Marela Zacarias Shows at Sapar Contemporary

Thunderbird (1/2), Thunderbird (1/2) by Marela Zacaria. Made of wood, window screen, plaster, joint compound, polymer and acrylic paint

Through Nov. 10, Sapar Contemporary presents a solo show by Marela Zacarias titled "A Street of Many Corners" that includes the artist’s signature sculptural wall pieces (at right is "Pink and Blue," made of wood, window screen, plaster, joint compound, polymer and acrylic paint) and a free-standing sculptural video piece incorporating the 1999 Tim Robbins-directed film "Cradle Will Rock" about a group of actors uniting against censorship at the height of the Great Depression. 

According to the Nina Levent, the gallery's co-owner, "This exhibition continues a line of investigation that began with the artist's 2013 Brooklyn Museum exhibition. Here again, Zacarias looks back at the 1930s generation of abstract painters and the socio-political context of the time. Zacarias, who emerged as a muralist before turning to abstraction, continues to be interested in the early beginnings of abstraction in New York and through this exhibition brings into the conversation the work of Alice Trumbull Mason, one of the often unsung founders of the American Abstract Artists."

The show is curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud.

Where: Sapar Contemporary Gallery + Incubator, 9 N. Moore St. Open Tues-Sat 12 -6 pm

When: Sept. 6 – Nov. 10