New Season at Soho Photo Gallery

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White St. 
To Sept 30, Wed-Sun 1-6 pm 
September at Soho Photo Gallery
Steven Gilbert
"A house in which I lived was built before the Revolution in a quiet, forested corner of Connecticut. This cozy shelter's spirit called for black-and-white, formally simple photographs. A large-format camera with slow film, sometimes exposed for an hour, brought out the particulars of the wood, stone, and sparks."
© Steven Gilbert
Austin Jensen
Above and Beyond
"I photographed the city from the unique vantage point of its skyscrapers. The images involve the contradictory feelings of peace and excitement. This is the beauty of seeing and searching the depths of the city from its heights." 
© Austin Jensen


Carol Julien
In Limbo
"Amidst the wind and fog, when the sea becomes the sky, and the points of reference are foreign, where is the solid ground?" 
© Carol Julien


Arnold Kastenbaum 
Staircases and Handrails
"The images presented are examples of simple things shown simply and reveal an underlying esthetic that exists in the mundane. A lit staircase becomes a study in geometry and subtle shading. A handrail provides a mysterious multiplicity of forms. The images stand on their own, divorced from normal reality, and exist as new objects themselves."


© Arnold Kastenbaum


Edward Lakeman
"Offering a glimpse of ordinary life on the streets of Kabul, this short series was taken during the course of an afternoon in the autumn of 2007. The images were taken discretely with a simple pocket camera, mostly from behind the windows of a moving armored vehicle due to an uncertain and rapidly deteriorating security situation." 


©  Edward Lakeman


James Lattanzio
Portraits of Young Athletes. "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."  ---  Mahatma Gandhi  


©  James Lattanzio


Allan Markman 
From the Ground Up
"The subjects of this work, tiny and abandoned objects, are both organic and man made. I coax beauty from the ignored and discarded detritus of our industrial culture. Rusted nuts and bolts, mysterious metal fragments, railroad spikes and shards of glass are combined with flowers, berries, mushrooms, moss and weeds to create sculptures (often fitting in the palm of my hand). The juxtaposition of these varied objects, enlarged five to 10 times their original size, infuses new life into what would otherwise be overlooked." 
©  Allan Markman