee, a thief stole his 2014 Camry. By using the vehicle's GPS tracking system, the vehicle was found on West and Laight Streets where it had struck two cars that were waiting for a red light. The alleged thief, 30, who lives in a Brooklyn men's shelter, attempted to flee but was arrested by police.

iPic Theaters, 11 Fulton, 2/8, 10 pm

A woman accidentally left her wallet on her seat when she went to the bathroom. When she returned, it was gone. She lost her FDNY certificate, Carpenter's apprentice ID, Social Security card and NYS ID as well as credit cards.

NY Sport Club, 217 Broadway, 2/8, 4:30 pm

A South End Avenue resident locked his belongings in a locker before going to exercise. When he returned, he discovered that the lock had been damaged and opened. Among the items stolen was a wallet with $100, three credit cards, a driver's license and a medical insurance card, as well as a $1,000 Android Note 9 and assorted clothing.

In front of 75 Broadway, 2/7, 5:40 pm

A thief snatched a bag from the shoulder of a 31-year-old Queens woman who was walking to the subway. Inside was a purse containing $500, a $700 iPhone, keys,  earplugs, a book, and an unlimited MetroCard.

Chipotle, 2 Broadway, 2/6, 6:50 pm

The backpack of an employee, 19, was stolen from a storage room while she was working. The thief charged $324 on the victim's debit cards. The backpack also contained a $97 ring, a student ID and t-shirt.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 199 Water, 2/5, 1:30 pm

Two women entered the store and stole 10 bottles of men's fragrance worth $1,380 from a display rack.

The Gap, 172 Broadway, 2/3, 4:55 pm

Three thieves stole 15 Gap sweaters worth $1,049.25.

T-Mobile, 233 Broadway, 2/3, noon

A man removed a $1,100 iPhone from the wall and fled.

#1 train, South Ferry Station, 1/31, 11:30 pm

A 63-year-old subway rider became a victim when a man on the platform reached into the car where she sat and snatched her shoulder bag. The woman lost her prayer book, Prada sunglasses, Samsung phone and headband, with a total value of $315.

Bluemercury, 275 Greenwich, 1/30, 3:35 pm

After hiding four bottles of Revive Eye Makeup, selling for $285 each, into the pocket of his hoodie, he fled south on Greenwich Street.

Abercrombie & Fitch, 199 Water, 1/19, 4:20 pm (reported 1/29)

A woman put $1,104.worth of cologne in a bag and left the store.

One World Trade Center Plaza, 1/27, 4:40 pm

A man was walking on the plaza when someone bumped into him. A few minutes later he realized that his $30,000 Rolex Daytona was gone.

Prime Essentials, 345 Broadway, 1/25, 11:11 pm

A man was seen on camera breaking the store's glass door. When police arrived, they found the suspect inside removing property. A 39-year-old man was arrested.

Construction site, 287 Broadway, 1/25, 4:30 pm

A 56-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested for stealing four copper pipes worth $80.

South Ferry, #1 train, 1/24, 7:30 pm

After arriving at the last stop, the train conductor exited the train. He then saw a man stretched out on the train seat. When he told the man to get up, the man punched the conductor in the face and fled.

Vesey & Church, 1/24, 7:30 am

Someone broke into the back of a soda delivery truck and stole $381. worth of soda.

A train, Chambers St. station, 1/23, 9 pm

A 66-year-old Duane Street resident was walking toward the steps to exit the station when a man came up behind her and snatched her cell phone.

Brookfield Mall Food Court, 1/23, 7 pm

A Queens resident went to the bathroom, leaving his $2,680 Fendi coat on the table. It was stolen.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Brookfield Pl., 1/23, 5:45 pm

A thief stole a wallet and handbag worth $2,575.

Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, Brookfield Pl., 1/22, 1:27 pm

An Edison, NJ, man, 34, put $1,770 worth of cologne in his bag and attempted to walk out of the store. He was arrested.

160 Broadway, McDonalds, 1/19, 3:35 pm

A 33-year-old visitor dropped his wallet before he was about to pay for his food. A man saw it and hid it with his foot, then picked it up and left the restaurant. The wallet contained 3,500 rupees worth $49, and an Indian credit card.

#1 train, South Ferry, 1/19, 2:10 am

A transit police office observed a man hovering over a sleeping passenger and then removing a cell phone from the victim's hand. The man, 47, was arrested.

10 Corso Como, 1 Fulton, 12/26, 2 pm (reported 1/17, 2:50 pm)

Someone purchased $8,859 worth of clothing, shoes and a hat with a stolen credit card.

Lower Manhattan Hospital, 83 Gold, 1/16, midnight

A 34-year-old Brooklyn woman was asleep on a stretcher with her bag. Surveillance video shows a man removing it and walking out of the hospital. Police are searching for the alleged thief, 61, who they have identified and who lives in a men's housing shelter. The bag contained a $75 wallet, credit and debit cards, which the victim cancelled, house keys and a water bottle.

La Palestra Spear Fitness Center, 70 Pine, 1/15, bet 6 and 7 pm

A Mt. Venon man placed his belongings in a locker without securing it and went to work out. When he returned a 90 minutes later, he discovered that all his clothing as well his iPhone and wallet had been taken. The total value of the stolen items was $795.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt, 1/13, 7:15 pm

A woman, 47, with a trespass notice from the store, tried to steal three jackets with a total value of $1,050. She was arrested.

Greenwich Hotel, 377 Greenwich, 1/10, bet 6:30 am and 2:45 pm

A 22-year-old Brooklyn man locked his belongings in an employee locker room. When he returned to his locker after his shift, he discovered that the lock was gone and that his backpack, jacket, shoes and sweater had been stolen along with his wallet containing $50 and credit cards.

25 Broadway, 1/9, 3:33 pm

A Canadian tourist, 54, put her backpack down for a few minutes while she took pictures of the Charging Bull. It was stolen. The bag contained $2,300, a camera charger and other miscellaneous item.

In front of 9 White, 1/8, 2:30 am

A 30-year-old woman who was socializing at Tribeca Tavern placed her wallet on a nearby ledge. A police officer observed a man searching through a wallet in the middle of White Street. After a brief investigation, police returned the wallet to the woman, who was unaware that it had been stolen, and arrested the suspect, a 22-year-old homeless man.

A train, WTC stop, 1/8, 8:20 am

A Brooklyn woman who was en route to school was pickpocketed during her ride; she recalled feeling her bag being tugged. The woman, 41, lost gift cards, a MetroCard, $20 and several credit cards.

Duane Reade, 100 Broadway, 1/6, 11:04 am

Two men stole $1,088 worth of Tylenol, Advil and cough medicines.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Brookfield Place, 1/4, 10:20 am

A man stole three Mackage jackets worth a total of $3,000.