A First 'Concert' at WTC Performance Center

Vionist Gregory Harrington, during his performance with cellist Eleanor Norton. Photo from video by Mudhouse Media

The Ronald O. Perlman Performing Arts Center won’t be welcoming audiences until sometime in 2023. But Silverstein Properties couldn’t wait. Earlier this summer the developer of three World Trade Center towers, WTC 3, 4 and 7, commissioned a concert of its own—albeit a tiny one—in a still-raw space of the building. There, cellist Eleanor Norton and violinist Gregory Harrington played  U2’s “With or Without You.” You could say it was the center’s first concert.

Credit: Mudhouse Media for Silverstein Properties

MudHouse Media recorded the event for the Silverstein Properties podcast, “On Top of the World: Lessons from Rebuilding the World Trade Center.”  The series covers the 20-year effort to rebuild the World Trade Center.