285 West Broadway
April 25, 2 a.m.

A woman placed her $250 Tory Burch handbag on a table at the nightclub Haus NYC. When she returned 20 minutes later, the bag, which contained an iPhone and a $100 wallet holding two bank cards, a Massachusetts ID and keys, was gone.

#1 Train - Rector Street Station
April 24, 2:50 a.m.

A man entered a southbound train at Chambers Street, ran a serrated knife across a woman’s forearm without cutting her and demanded her phone. When the woman tried to look up at the man, he pushed and held her head down, saying, “Don’t scream and don’t look at me.” He then demanded the woman’s purse.

When the doors opened at Rector Street, the thief fled with the $250 purse which contained a $600 iPad, a $300 iPhone, a $250 Samsung Core phone, two bank cards, a Green Card, an ID, a work permit, a social security card and a MetroCard. The woman also got off the train and called the police. Although police were able to recover the bag, the iPad and two phones were missing.

249 Pearl Street
April 22, 1 a.m.

Someone broke into a 1993 Ford van through the rear window and made off with garbage bags containing about 100 handbags valued at $2,500.

Duane and Greenwich Streets
April 21, 11:30 a.m. - noon

A photographer left her suitcase unattended during a photoshoot on the street. When she returned about seven minutes later, the suitcase, which contained assorted cameras and lenses, a laptop and a hard drive was gone. The total value of the items was an estimated $17,375. The next day, the woman used a device to track her laptop to East 122nd Street and 2nd Avenue, but it was not recovered.

6th Avenue and Franklin Street
April 17, 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

A man parked his motorcycle, valued at $6,000. When he returned an hour and a half later, it was gone.

West and Chambers Streets
April 18, 9:25 p.m.

A man rented a Citi Bike at Barrow and Hudson streets and rode to West and Chambers streets, where he left the bike in the rack without properly securing it. When the man returned five minutes later, it was gone.

55 Church St.
April 18, 9 p.m.

A thief swiped a woman’s $6,000 Chanel handbag that she had placed on the chair next to her at the Millenium Hilton Hotel. The bag contained an iPhone and two credit cards. Using an iPhone tracking app, Find My iPhone, a police officer was able to track the phone to Journeys, a shoe store at 626 Broadway, where he arrested the alleged thief and recovered the victim’s belongings.  

Natasha Jouk, 54, was charged with identity theft in the second degree, grand larceny in the fourth degree and criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Peck Slip and Front Street
April 17, 4:10 p.m.

A police officer stopped Ramel Hyman, 36, for riding a Citi Bike against traffic and failing to stop at a stop sign in Ridgewood, Queens. The officer discovered that the bike, valued at $1,200, had last been docked at Peck Slip and Front Street and had been stolen.

Hyman told the officer that he found the bike on the ground on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and took it after seeing that there was no one around.

Hyman was charged with criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree and unlawful possession of marijuana, the DA’s office reported.    

76 Nassau St.
April 16, 2 p.m.

A woman was shopping at the 9 to 5 Fashion Outlet when another woman asked her whether she liked a clothing item. While the victim was distracted, a pickpocket bumped into her, reached into her front pocket and stole $220.

93 Nassau St.
April 16, 1 p.m.

When a woman got to the check-out counter of Designer’s Promise Women’s Wear store, she discovered that her wallet, which contained $160, two credit cards, two store cards, and a UK photo identification card, was missing from her bag.

#1 Train - Rector Street Station
April 12, 1:40 p.m.

A woman was talking to her friends on a northbound train when she felt pressure on her jacket pocket. When she checked for her phone, she realized that it was gone.

250 Broadway
April 12, 2:30 a.m.

A thief who appeared to be in his teens made off with 140 packs of Marlboro cigarettes, valued at $1,680, from the back of the register shelf at a 24-hour Duane Reade.

E Train - Canal Street Station
April 11, 2-2:15 a.m.

A police officer observed a man hovering over a sleeping passenger on the E train at the World Trade Center station. When the train began to move northbound, the officer saw the man making what was described as “a cutting motion” over the passenger’s jacket. At the Canal Street station, the man allegedly picked up the passenger’s backpack and ran off the train. As the officer chased him, the man dropped the backpack and a packet of cigarettes containing razor blades.

Brian Mack, 58, of Brooklyn, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and grand larceny in the fourth degree, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

66 Pearl St.
April 10, 10 p.m.

A woman was having coffee at FIKA Espresso Bar when she realized that the strap of her handbag had been moved. When she opened her bag, she discovered that her wallet, containing $100, health care cards, a Massachusetts driver’s license, credit cards, and other items were gone. Before she could cancel the cards, $500 worth of unauthorized purchases were made at Duane Reade and CVS.

#1 Train - Chambers Street Station
April 10, 5 a.m.

Two men approached a passenger on a northbound train, sprayed him in the face with an unknown substance and pushed him to the floor before removing a wallet from his pants pocket. The victim got off at Chambers Street, while both robbers remained on the train. The wallet contained $145, bank cards, a Massachusetts driver’s license, a health care card and an unlimited MetroCard. Police reported that the victim said he had been with the men who robbed him at a deli in the West Village.

55 Broad St.
April 7, 1 p.m.

While eating lunch at Hale & Hearty, a woman placed her pocketbook on the back of her chair. When she finished eating, she walked next door to Starbucks and realized that $120, a credit card and a business rewards card were missing from her bag. An unauthorized charge of $2,406 was made on the credit card.