Meet-Up: The Unexpected Effects of Nudging: When Behavioral Economics Backfires

Behavioral  Economics has changed behavior in a number of domains, from educational achievement to financial decision making to environmental conservation. But using BE for the social good is still relatively nascent and some well-intentioned and carefully considered interventions have nonetheless backfired. 

In this Meet-Up, Dr. Ross O’Hara, behavioral researcher at Persistence Plus, will share stories of nudges that went wrong in higher ed., and what that means for future efforts to use BE to help college students. We will then discuss other examples of nudging gone awry and the lessons we should learn from these unexpected outcomes.

O’Hara works with higher education institutions around the world to use behavioral science to help more college students graduate. He also muses about nudging on his blog “Nudging Ahead," along with writing for The EvoLLLution, SchoolHouse Connection, and the New England Journal of Higher Education.

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$5 fee is to help pay for pizza & costs. 

When: Thurs. Sept. 12, 7-8:30 pm

Where: Fiterman Hall, 245 Greenwich St., Room 1306/1307

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