A Peony Pilferer Plagues Tribeca's Finn Square Garden

In Finn Square, the stem of a peony with its blossom cut away. Photo: Jessica Raimi

Jun. 18, 2020

From Jessica Raimi, co-founder of the Friends of Finn Square

Two weeks ago, a magnificent fuchsia peony blossom was stolen from Finn Square, the traffic triangle just south of the Franklin Street subway entrance. Since then, two more blossoms have been taken. All were neatly cut off by someone equipped with a blade.

This is not the first time plants have been stolen from the garden since the Friends of Finn Square, the neighborhood volunteer group that has cared for the space since the city “greened” it in 1998, were organized. Some years ago, a patch of alyssum was apparently dug out with a shovel and taken, and there have been occasional other thefts.

The Friends do not ask for the return of the peony blossoms, which are surely wilted by now, but they request that the taker reflect that the garden at Finn Square is for everyone to enjoy, not a source of free flowers for one unethical person.