Man on Attack Spree in Tribeca Injures Nine

Entrance to #1 Canal Street subway station, which police had closed off after three people were attacked on the platform at the start of what police said was a one-man assault spree. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

A man wielding a “wooden weapon” injured nine people during a half-hour spree of random attacks and two carjackings Saturday afternoon in Tribeca. 

The suspect, identified as Bryan Thompson, 43, of Atlantic City, found his first victims, two men, ages 18 and 56, and a 39-year-old woman, waiting on the platform of the #1 Canal Street station around 6:35 p.m. Police said Thompson used the weapon to hit the three people on the head. The bleeding victims were transported to the hospital in stable condition, according to police. 

After fleeing the station, police said, the attacker approached a woman near Varick and Canal Streets and struck her on the head with the same object, causing bleeding.

The next victim was an Uber driver, who was attacked after dropping off his passenger. "He smacked my head maybe four times, five times," the driver, Namgyal Thakuri, told CBS New York. "My entire face was covered in blood."

After the victim fled on foot, leaving the engine running, police said Thompson sped off with the car, soon crashing it into two unoccupied parked cars near Laight Street and 6th Avenue. Fleeing on foot, police said, Thompson approached an occupied parked car, breaking the rear window but failing to remove the female driver.

Police said Thompson next broke the side window of a 2020 Jeep Cherokee. The 32-year-old woman inside suffered minor cuts from the flying shards but again the suspect couldn’t force his way into the car. 

Leaving that scene, Thompson attacked two pedestrians with the wooden object. One of them, a man, 42, suffered a broken arm and the woman sustained cuts and bruises to her leg, police said.

Thompson’s final victim, according to police, was the driver in a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in front of 66 West Broadway. The attacker began hitting the car, causing the driver, 33, to flee to safety. Thompson commandeered the car and, around 7:12 p.m. he was seen near West 24th Street and 12th Avenue, police said, where he lost control of the car, struck a police vehicle, then came to a stop after crashing into the center median. After the man refused cops’ demands to exit the car, police said they were forced to break the driver-side window and Tase Thompson before taking him into custody, and to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The attack "was completely random, completely out of place," Mael Quentin, the 18-year-old attacked in the subway station, told the Post. "We felt like were were in a relatively safe neighborhood. It wasn't late."

Thompson is being held without bail. He is charged with four counts of assault, two counts of robbery and two counts of criminal mischief.