A New Real-Time, Interactive Map of City's Major Construction Projects

A detail from the Department of Building's real-time map of construction projects showing the building's square footage, estimated cost and proposed number of dwelling units.

Aug. 23, 2018

Living with all the construction in New York City may be as difficult as ever, but getting more information about those often aggravating projects is now easier.

The city’s Department of Buildings has created a real-time interactive map of major construction projects in the city that lets you zoom in on a building of interest. Once there, it shows active DOB permits (and when they expire) as well as other information on the project, with links to  full details on the agency’s searchable online database.

“This real-time map puts the power of DOB’s data in the hands of all New Yorkers—giving detailed information about construction on your block, your neighborhood, and citywide,” DOB Commisioner Rick Chandler said in a statement. “The public owns this data, and we are committed to putting it to work for all New Yorkers.”