50 Church, Westfield World Trade Center 5/14, 5:36 pm

As a man left a boutique in the Oculus mall, the merchandise alarm went off. A store employee asked the man to return to the store, but he refused to stop. The alleged shoplifter was detained by a police officer who arrested him on charges of committing a former crime. Upon opening the man's gym bag, the officer found $1,195 worth of the store's furs and clothing with the sales tags still attached. Police did not identify the store.

Broadway/Nassau subway station, 5/14, 11:30 am

While using the restroom in the lower level mezzanine, a 59-year-old woman left her bag unattended. Someone took the bag, which contained a cell phone, $30, Social Security card and a credit and debit card, and fled.

111 Nassau (Blink Fitness), 5/12, 2 pm

A man locked his belonging in a locker before going to exercise. When he returned, 45 minutes later, the combination lock and his belongings were gone. The victim lost a $4,000 Tag Heuer Carrera watch and $100.

6th & West Broadway, 5/12, 2:30 am

A 28-year-old Queens woman who had been drinking at Nancy Whiskey Pub and was intoxcated fell asleep on a platform bench while waiting for the E train. She woke up to discover that her bag had been stolen. She lost her $600 iPhone, U.S. passport, house keys, work key and a debit card.

Wall & Broad, 5/9, 10 pm

A 16-year-old boy was walking to his home on Wall Street when three men approached him and took a set of $200 Bose headphones off his head.

Church & Canal, 5/8, 9:30 am

A 27-year-old Staten Island resident went into the post office and left his $1,200 Citi Bike without a lock and chain leaning against a tree. When he returned, it was gone.

Wall & William, 5/6, 5 pm

A man parked his Nissan Sentra, valued at $15,000, overnight. When he returned the next morning, it was gone.

77 Chambers (Checkers restaurant), 5/5, 3 pm

A man dropped his wallet. When he realized he didn't have it, he returned to the restaurant, but the employees told him that someone had picked it up and left. The victim lost $45, several store credit cards, his driver's license, and credit and debit cards, one of which was used for an unknown amount.

Apple Store, Westfield World Trade Center, 5/3, 5:45 pm

Two men stole two Apple 7 iPhones, worth $1,498, from a wall display.

In front of Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 5/2, 2 pm

A 17-year-old teen from Staten Island told police that a fellow student "hugged" him while another student stole his $320 wallet which contained $300 and his school ID. Two suspects, age 16 and 18, were arrested.

110 John (7-Eleven store), 4/29, 5:35 am

A worker noticed that a man was staring at the Lottery tickets and he asked him if he needed any assistance. The man said, "No." A little while later, the man went behind the counter and stole $1,078 worth of lottery tickets, gum and cigarettes. A 24-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested and charged.

In front of 10 Hubert, 4/28, bet. 9 am and 5 pm

A man parked and locked the doors of his 2003 Ford pick-up truck valued at $8,000 and went inside his apartment. When he returned in the late afternoon, it was gone.

225 Vesey (Saks Fifth Avenue). 4/12, 7:30 pm, reported 4/25

Store surveillance footage showed a man stealing a $3,000 Fendi handbag from a store display.

225 Liberty (Davidoff of Geneva), 4/23, 3 pm, reported 4/24

A man removed a $14,000 S.T. Dupont Phoenix lighter from a display shelf and left the store.

250 West Broadway (Grandaisy Bakery), 4/24, 5:50 am

A man left his Citi Bike on the sidewalk outside of the bakery while he opened the door to the store. While he was distracted, someone stole the bike.

Bridge & Whitehall, 4/21, 9:50 pm

Following a fight in Brooklyn among restaurant workers, the winner of the fight took the train to Manhattan while the loser recruited his cousin and followed him there, according to Dep. Inspector Mark Iocco, commanding officer of the 1st Precinct, who reported on the incident on Thursday, April 27. “They meet again by Whitehall where the victim [who had been followed] was slashed in the face and received a puncture wound to the chest.”  The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

250 Vesey (Saks Fifth Avenue), 4/20, 7:08 pm

A 30-year-old man removed a $1,275 pair of pants, hiding them under his clothes, and attempted to leave the store. He was arrested.

In front of 1 New York Plaza, 4/17, bet. 9 am and 5 pm

A man chained his $1,325 electric assist bike to scaffolding at 9 a.m. When he returned at 5 p.m., it was gone.

West & Harrison (Hudson River Park basketball court), 4/16, 5:30 pm

A  22-year-old Manhattan resident placed his bag on the ground and went to play basketball. After a short while, he retrieved the bag and walked to the subway. There, he searched for his wallet and discovered that it was gone. He subsequently learned that $1,070 was charged to his cards.

In front of 55 Broadway, 4/15, 9:40 pm

An EMS worker who was aiding an unconscious woman was punched in the mouth by the woman's partner. The 25-year-old assailant then resisted arrest by a police officer. The EMS worker sustained bruising and swelling to his knees and “substantial” pain, according to the DA’s office.  

199 Water (Abercrombie & Fitch), 4/13 and 4/14

Four thieves entered the store and swiped 28 bottled of A&F male fragrance valued at $1,672. The next day, at 5:06 pm, a woman stole 19 bottles of A&F male fragrance valued at $1,474.

20 Harrison (Matt Bernson shoe store), 4/13, 5:40 pm

Two men entered the store and stole a worker's wallet that was behind the cash register. The victim, a store worker, was in the stockroom at the time. Two charges were made to her credit card.

54 Murray (Equinox gym), 4/12, 8 am

A 36-year-old Spruce Street resident put her $5,000 Rolex watch on a treadmill as she worked out. After leaving the gym, she realized that she had forgotten it there and called the gym. An employee told her that they had a watch matching that description. Three days later, when she returned to the gym, the manager said they had no such watch. According to the DA’s office, Richard Reed, a gym employee, was captured on video taking a “small object” from the gym safe and admitted to giving it to a friend. Reed, 28, was arrested and charged with two counts of grand larceny. His Legal Aid lawyer at arraignment did not immediately return a call for comment.

311 Church (Macao Trading Company), 4/7, 11:50 pm

A 25-year-old woman left her coat unattended while she was at the bar. A thief stole her iPhone and wallet with $110 and credit cards, which were in her pocket.

Chambers Street station #1 train, 4/6, 1:30 pm

A Jay Street resident put her shoulder bag on the ground while she was talking to someone on the platform. After boarding the train, the 72-year-old woman realized that she had forgotten the bag. By the time she returned to the station, someone had stolen it. The $300 bag contained her keys, driver's license, credit cards, $300 sunglasses and a $100 wallet with $300.

160 Broadway (McDonald's), 4/3, 12:45 pm

A 44-year-old man from Great Neck had a seizure at the restaurant. While he was unconscious, a thief stole his $600 Prada jacket that was on a table. The jacket contained his $700 phone and his wallet with $250 and a commuter credit card and train tickets worth $720.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 4/3, 7:06 pm

Police arrested a 36-year-old man for allegedly shoplifting $1,648 worth of merchandise.

200 Broadway (Fulton Center Transit Hub), 4/2, 9 pm

As a Jersey City man sat inside the center near the door of the transit center listening to music on his headphones, someone snatched his phone and fled.

258 Broadway (TD Bank), 4/1, 5 pm

A 23-year-old Tribeca man was the victim of an ad for a false apartment. After inquiring about the apartment, the victim was instructed to wire $1,800 to an account in the United Kingdom, which he did from his TD account. After it was received, the man was told to wire more money. He then reported the theft to the police.

40 Wall (Duane Reade), 3/30, 2:42 am

A man entered the store, jumped over a counter and stole $1,098 worth of cigarettes.

30 Water (Dead Rabbit bar), 3/26, 4:18 pm

A 35-year-old visitor from Vietnam sat at the bar and hung her bag on a hook next to her leg. Video shows a man walking into a bar, stealing her bag and placing it under a jacket and walking out. The woman lost her $300 Zara handbag and Smythson purse along with two credit cards. The alleged thief was later arrested for that theft and seven others. See the story here.

100 William, 3/24, 5:45 am

A food cart vendor parked his 2007 Ford van on the street and went inside his cart. Less than 15 minutes later, a thief entered the van and drove it away.

1 Hanover Sq. (Harry's restaurant), 3/22, 1 pm

A 47-year-old Battery Park City resident went to lunch with a friend, hanging his jacket on a hook beneath the bar. When he went to get his $535 Smythson monogrammed wallet, he discovered that it had been stolen. Although he cancelled his American Express credit card, a charge for $6,000 had already been made on it at an Apple store. He also lost $600.

111 South (Fish Market restaurant), 3/21, 10:30 pm

A Battery Park City resident left her purse unattended on her chair and it was stolen. The Longchamp purse contained her iPhone, a Tory Burch wallet, $40, sunglasses, make-up bag and gift cards. The total value of the stolen items was $1,739.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 3/20, 12:10 am

A man stole $1,967.29 worth of skin lotions, women's razors, nail polish and lipstick.

85 Broad (Le Pain Quotidien), 3/20, 12:30 pm

A man put his wallet into his jacket, zipped the pocket and then hung the jacket on the back of his chair. A pickpocket removed the wallet while the man was eating. The wallet contained $200, credit cards and 100 British Pounds.

126 Chambers (Mudville restaurant), 3/19, 7 pm

A 24-year-old woman hung her purse on a hook in front of the bar where she was drinking. When she tried to retrieve the bag, she discovered that it was gone. Video surveillance showed a man stealing the Celine handbag which held a Louis Vuitton wallet and an iPhone in a Marc Jacobs case. The total value of the stolen items was $4,245. Her four credit cards were used to purchase items at a Nike store.

57 Stone (Vintry Wine and Whiskey), 3/18, 12:30 pm

A woman left her bag unattended. The manager found it the next day in a bathroom, but its contents, including a $298 NJ train pass, had been removed.

30 Water (Dead Rabbit Bar), 3/17, 5 pm

While sitting at a table, a 41-year-old Wall Street resident hung her bag on the back of her chair. A thief stole it. The $200 Marc Jacobs bag contained a $150 Marc Jacobs card holder, two Channel lip gloss worth $80, a $117 monthly MTA pass and credit cards.

19 South William (Bavaria Bier Haus), 3/17, 11:15 am

A pickpocket removed a handbag that a woman had hung from the back of her chair.  The $300 Coach purse contained a $150 wallet, $850 iPhone, $50, credit and debit cards and IDs.

45 Stone (The Dubliner), 3/17, 3 pm

While at the bar, a 29-year-old Queens man felt someone bump him. When he went to pay his bill, he discovered that his wallet, which contained $20, credit cards and a driver's license, was missing. A charge for $12,306 was made on his credit card at the Apple store in Soho.

83 Pearl (Mad Dog and Beans), 3/15, 5:30 pm

A Queens woman put her purse next to her on a chair. A little while later, she noticed that the bag was gone. The $450 Kate Spade purse contained an $85 Kate Spade wallet, $300 Epipen, $200 Inviselign braces, credit cards and keys.

57 Ann (parking garage), 3/15, 1:04 pm

A Jersey City woman forgot her wallet on the front seat of her car. Less than an hour later, she returned to the garage to retrieve it, but the wallet was gone. She lost credit cards, car registration and insurance card, driver's license and $20.

4 South (Auntie Anne's Pretzels), 3/15, 10:20 am

A 25-year-old employee left her bag behind the counter and walked away from the area for a few minutes. Surveillance video shows that during that time, a man walked into the store, went behind the counter, removed items from the bag and put them in his coat and left. Other surveillance video shows him boarding the Staten Island ferry. The woman lost her John Jay College ID, several debit cards, a Sri Lanka national ID and other items. The thief used one of the cards at a cafe at St. George Terminal.

62 Pearl (Shorty's Bar), 3/8, 6 pm, reported 3/13

A man placed his bag on the floor near his chair. Some time later, went to the bar to drink, leaving his bag on the floor. When he returned, it was gone. He lost a $1,400 Macbook, $200 Kenneth Cole computer bag and his tax returns information.

30 Water (Dead Rabbit Bar), 3/13, 7:20 pm

A 27-year-old woman put her handbag next to her feet. When she reached down to retrieve it, the purse was gone. The $900 Furla bag contained a $900 Macbook, $400 Salvatore Ferragamo wallet, $70 Ralph Lauren wallet, $60 and a Ukrainian driver's license and credit cards.

250 Vesey (Saks Fifth Avenue), bet. 1/7 & 3/10 (reported 3/13)

An internal investigation by the company found that two former employees removed $5,705 worth of shoes, a shirt and other merchandise from the store and used the store's FedEx account to ship the items to various location. One of the suspects, a 24-year-old woman, has been arrested. The other suspect is still at large.

North End & Murray, 3/11, 10:45 pm

A 15-year-old Greenwich Village resident was confronted by two 16-year-old boys who held a knife to him while demanding his $1,200 Yeezy Boost 350 Adidas sneakers and taking $600 from him. Both the the victim and his alleged muggers previously attended a house party at 169 Hudson St.

33 Beaver (parking garage), 3/8, 8 pm

A Broad Street couple parked their $58,000 2015 VW Touareg in the parking garage. When the boyfriend went to pick up the car on March 11, three days after parking it, he discovered that it was gone. The car was later found by the police in a Brooklyn towing lot and the vehicle was determined to have been involved in multiple accidents, including one involving a pedestrian who sustained minor injuries.

Broad & Exchange, 3/8, 5 pm

A man locked his $1,750 bicycle to the scaffolding. When he returned an hour-and- a-half later, it was gone

127 Pearl (Killarney Rose Bar), 3/7, 10:30 pm

A 28-year-old Hoboken woman hung her bag near the bar. When she returned to retrieve it, she discovered that it had been stolen. She lost a $950 Yves Saint Laurent purse, $800 Mulberry wallet, $450 Bulgari sunglasses and $400 Persol sunglasses.

146 Broadway, 3/7, bet. 8:30 pm & 3/8, 9:30 am

A man chained his $1,450 Arrow 7 electric bicycle to a bike rack. When he returned the next morning, he discovered that the lock had been clipped and the bike stolen.

17 John (Duane Reade), 3/7, 4:34 pm

A man stuffed 148 Milani lipsticks worth $1,168 inside his jacket and walked out of the store.

In front of 338 Canal, 3/3, 4:20 am


After two men got into a taxi, the driver was struck in the face and held down and his $850 iPhone was taken. One of the men claimed to be a police officer. The two suspects, age 29 and 30, were arrested.

352 Greenwich (Duane Reade), 3/1, 10:12 pm

Two women were observed on surveillance camera putting $3,485 worth of cold medicine in a gift bag and walking out of the store.

In front of 291 Broadway, 2/28, 3 pm

Upon arriving at the building, a passenger simulated having a gun and said to the the cabbie, "Just act like nothing is happening and give me your money." The female driver handed over $4,700 and the thief fled on foot.

70 Vesey, (PATH station) 2/28, 12:10 pm

A 52-year-old woman was riding the escalator when a pickpocket behind her removed a $650 Samsung Galaxy phone from her backpack.

11 South (Fish Market bar/restaurant), 2/26, 11:45 pm

A 25-year-old employee left her backpack covered by her coat on a table. When she returned, the backpack was gone. She lost $500, her passport, a $300 iPhone, her keys and credit and debit cards.

40 Wall (Duane Reade), 2/26, 5:50 am

Two men entered the store and told a female employee that the other one had a gun and "that she didn't want anything to happen to her kid." One of them then jumped over a gate to the other side of the counter and started grabbing cigarettes. In all, the thieves stole 75 packs of cigarettes, five smokeless cigarettes and 10 lighters with a total value of  $960.


2 West (Ritz Carlton Hotel), 2/24, bet. 2:30 and 2:35 pm

A Brooklyn woman who was a guest at the hotel left her room to allow housekeeping to clean, leaving behind a diamond engagement ring valued at $40,000. When she returned, it was gone.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 2/23, 8 pm

A man was taking pictures when two men came up to him. As they distracted him, a third man approached him from behind him, grabbed his camera bag from his shoulder and fled. The victim, a 31-year-old Port Washington man, lost $3,607 worth of camera equipment.

1 New York Plaza (inside Retro Fitness), 2/6, 1:50 pm (reported 2/22, 8:46 am)

While changing in the locker room, a 46-year-old Hoboken woman walked away from her open locker. When she returned, 10 minutes later, she discovered that her $4,300 Cartier watch was stolen.

29 John (Sakura of Japan restaurant), 2/22, bet. 12:15 and 9:30 am

When an employee of the restaurant arrived in the morning, he found the gate's padlock missing. Inside, he discovered that the cash register box containing $300 had been stolen.

370 Canal (Planet Fitness gym), 2/20, 3:20 pm

A 22-year-old Soho resident placed her bag containing a $400 Chanel wallet and her coat inside a locker but did not lock it. When she returned, about 50 minutes later, the bag was gone. An employee later found the bag in the women's locker room garbage. The wallet, which contained $200, a credit and debit card, and a driver's license, was gone as well as a Lenova computer that belonged to her employer.

In front of 185 Greenwich (the WTC Oculus), 2/18, 9:05 pm

A 24-year-old visitor from Pennsylvania was taking pictures with his phone when a man on a bike rode up to him and snatched the $1,000 phone from his hands. The phone was tracked to 111 William St. before it went offline.

305 Broadway (Duane Reade), 2/17, 7:10 pm

A thief concealed $1,240 worth of allergy-related medicine in his clothing and walked out of the store. The store had previously been struck by thieves on Feb. 9 and 10. (See below.)

291 Broadway, bet. 2/8-2/10, reported 2/16

A woman reported that $1,400 in cash and a laptop valued at $460 was taken.

Inside 80 Warren, 2/15, 8 am

A $3,000 Scott road bike was stolen from the building's storage room.

In front of 122 Fulton, 2/14, 10:45 pm

Thieves stole a New Jersey man’s 2013 Cadillac valued at $20,000.

In front of 426 West Broadway, 2/14, 1:30 pm

While a policeman was trying to interview a man about criminal mischief and harassment, the man charged at the officer with his fist hitting him on the forehead, causing contusions and laceration and pain in his neck. He was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. Carlos Cisne, 23, was arrested.

160 Broadway (McDonald's), 2/12, 8:30 am

A 50-year-old visitor from Georgia bought food and sat down at the counter, hanging his jacket on the back of his chair. Another man sat down next to him and, as the victim was eating, the thief slipped his hand into the victim's jacket pocket and removed a wallet. The man lost $160, his driver's license, numerous credit and debit cards and the door card to his room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

305 Broadway (Duane Reade), 2/9, 6:41 pm and 2/10, 10:23 am

On Feb. 9, three men and one woman entered the store and stole $1,724 worth of nasal decongestants, allergy medicine and hair growth products. The next day a thief, approximately 50 placed $1,019 worth of razors and razor blades inside a Duane Reade basket. He then went to another aisle and concealed them in his clothing before fleeing.

75 Franklin (Billy's Bakery), 2/9, 3 am

A thief broke the glass of the front door of the bakery and stole three tablet computers valued at $380 and five brownies.

95 Fulton (Lot-Less), 2/6, 8:20 pm

A woman put her purse in a shopping cart. While she was distracted, someone removed the purse, which contained a wallet with credit cards.

102 North End (Conrad Hotel), 2/5, 4:10 pm

A 35-year-old woman was working behind the counter when a boy about 12 years old grabbed her purse, which was located under the counter. Surveillance video shows an older man nearby who was coaching the boy what to do. The woman lost a debit card, her Social Security card, a New York State ID and a $25 MetroCard.

230 Vesey (Brookfield Place), 2/2, 4:45 p.m.

A woman left her $2,500 Yves Soloman fur-lined coat in a public seating area and returned to work. When she came back to retrieve the coat it was gone.

In front of 3 Hanover Square, 2/2, 1 am

A man was walking to his home on West Street when two men came up behind him and called out to him. When he turned around, one of them said, "We're gonna need all your money right now." One of the men lifted his hoodie to indicate a possible weapon. The victim reached into his pocket and took out $60, which he handed to one of the muggers.

In front of 415 Broadway, 2/2, 7:01 pm

A 35-year-old Queens man was walking to the train when he was jumped by three men who shouted, "Give me your money!" and struck him in the face multiple times, causing swelling and laceration to his lip, cheek and nose. They then stole $2,700 from his pocket. A 30-year-old East Harlem man was arrested; the other two fled and no money was recovered.

48 Wall (Museum of American Finance), 2/1, 9:50 pm
A visitor from Texas checked his coat at an event. When he retrieved it, he discovered that two iPhones, with total value of $1,000, had been stolen along with a credit and debit card and a driver's license. A charge of $330 was made to the debit card.

225 Murray (Harry's Italian restaurant), 2/1, 8 pm

A 28-year-old Jersey City woman at a work event left her coat on a chair at the bar with her wallet in the pocket. When she returned an hour later, she discovered that the coat had been moved and that the wallet was gone. A charge of $159.81 was made at a Rite-Aid in Harlem and several charges adding up to $129.65 were made on a second card. She also lost her driver's license.

27 Whitehall (Flavors café), 1/30, 10 am

A man came into the store and went upstairs. A worker asked the man what he was doing and the man replied that he was going to use the bathroom. The worker then told the man that he had to leave because the bathroom was for customers. As the man was leaving the café, he attempted to knock over a counter and a worker then pushed him out of the store. The man then returned and punched him in the face. Two other workers then tried to restrain him until police arrived, but let him go when he started complaining about breathing. The assailant returned, however, with a wooden plank and chased after two workers, striking them in the back. People tried to retrain him again but he was able to punch another worker in the face. Two of the victims were transported to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital in unspecified condition. The alleged assailant, 22, was arrested.

In front of 250 Vesey, between 1/11 and 1/30

A $16,130 scissor lift parked in the plaza near the North Cove Marina was stolen.

88 Thomas (CYRK Bar), 1/28, 8:45 pm

A 35-year-old visitor from Dallas sat down at the bar and hung her $4,500 Chanel bag on the back of her chair. After returning from the bathroom, she discovered that it had been taken. The bag contained a $300 Prada wallet, a checkbook and three credit  cards.

West & Murray (Battery Park City ball fields), 1/28, 2 pm

While a 44-year-old Broad Street man played ball, a thief stole his backpack, which he had left unattended on the ground. He lost a $1,000 camera, $860 lens and $100 backpack.

135 Reade (Reade Street Pub), 1/28, 3:25 am

A customer left her bag and stepped outside the bar to smoke a cigarette. When she returned, it was gone. The woman lost her $700 iPhone, $500 green alligator skin wallet, $300 makeup bag, job keys, credit card, checkbook and $50.

54 Murray (Equinox gym), 1/23, 7:45 pm

A 21-year-old Murray Street resident left his locker unlocked while he worked out. When he returned, his satchel was gone. It contained his passport and a wallet with his expired driver's license, Amex card, insurance card and $20.

225 Liberty (Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place), 1/16-1/23

A man walked into GStar Raw at 441 Broadway on Jan. 16 at about 4 p.m. and walked out with $1,095 worth of clothing without paying for them. A few days later, on Jan. 19 at 7:37 p.m., according to the criminal complaint, the suspected thief was seen at Saks Fifth Avenue in Brookfield Place placing four handbags worth $6,200 inside his jacket. The man returned to Saks Fifth Avenue on Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. and was observed removing a $1,335 Balenciaga bag from a shelf and leaving the store. The 24-year-old suspect from Brooklyn was arrested and charged with one count of grand larceny in the third degree and two counts of grand larceny in the fourth degree.

1 New York Plaza (Retro Fitness), 1/20, 12:30 pm

A thief took a $900 Wittnauer watch and a credit card from the unattended locker of a man who was working out. Unauthorized charges of $247 were made on the card.

225 Liberty (Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place), 1/19, 7:37 pm

A man was observed on a surveillance camera taking four Yves Saint Laurent bags worth $6,200 that he concealed in his jacket while a partner distracted a salesperson. The two exited the store through the Liberty Street doors and were seen fleeing the scene in a silver BMW.

Exchange & William, 1/17, 7:04 pm

A man approached a 26-year-old woman who was waiting for a car service and snatched a $700 iPhone from her hand. The thief fled and was pursued by the victim who screamed for help. A good samaritan stopped and held the 31-year-old, 6' 4" alleged thief until police arrived and arrested him. The phone was returned to the woman.

100 Broadway (Duane Reade), 1/16, midnight

A shoplifter took $4,040 worth of Nicorette gum and lozenges and Nicoderm patches off a shelf, stuffed them into a black bag and walked out of the store.

Warren & Broadway, 1/16, 5 pm

A visitor from Singapore was walking south on Broadway when a man came up behind him and bumped him. The victim felt the man put his hand in his left jacket pocket but did not realize that his $1,048 phone, along with $500, had been stolen until he reached the next block.

225 Liberty (inside locker room at Hudson Eats), 1/15, 8:30 am

A worker returned to the woman's locker room and discovered that someone had broken into her locker and stolen her wallet. She lost $170, a driver's license, two credit cards and a health insurance card.

In front of 159 Duane (Weather Up bar), 1/12, 11 am

A man left the rear door of his truck open while making deliveries to the bar and a thief stole 100 Peconic Gold oysters, 100 countneck clams, 30 Moosabec mussels, 5 razor clams and a hand truck.

285 Fulton (in front of 1 WTC), 1/10, 2:30 pm

As a woman was buying a snack, a man tapped her on the shoulder from behind and then snatched her $600 iPhone from her pocket.

Beaver & Broadway, 1/9, 1:40 pm

A thief ran up behind a woman who works on State Street and grabbed her bag. The 51-year-old woman held on to it and the assailant knocked her to the ground and dragged her approximately 10 feet, saying, "Let go of the bag." A passerby, a 39-year-old Bronx man, then intervened and held the thief until the police arrived. The 25-year-old alleged assailant resisted arrest, saying, "You're not getting me in that car."

N train at Park Place, 1/8, 9:15 pm

A 26-year-old man boarded the northbound train at Wall Street after leaving work. He fell asleep and at Park Place he was awakened by a man who demanded his seat. When the man refused to get up, the assailant took out a knife, hit him with the handle, slashed him on the left side of his forehead and punched and kicked him in the abdomen.

225 Liberty (Num-Pang restaurant), 1/4, 3:50 pm

A thief entered the storage area with a key and opened the safe taking $1,720. The safe was not damaged. Four employees who had access to the room and the safe were recently fired.

111 Fulton (7-Eleven), 1/2, 4:30 am

A 31-year-old man working at the store and a customer got into a fight. The customer, 48, who had come into the store to buy Lotto tickets, hit the employee with a metal bar on his head, body and hands, causing cuts. The worker slashed the left side of the customer's face and arm and stabbed him on the right side of his body. Both men were arrested.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 1/1, 11:42 pm

A employee monitoring surveillance video saw a man taking items off a shelf and putting them in his jacket. The worker approached the thief who then drew a small knife and then fled the store, escaping on the northbound 7th Avenue line with $124 worth of Claritin, Zantac, Prevacid and Zegerid.

185 Greenwich (Victoria's Secret), 1/1, 5:16 pm

A woman entered the store and grabbed merchandise and went into a dressing room. After 30 minutes, a man entered the dressing room, took bags of clothing valued at $1,667 and left the store.

102 North End (Asphalt Green), 12/30, 9:30 pm

While a 22-year-old Financial District resident was watching a movie, someone stole his laptop case with a $2,299 MacBook, Bose headphones and other items.

255 Greenwich (Target), 12/28, 7 am

A 20-year-old employee of the store allegedly made numerous fraudulent charges totaling $1,036.39 and then pocketed the money.

Chambers & North End, 12/30, 7:40 pm

A person on a bicycle snatched a iPhone 6 from a woman's hand and rode away.

Fulton & Nassau (A train subway platform), 12/30, 2:15 pm

A woman was boarding the train when a man came up behind her, reached into her jacket pocket and took her $800 phone. The thief fled up the stairs and the woman gave chase, but then lost sight of him.

10 Hanover Square (Apple Bank), 12/30, 1:24 pm

A man approached the bank teller and passed a note to her, saying "Only hundreds. Hurry up or I am coming over the counter." The teller then opened the drawer, but no money was visible. The robber then fled.

101 Liberty (Eataly), 12/30, 8 am

An employee placed his belongings in an unlocked locker. When he returned after his shift as a line cook, he discovered that his wallet have been stolen. He lost his social security card, his permanent resident Green Card and credit cards.

185 Greenwich (Westfield World Trade Center mall), 12/15, 9 am (reported 12/29)

A "locked and secured" $16,000 man lifting truck was taken from a construction site at the mall. The two-week delay in reporting the missing truck was due to a search for the equipment, according to police.     

225 Liberty (Equinox Gym), 12/28, 5:45 pm

A 39-year-old Greenwich Village resident left his $5,000 silver Rolex watch in an unlocked locker while he worked out. He returned the next day to recover it, but discovered that it had been stolen.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 12/28, 12:20 pm

A 58-year-old woman was waiting for the ferry door to open when she felt someone bump her. She then looked down at her bag and saw that it was open and that her wallet was missing. She lost 5 euros and several Spanish credit and debit cards, all of which she cancelled.

54 Murray (Equinox Gym), 12/22, 3:45 pm (reported 12/28)

While taking a shower in the gym, a 30-year-old Financial District resident left his locker open. A thief removed the man's $2,700 Cartier watch.

Warren & River Terrace, 12/27, 8:20 pm

A man was walking when a stranger came up to him, snatched his hat and fled.

247 West Broadway (Tribeca Tavern), 12/22, 5:30 pm

A 40-year-old woman sat down at the bar and placed her bag next to her on a hook. A thief removed her $650 Louis Vuitton wallet and charged $1,065 on her American Express card. The woman received a fraud alert from the credit card company on her phone.

84 Franklin (CrossFit gym), 12/22, 9:30 am

A Battery Park City woman who was exercising left her coat with her belongings in an area of the gym that was out of her vision for part of the time. When she went to retrieve the coat she found that her wallet, $200 and her iPhone were gone.

Leonard & Broadway, 12/22, 1 am

A 20-year-old man was walking east on Leonard Street where he lives when an assailant put the victim in a headlock, bringing him to the ground. Two accomplices then went through his pockets and stole his wallet, which contained $60 and two credit cards, and a $400 Samsung Galaxy. The muggers fled north on Broadway.

Liberty & Broadway, 12/20, 8:50 pm

A 34-year-old Queens woman was checking directions on her iPhone7 when a man on a bicycle snatched it from her hand and rode off.

Outside 250 Vesey, 12/20, 8:30 pm

A man was walking and talking on his $800 Samsung Galaxy phone when a thief grabbed it and fled on a bicycle.

102 North End (Regal Cinemas), 12/20, 7 pm

A 32-year-old Manhattan man placed his coat behind his seat as he watched a movie with his colleagues from work. When the movie ended, he discovered that the coat, which contained his wallet, had been stolen. Charges had been made on his card at Empire Hotel Rooftop and for four taxi rides and two MetroCards.

25 Broadway, (Planet Fitness), 12/20, 6:30 pm

A FiDi resident who intended to take her bag with her while she worked out instead left it on the floor in the locker room. When she returned, she discovered that her wallet was gone. The thief used her card to buy a $25 gift card for iHop at the Duane Reade next door to the gym. The victim cancelled her cards.

In front of 65 Nassau, 12/20, 1 pm

Workers who were renovating a space inside the building left drills, a laser level  and other tools on the sidewalk because the area in which they were working was constricted. When they returned an hour later, the items, which were worth $1,645, were gone.

In front of 116 John, 12/20, noon

A thief stole a power tool from the back of a van. There was no sign of forced entry.

6 Stone (Murphy's Tavern), 12/17, 9 pm

A 37-year-old Manhattan woman was sitting at the bar with friends when two men stole her backpack without her noticing. She lost her house keys, $230, her driver’s license and a credit card. The thieves charged $1,200 to her card before she had a chance to cancel it.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 12/17, 7:27 pm

A thief removed $2,513 worth of shampoos, cosmetics and razor blades, stashing them in a large shopping bag and in his jacket and then fled the subway station on Park Place.

30 New Street, 12/15, 4 pm

A thief stole a $650 iPhone from a woman's coat pocket while she was shopping in a busy clothing store.

255 Greenwich (Target), 12/13, 10:35 pm

A woman was making a purchase and inserting her credit card into the chip reader when a man distracted her. While her head was turned, another man snatched her credit card from the reader. She canceled the card immediately.

Inside 120 Broadway, 12/13, 10:58 am

A 27-year-old Manhattan woman received a call on her cell phone from a person who identified herself as an FBI Bureau of Criminal Justice agent. The caller said that there were three charges against her because she had filed her tax information wrong and that she owed $6,000. The only way to avoid being arrested and losing her job, the caller said, was to purchase gift cards in that amount and to provide her with the card information. The victim complied. She went to Rite Aid where she purchased 12 $500 gift cards. She then called the FBI who informed her that it was a scam.

In front of 156 Greenwich, 12/13, 7 am

A thief broke the side window of a work van and stole a $400 Ridgid Band saw and two threading machines worth $2,430.

9 Murray, (reported 12/12)

A woman reported that someone stole items from a jewelry box and from the kitchen counter some time between Oct. 18 and Sept. 4. Multiple domestic employees had access to the apartment. The total value of the items was $10,825 and included a $5,000 diamond engagement ring, $2,000 wedding band and a $1,000 platinum and diamond pendant and chain.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 12/10, 5:40 pm

Two men with keys to the cabinets stole $1,457 worth of Gillette razor blades and Crest whitening strips that they stuffed into their pockets and jackets.

95 Pearl (Ulysses Bar), 12/9, 10 am

An unknown person went into the manager's office and stole a $2,000 laptop.

77 Chambers (Checkers Restaurant), 12/6, 12:28 pm

A 60-year-old Bronx woman forgot her purse on the counter after paying for her food. Before she had time to return and retrieve it, a thief snatched it and fled. The wallet contained Medicaid and Social Security cards, asthma medication, credit cards and two rings valued at $100.

225 Liberty (Equinox Gym), 12/5, 6:55 pm

A 29-year-old Battery Park City resident went to work out in the gym, leaving his $9,264 Breitling Navitimer watch in his unlocked locker. When he returned, he discovered that it had been stolen.

In front of 100 Hudson, 12/2, 10:30 pm

A woman parked her $2,000 Xtracycle Cargo bike in front of her building, securing it with a lock. When she went to retrieve it the next morning at 8 a.m., she found that it was gone.

In front of 80 Pearl, 12/2, 10:40 pm

A man parked his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and went to work at the restaurant Mad Dogs & Beans, 83 Pearl St. At a little after midnight, he discovered that the car was gone. He then reviewed the restaurant's video and saw three men enter the employee locker room, remove keys from his jacket pocket, and then leave the restaurant. A review of video belonging to 66 Smokehouse at 79 Pearl showed the men drive off with the car. A license plate reader recorded the vehicle crossing the Brooklyn Bridge going toward Brooklyn at 11:30 pm.

80 Pine, 12/2, 12:15 pm

A woman entered a restaurant with her wallet but when she went to pay for her food, she discovered that the wallet had been stolen. She called  her bank which informed her that charges had been made across the street at Wall Street Wine and at the subway.

Wall Street Station, 12/2, 12:15 pm

A man boarded the #2 train and then transferred to the E train at Chambers Street where he realized that his wallet had been removed from his right front pants pocket. The victim believes that it was removed when he was "bumped" on the train. The wallet contained his New Jersey driver's license, $9, a debit card and a MetroCard.

250 Broadway (Duane Reade), 11/27, 12:50 pm

Two male shoplifters were seen removing $1,721.50 worth of cosmetics, including 38 bottles of Essie nail polish, 49 Gillette women's razors and 26 packages of Dove Soap. The theft follows 11 shoplifting incidents that occurred at the store last month, according to police.

22 Cortlandt (Century 21), 11/27, 6:30 pm

Working together, three 19-year-old men allegedly stole a woman's $900 MCM purse with clutch containing a $600 iPhone, credit cards and a $100 wallet. They were arrested.

250 West Broadway (Grandaisy Bakery), 11/27 3:30 am

While employees were loading a van with bread, they left it unattended for 10 minutes with the motor running and the key in the ignition. When they returned, it was gone. The $20,000 GMC van contained $500 worth of bread.

In front of 2 Sixth Ave., (Roxy Hotel) 11/25, 6:50 am

A woman told police that her husband saw a man standing in the lobby and mistook him for a valet, and handed him the keys to their $45,000 Infiniti. The man, who was wearing jogging clothes, a red baseball hat and white sneakers, took the keys and drove off with the car.

Vesey & Church 11/23, 3:05 pm

While outside the subway entrance, a 25-year-old New Jersey woman felt the flap of her shoulder bag unsnapped. When she turned around she saw a man at her side who then fled. When she looked inside her bag, she found that her wallet was gone. The victim lost several credit cards, her Pratt Institute student card and a MetroCard.

225 Liberty (Hudson Eats), 11/23, 1:15 pm

A 62-year-old man placed his jacket behind his chair while eating lunch. Soon afterwards, he was notified by his bank that unauthorized charges of $12,300 had been made to his credit card. The man then checked his jacket and discovered that his wallet, which contained five credit cards and one debit card, was gone. The victim recalled feeling a "slight brush" while eating but didn't think anything of it. One of the charges was made at an Apple store on 14th Street.

25 Broadway (Planet Fitness), 11/23, 12:30 pm

Two Brooklyn men put their belongings in an unlocked locker. When they returned from working out, they discovered that the following possessions had been stolen: a $3,700 Movado watch, a $700 wedding band with three diamonds, $380 in cash, and a $300 Samsung phone.

Outside 345 Greenwich, 11/22, 7:35 pm

A thief on a bike snatched a $950 iPhone from the hand of a 46-year-old Battery Park City resident, then fled west on Jay Street with a partner.

106 Fulton (Burger King), 11/21, 4 pm

Two unknown men jumped a 15-year-old, punching him in the face and causing bruising and swelling in his left eye. The attackers then stole his $500 Galaxy phone.

West Broadway & Leonard (UPS storage facility), 11/21, 3 pm

An employee was observed opening packages to view three iPhones, two Apple MacBook Pro computers and a box of cell phone holders. One day later, he was seen removing two of the iPhones. The next day he was arrested while in the possession of one of the iPhones.

In front of 82 West Broadway, 11/21, 8:20 am

A 50-year-old Battery Park City woman left a Whole Foods cart in front of the building while she put her daughter on a school bus. When she turned around, she discovered that it was gone. Inside the cart was her Gucci wallet containing credit cards, three monthly MetroCards and cash. The total value of her loss was $3,701.

120 Hudson (Bubby's), 11/20, 3:45 pm

A restaurant employee saw an unknown woman make several trips to the area where workers keep their bags and then go downstairs. Subsequently she discovered her bag and that of another waitress on the stairs. A $90 battery charger, a driver's license, debit card and $40 were missing from the bags.

2 Avenue of the Americas (Roxy Hotel), 11/19, a little after midnight

A 21-year-old Queens man attempted to pay for $1,580 worth of food, beverages, and room service at Roxy Hotel using a forged Capitol One credit card. When the hotel employee swiped the card through a credit card reader, he noticed that the number on the front of the card did not match the numbers on the magnetic strip embedded on the back of the card. He also called the bank who informed him that the card had not been issued by them. Four additional forged credit cards were found in the defendant's wallet by the arresting office. Police say the defendant, Clase Santiago, admitted to the arresting officer that the card along with four other credit cards found in his wallet were forged. He was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument in the 2nd degree. Santiago’s Legal Aid attorney at arraignment, Elizabeth Alcocer-Gonzalez, did not return a call for comment.

200 Broadway (Shake Shack), 11/19, 1:20 pm

A woman placed her bag on the floor while she ate. When she finished, she discovered that it had been stolen.

85 Nassau (Wendy's), 11/18, 9:20 pm

A 21-year-old man accidentally left his wallet on the counter. When he returned, it was gone. The victim found the wallet, debit card and ID in the trash outside the restaurant. He lost $80 and a work credit card.

In front of 95 Fulton, 11/18, 11 am

A 34-year old Brooklyn man chained his $1,800 bike and went to work. When he returned at 4:35 pm, it was gone.

225 Liberty (Saks Fifth Avenue), 11/17, 3 pm

A 37-year-old employee of Saks Fifth Avenue was arrested after being observed by a store loss prevention officer using the computer system to convert returned merchandise into store credit and then into gift cards. The defendant then allegedly used the gift cards to purchase $9,142.92 worth of items from the store including  one $1,195 pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, two pairs of Alexander McQueen shoes valued at $2,365 and a $1,195 coat. Kirena Resnick of Millburn, NJ, was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property, both in the 3rd degree. Resnick’s Legal Aid attorney at arraignment, Theresa Caturano, did not return a call for comment.

11 Hanover Square (11 Hanover Greek restaurant), 11/12, 5:20 am

A 29-year-old woman's Louis Vuitton purse containing $5,000 was removed from the bar where she was sitting. A 37-year old Queens man was arrested but the money was not recovered.

97 Chambers (Lot-Less), 11/10, 3 pm

A pickpocket removed the wallet from a 47-year-old shopper's purse. The victim, a Mott Street resident, lost $200, her driver's license and two credit cards that she cancelled. There had been no charges on the cards.

Plaza outside Staten Island ferry, 11/10, 2:10 pm

A woman struck a 42-year-old man from Staten Island on his head and face with a cane, causing lacerations and bruises. The assailant then fled on foot. According to police, the attacker is a known ticket seller for boat tour attractions in the area.

130 Fulton (Starbucks), 10/29, bet. 9 and 11:30 am, reported 11/10

A thief stole the purse of a woman who had hung it from the back of her chair. The Pearl Street resident lost her keys, driver's license, $50 MetroCard and a credit card.

In front of 165 Duane, 11/5, 6 pm

A man parked his $5,000 Ducati motorcycle and went to work. When he returned late that night, it was gone.

In front of 55 Liberty, 11/4, 1 pm

A driver parked a car belonging to her employer, Mercy First, a social service agency. When she returned 10 minutes later she found that someone had smashed the rear window and stolen a wallet containing four credit cards that was on the front seat.

55 Stone (The Growler), 11/4, 11 pm

A woman hung her bookbag on a hook next to her seat at the bar. A thief opened the bag and stole her wallet, which contained $100, credit and debit cards and her driver's license.

40 Exchange Pl., reported 11/2, date of occurrence between 10/29 and 10/31

A thief stole six laptop computers valued at $1,500. At the time, contractors who were updating the fire alarm system had access to the location.

In front of 66 Pearl, 10/28 (reported 10/31), 1 pm

A 22-year-old woman was walking with her wallet sticking out of her jacket pocket. Someone bumped her and soon afterwards she realized that her wallet was gone. She lost her house keys, driver's license and a credit card.

250 Broadway (Dunkin' Donuts), 10/30, 4 pm

After buying food, a 33-year-old man accidentally left his wallet on the counter. He did not realize he had forgotten it until he boarded the #3 train. When he returned to the store, it was gone. The wallet contained two Israeli passports, $1,400 and a credit card.

52 Walker (M1-5 Lounge), 10/29, bet. Midnight and 2 am

A 27-year-old visitor from Illinois put her $75 Coach clutch in the sleeve of her jacket, which she put on the back of her chair as she sat at the bar. When she went to retrieve it, the jacket and purse were gone. She lost her $150 iPhone, U.S. Army ID, credit cards and driver's license. She tracked her phone to 45 Division St, but police were unable to find the thief.

200 Vesey (Burberry), 10/26, 5:50 pm

Two women and one man entered the store. While one of them distracted the salesperson, the other two stole 11 scarves worth $5,675.

101 Liberty (Eataly), 10/26, bet. 1 and 10:50 pm

An employee put his belongings in a locked locker. When he returned at 10:50 p.m., he discovered that the lock was gone and that a thief had stolen his wallet containing $20, two credit cards, a $120 jacket, a duffle bag and other items.

270 Greenwich (Whole Foods), 10/25, 10:05 am

A 39-year-old Nassau Street resident left her bag in her shopping cart unattended. When she returned 20 minutes later, the bag was gone. She lost $100 plus her house keys, driver's license and a credit card.

40 Wall (Duane Reade), 10/25, 4 am

While employees were not looking, a thief stole 103 packages of cigarettes worth $1,097 from a shelf behind the cash register.

Inside 3 South (ferry terminal), 10/24, 6:10 pm

A 19-year-old Staten Island woman was about to board the ferry when she realized that she had left her bag on a bench. Surveillance video showed a man with a goatee, wearing a green coat and green military-style beret removing the bag. An 80-year-old man fitting that description was arrested. The bag, which contained two Halloween wigs, a wallet, Pace University ID and various other items, was not recovered.  

40 Wall (Neapolitan Express), 10/24, 5 pm

A 20-year-old former employee is being sought for allegedly removing $848 from the cash register and a $1,000 e-reader from the counter before fleeing.

355 South End Ave. (Gateway Plaza), 10/23, 9 pm

A 34-year-old woman was arrested after allegedly stealing more than $2,000 worth of designer clothing, cosmetics, sunglasses and a watch from her two female roommates, both in their 20s. The police are also charging the woman, Laura Camus, with assaulting one of the roommates.

Police say they recovered the roommates’ missing items from a suitcase in the Battery Park City apartment that the women shared. According to one roommate, Camus pulled her hair and scratched her head, causing swelling, redness and substantial pain.

Camus was charged with several misdemeanor counts that included assault, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen goods. Her Legal Aid lawyer at Criminal Court arraignment did not return a call for comment.

E train, Canal Street, 10/22, 3:30 am

Four men attacked a 19-year-old man, punching him in the eye and then robbing him of his iPhone and $200.

South & John, 10/22, 9 am

A food vendor was preparing his food when another vendor who he knew came over and punched him in the face and kicked him in the leg. The victim, who was robbed of $644 and a credit card, was taken to the hospital and the unidentified assailant was being sought.

55 Church, 10/19, 2:20 pm

A 34-year-old Brooklyn woman left her wallet on a circular planter bench in front of the Millenium Hotel. When she returned, it was gone. She lost $30, credit cards, a MetroCard and miscellaneous items. No charges were made on her credit cards, which she canceled.

In front of 129 Fulton, 10/18, 10 am

A woman locked her $1,200 Cannondale bicycle to scaffolding and went to work. When she returned at the end of the day, it was gone.

Broadway & Park Pl., 10/17, midnight

A British tourist exited from the train and realized that her bag was open and her $500 Samsung Galaxy phone was missing.

In front of 1 South, 10/17 5:40 am

A 48-year-old man put his wallet in the glove compartment of his car. When he returned 20 minutes later, it was gone. The car was not locked. The wallet contained his retired police ID badge, a disability ID, credit cards and blank checks.

225 Liberty (Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place), 10/16, 3:15 pm

An alleged shoplifting duo was arrested when they tried to leave the store with their pilfered goods. A woman, 24, is charged with stealing a $1,498 La Bete Jacket, which she had had hidden under her coat. Her male companion, 19, had allegedly put a $995 pair of Vince pants and a Generation jacket valued at $550 inside a bag. Security guards separately stopped the man and woman from leaving the store and recovered the merchandise. Each are charged with fourth degree grand larceny and fourth degree possession of stolen property.

200 Vesey (Burberry at Brookfield Place), 10/16, 2:15 pm

A woman stole 13 scarves worth $5,690.

200 Vesey (Burberry at Brookfield Place), 10/15, 2:40 pm

A sales associate heard the alarm sensor beeping and saw a man walking out of the store. She later looked at surveillance video that showed the same man remove a $1,595 men's jacket off a rack, stuff it into a book bag and leave.

Inside 155 William (Bareburger), 10/11, 1:15 pm

A customer left the restaurant briefly and when he returned his $750 sports coat containing a $10,000 Rolex watch, $750 iPhone and $900 pair of sunglasses were gone.  

25 Broadway (Planet Fitness), 10/11, 8:50 am

A man locked his belongings in a locker. When he returned from working out, the lock was missing and his Apple laptop, iPhone and $40 had been stolen.

In front of 371 Canal, 10/9, 4:08 am

A 21-year-old man from Texas reported that he had a verbal dispute with another man and a group of his friends. The man then walked away from West Broadway and Grand where the dispute occurred. The alleged assailant followed him and continued to harass him. When the victim reached Canal, he was pushed from behind and then hit in the face with a glass bottle, causing a laceration above his left eye.

Southbound E train, WTC, 10/08, 6:05 pm

A man entered the train from between cars, sat down and began to mumble incomprehensibly. The man then turned to the victim, a 31-year-old Jersey City man, and said, "What are you looking at?" The rider than got up and walked away but the man followed him and punched the victim in the back of the head with a closed fist. The rider attempted to walk away again when the assailant slashed his left shoulder and hand with a knife, before fleeing to the next train car. The victim was taken to New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.

Vince Camuto shoe store, Westfield Mall at the Oculus, 10/8, 4:08 pm

A Brooklyn woman reported that while she was shopping, items were stolen from her bag. A review of the store's surveillance video shows an African-American man dressed all in black with a black baseball camp with an image of a gold marijuana leaf reaching inside the woman's purse and removing a $600 cell phone and wallet. The thief then fled the store in the direction of the Fulton Street train station. The woman realized that the items were missing when she went to pay. Charges of $40,015 were made on the victim's five credit cards.

Brookfield Mall, Oct. 7, 3:16 pm

A woman was eating when someone bumped into her. She then reached into her pocket and discovered that her $900 iPhone was missing. She later tracked the phone to Queens.

In front of 14 Wall, 10/6, 12:10 pm

A 32-year-old visitor from Vietnam put his bag down to take pictures. When he went to retrieve it, he discovered that it had been stolen. The bag contained $6,000.

Tory Burch at Brookfield Place, 10/6, 7:51 pm

A thief lifted five pair of sunglasses valued at $295 each and an $895 watch from the Brookfield Place store. The perpetrator is described as a 4-foot 10-inch black male weighing 120 pounds. No age was reported.

Pier A (Harbor House), 10/4, 11 pm

A 31-year-old woman hung her raincoat and Kate Spade bag on a hook under the bar. When she left to go to the bathroom, a thief took her belongings. The total value of the items, which included David Yurman earrings, bracelet and ring, and other jewelry as well as Sephora gift cards was $11,400.

182 Broadway (Urban Outfitters), 10/4, 3:15 pm

A thief stole the wallet out of a 17-year-old's backpack while she was shopping.

Pier 25 (Marina office), 10/3, 8 pm

A thief entered the office and removed $150 from the safe, which may have been unlocked.



Broadway & Fulton, 10/3, 8:45 am

As a woman was going up the escalator at the Fulton transit center, someone bumped into her. Upon arriving at work on Maiden Lane, she realized that her $650 phone had been stolen.

Whitehall & South, 10/1, 3:30 am

An undercover police officer observed a man unzip a neck pouch from a sleeping passenger and try to remove its contents. The 55-year-old man was arrested. A razor blade was found in his wallet and a glass pipe with crack residue in his jacket pocket. In addition, the alleged thief was carrying a cellphone that did not belong to him.

134 Reade (Marc Forgione restaurant), 9/27, 8:15 pm

A diner went to the men's room leaving his wallet and cellphone on the table. When he returned, the wallet was gone. The $80 Ralph Lauren wallet contained credit cards, a $115 MetroCard and a Green Card.

In front of 101 Reade, 9/27, 6:39 pm

A man locked his $1,400 red Specialized Allez Sport bike to a bike rack. When he returned at 12:15 p.m. the next day, he discovered that his u-lock had been cut and the bike stolen.

City Hall Park, 9/27, 5 pm

A 41-year-old woman was sitting on a bench in the north end of City Hall Park. When she got up to leave, she momentarily left behind her bag. By the time she turned around, someone had snatched it. She lost a city-issued BlackBerry, house keys, work ID and a credit card that was used by the thief before the victim had a chance to cancel it.

William & Fulton station, 9/27, 4:45 pm

Before getting on the train, a man answered a call on his cell phone, placing his bag on the floor next to him as he talked. When he was finished, he forgot his bag and got on a train. By the time he returned, 30 minutes later, it was gone. Charges were made on two of his credit cards.



Phone snatchings, 9/24

At 9:55 p.m., a man was walking from the subway at West Broadway and Park Place while talking on his $850 iPhone when a man in a snorkel hooded ski jacket came up to him and grabbed it. An hour later, at Liberty and Broadway, eight blocks from the first theft, a person of unknown description snatched a $700 iPhone from the hand of another male victim.

Pier 26, Hubert & West, 9/24, 3 pm

A 25-year-old woman accidentally left her wallet unattended. When she returned a half-hour later, it was gone. She called to cancel her credit cards and was told that $2,400 in charges had been made on one of them.

200 Vesey (Gucci at Brookfield Place), 9/22, 3:06 pm

Two men entered the store, strolled around and then put three Gucci polo shirts valued at $1,485 into a shopping bag. The thieves fled north on West Street. The sensors at the door were not working and no security guard was at the door.

55 Broad (Cosi restaurant), 9/22, 12 pm

A 21-year-old woman put her bag beside her on the floor. When she went to get her wallet, she discovered that the bag was open and that her wallet was gone. A charge of $117.50 was made on her debit card at a MetroCard machine. Her New Jersey driver's license and Commuter Card also were in her wallet.

Canal & Sixth, 9/17, 7:10 pm

A traffic agent got into a verbal dispute with a pedestrian to whom he was giving instructions. "Why the fuck you stopping me?" the man said and then punched the agent in the face, giving him a bloody nose and swollen cheek.

176 West Broadway (Starbucks), 9/17, 9 am

A woman left her $700 Louis Vuitton handbag at Starbucks. By the time she realized that it had been stolen (when her bank notified her of possible illegal use of her cards), the thieves had made charges of $1,329 on one of her credit cards. She also lost her New York City driver's license.

In front of 170 William, 9/16, 4:50 pm

An 18-year-old woman who was sitting on a bench near Pace University placed her handbag next to her, then forgot it when she walked away. She returned 20 minutes later to find that it was gone. The woman lost a $2,385 YSL purse, $300 MK wallet, and a $200 pair of glasses.

Cedar & Nassau, 9/12, 9:30 am

A man chained his $1,200 GT Grade Alloy bike to a pole. When he returned at 5 p.m., it was gone.

59 Murray (New York Dolls), 9/6, 10:30 pm, reported 9/12

Upon leaving the nightclub, a 32-year-old Queens man forgot to retrieve his bag that he had checked in a coat check. When he returned the next day, it could not be found. He lost a $1,100 laptop and $100 wireless earphones.

In front of 34 Desbrosses, 9/10, 3 am

An unknown man attacked an intoxicated 36-year-old Tribeca resident, spraying pepper spray in his face, causing pain and swelling.

101 Maiden Lane (SoulCycle), 9/8, 9:08 pm

A man wearing blue shorts, red sneakers, white t-shirt and a red du-rag entered the gym, saying he was "waiting for my aunt to come out of class." He then stole a wallet from a 22-year-old woman's backpack and made two charges on her credit card.

52 William (The Bailey), 9/8, 6 pm

A 61-year-old visitor from England left her handbag on her chair while she went to pay her bill. When she returned, it was gone. She lost $300, her glasses, two rings valued at $1,700, credit cards and a cell phone.

In front of 100 William, 9/7, 6:48 pm

A witness saw two men remove a woman's wallet from her bag as she was walking on the sidewalk. The men fled. The 25-year-old Water Street resident lost her Aimee Kestenberg wallet valued at $125, driver's license and debit card.

Opposite 64 South, 9/2, 8:15 pm

A 47-year-old woman was walking with her cell phone in her hand when a man on a bicycle snatched it and fled.

In front of 26 Broadway, 9/2, 6 pm

A 44-year-old Queens woman left her bag in her unlocked 2003 Ford for approximately one hour. When she returned, she discovered that it had been removed. Inside the bag was a wallet with $400, credit cards, a MetroCard and school and work IDs. She also lost her keys.

West Broadway & Chambers, 8/29, 3 pm

While promoting a meal delivery service to passersby, a 28-year-old woman put her bag at her feet. After talking to an individual, she discovered that her bag was gone. The woman lost $60, her New Jersey driver's license, house keys, a checkbook and a credit card.

West Broadway & Vesey, 8/29, 9:50 am

A man left his bag on a bench while he went over to a vendor. A thief took the bag which contained his U.S. military ID, driver's license and two credit cards.

109 Washington (Shilling restaurant), 8/29, 11:02 am

While the restaurant was closed for business, two thieves entered the unlocked front door and stole a handbag containing a MetroCard, Ray Ban sunglasses, bike lock and other items valued at $270.

2 Gold, 8/26, bet. 9:30 am and 6 pm

A 23-year-old woman left her door unlocked for a cleaning service. When she returned home, she discovered that the rug had been flipped but the cleaning was not completed. A Chanel handbag valued at $5,800, a $900 Gucci handbag and a $550 Mansur Gavriel handbag had been taken.

South & Beekman, 8/26, 11:30 am

A 24-year-old Wall Street resident was walking along South Street when a purse snatcher grabbed her $4,300 Louis Vuitton bag, which contained a wallet worth $75, credit cards and a driver's license.

Broad & South William, 8/25, 10:40 pm

A 35-year-old man was walking on the sidewalk when a stranger hit him on the head with a baseball bat, then stole the victim's cell phone from his hand. The alleged assailant was arrested and the phone was recovered from him. The victim was taken to the hospital with a laceration above the left eye.

Battery Park (at South & State), 8/24, 6:30 pm

A 40-year-old man was sitting on a park bench watching a video on his phone when a teen on a bike rode past him and snatched the phone from his hand. The phone was a Samsung Galaxy 3 valued at $250.

10 Hanover Square (Complete Body Gym),  8/24, 7:30 pm

A 32-year-old man returned to his locker after working out and discovered that his duffel bag had been taken from his locked locker. Inside the bag was his wallet which contained his ID and credit card. Before he had a chance to cancel the cards, they were used at a Chipotle.

Staten Island Ferry, 8/19, 2:30 pm

After getting off the Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan, a 39-year-old man discovered that a pickpocket had stolen a wallet from his bag that contained his Polish passport, drivers license and a credit card.  

60 Wall (Zeytuna), 8/19, 1 pm

A woman put her bag on the back of her chair while she ate lunch. When she returned to work at 59 Maiden Lane, her Coach wallet valued at $250 was gone. Inside was $190, a LIRR pass valued at $400, and numerous credit cards.

160 Broadway (McDonald's), 8/14, 3 pm

A 42-year-old woman was sitting at a table when a man took her wallet and walked out. She told the police that no one bumped or jostled her on the street. The victim lost a $650 Pantech cell phone, three credit cards, a wallet with $200 and a hotspot worth $250.

32 Cliff (Iron Horse bar), 8/11, 11:30 pm and 8/13, 1 am

A 22-year-old woman who was drinking at the bar with her friends, momentarily left to go to the bathroom, leaving her $1,700 Celine handbag under her chair. When she returned, it was gone. The woman also lost her Chinese passport and a Prada wallet worth $440.

Two days later, on Aug. 13 at 1 a.m., a 22-year-old woman left her Calvin Klein wallet inside the photo booth. By the time she returned to the booth, a thief had taken the wallet, which contained $130 and a German driver’s license.

25 Broadway (Planet Fitness), 8/5, 6:35 pm

While a woman was working out at the gym, a thief removed the lock from her locker and stole all her belongings. She lost her U.S. passport, house keys, pass to her office building and credit and debit cards.

Chambers Street/WTC station, 8/5, 1:10 pm

Two Transit cops were hurt after being attacked by a fare beater who refused an officer’s request to get off the train, police say. A sergeant, trying to arrest the man, was pushed to the floor and elbowed in the face by the suspect, who continued to try to fight off a second officer before finally being subdued and arrested, according to police. The second officer received a hairline wrist fracture, requiring a cast; the sergeant suffered swelling and pain to his face and contusions to his left arm, officials said. Maurice Holder, 27, was charged with two counts of second degree assault, resisting arrest, theft of services and criminal trespass.

Outside 40 Wall, 8/4, 5:30 pm

A 58-year-old Pine Street resident was sitting in an outside seating area when a pickpocket took her wallet containing $200 and credit and debit cards.

In front of 1 Battery Pl., 8/3,  8:30 pm

Police say that Robert Monfiston, 40, of Brooklyn, punched a 64-year-old delivery man to the ground as he was locking his bike near 1 Battery Pl. Monfiston then allegedly took the bike to 59 Nassau, where he tried to sell it to a second man for $1,000. Recognizing that the bike belonged to a co-worker, police say the second man told Monfiston that the bike did not belong to him. The robber allegedly punched the man and fled, but was later arrested with bolt cutters and a screwdriver in his backpack. Monfiston was charged with second degree burglary, possession of burglar’s tools and attempted assault in the third degree. He was being held on $20,000 bail or $25,000 bond

270 Greenwich (Whole Foods), 8/3, 8 pm

A woman placed her bag in her cart while she shopped. When she turned away from the cart to reach for some food items, a thief removed the bag. Inside was her wallet, valued at $109, which contained $125, seven credit and debit cards and a NJ PATH card worth $94.

1 New York Plaza (Retro Fitness), 8/3, 4:10 pm

A 31-year old Village resident took his belongings out of his locker and left them unattended while he went to the restroom. When he returned, he discovered that his Cartier watch valued at approximately $3,000 and his credit card were gone.

115 South (Pasanella Wine Store), 8/2, noon

A man came into the store, removed a MacBook valued at $1,199 that was on a desk, and walked out.

55 Broad (Starbucks), 8/1, 9 pm

A 25-year-old man who had drunk too much passed out as he sat at a table. While he was asleep, a thief stole two cell phones and his computer, with a total value of $2,700.

Warren & Greenwich, 8/1, 1 pm

A man parked a commercial van and closed all the doors. When he returned two hours later, he discovered that all the doors were open and numerous items missing. The stolen equipment included a laser alignment tool worth $25,000, a portable balancer valued at $15,000, other tools valued at $2,000, plus a $1,000 laptop computer.

West Broadway & Chambers, 7/31, 9 pm

As a woman was entering the train station she was bumped several times by different people. While waiting for the train, she reached into her front pants pocket and realized that her cell phone had been stolen. In addition to her $600 iPhone, she lost $50 in Norwegian currency $50 and a credit card that she cancelled.

39 Lispenard (Michael K shoe store), 7/29 and 7/30

Michael K was the target of an early-morning burglary on July 29 and, the next morning, an attempted break-in by a group of teens. Four boys and two girls, 14 to 16 years old, were arrested following the second burglary attempt, according to police.


During the first break-in, at 7:15 a.m., on Friday, July 29, six teens were caught on surveillance video during the theft of $25,000 worth shoes and other clothing and $5,000 in cash, according to police, who said a witness saw the teens break down the door, enter the store, then flee towards Broadway with a suitcase.


At 2:45 a.m. the next morning, police responded to a call to the store, where they saw a group of six teens, who left the scene but were arrested a block away, the police said.


The front door handle to the store was damaged and the door to the basement had been propped up. Two hammers, a screwdriver, and a wood stick were stuck into the basement door, according to police.

The two oldest teens, both 16 year-old boys, were charged with third degree burglary and possession of burglar’s tools.


According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, one of the 16-year-olds admitted to being outside the store with his friends on July 29 and said he was “just looking around” while they broke in. He also admitted that he knew his friends stole merchandise and that they tried to sell it later that day, according to the DA’s office, which added in its complaint that the boy also admitted to being outside the store on July 30 while his friends tried to break into the store again.


The second 16-year-old admitted that a friend of his told him about what they did the day before and that on July 30 he went to get sneakers, the DA’s office said.


Thomas & Hudson, 7/29, 11:05 pm

A man was approached by a stranger who asked him for money. When the man refused, the stranger punched him in the nose. Police said he refused medical attention.

78 Reade (Church Publick), 7/28, 7:35 pm

A woman left her bag on her chair while she went to talk to friends at the bar. When she returned, the bag was gone. The $250 tote contained a $150 Tory Burch wallet, an iPhone valued at $700, $200 sunglasses, a $180 Metrocard, and the victim's house key and driver's license.

Opposite 101 Warren, 7/28, 2:30 am

A man parked his motorcycle at 2:30 am. When he returned, four hours later, he discovered that it had been stolen. The 2009 Suzuki bike was valued at $5,500.

3 Spruce, bet. 7 am on 7/14 and 5 pm on 7/15

A woman locked her bike to a scaffolding bar. When she returned the next day she discovered that a thief had removed the bar and taken her Felt bike, worth $1,300, and the lock, valued at $150.

259 Vesey (El Vez restaurant), 7/14, 12:30 pm

A woman, 37, put her $250 Miu Miu handbag on the back of her chair. Her lunch companion, 54, who was seated opposite her, observed a man put his jacket over the bag and lift it up along with the bag. The two women confronted the alleged thief as he was attempting to leave the restaurant and they retrieved the bag. The 64-year-old man, who walked with a limp, was arrested and charged with grand larceny. He was being held on $20,000 bail or bond.

Chambers & West, 7/13, 5:11 pm

A man tried to rent a bike from a Citi Bike station but was unable to disengage it from the station. He later received an email from Citi Bike saying that the bike, which had been successfully removed from the station by an unknown person, had been rented by him.

4 South St., 7/13, 2:50 pm

A Meco bike valued at $1,250 was stolen from a bike rack outside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

40 Exchange Pl., bet. 4:10 pm on 7/10 and 8 am on 7/11

A thief who gained entrance to an office through an open window facing a fire escape took two laptops, a decorative Japanese sword and five paychecks. The total value of the items was $1,600.

Bowling Green subway platform, 7/10, 5 pm

Two teen-age boys snatched an iPhone 6 Plus worth $1,100 from a 56-year-old woman's hand and fled.

Nassau & Liberty, 7/9, 2:50 pm

A man walking to work was attacked by a stranger who kicked him and struck him several times in the face and torso before stealing the victim's calculator and glasses. The alleged assailant, a 35-year-old homeless man, was arrested at Cedar and William. The stolen items were found on him.

Water & Fulton, 7/7, 8 pm

A 61-year-old woman was sitting on a bench with her bag on the ground next to her. When she was about to leave, she discovered that the bag was gone. Inside were three credit cards, $150 and numerous IDs. The bag and wallet were valued at $860.

In front of 33 Thomas, 7/5, 9 pm

A Tribeca man parked his $60,000 2015 Audi S5. When he returned at 6:30 the next morning, the car was gone. A set of spare keys were in the glove compartment.

319 Broadway (Pret A Manger), 6/24, 10 pm

A burglar broke the restaurant's glass side door on Thomas Street and removed the drawer from the cash register. The drawer, which was empty, was found on the sidewalk on Thomas Street  and was swabbed for DNA.

Rear of 225 Liberty, Battery Park City, 6/24, 8:50 pm

A man rented a Citi Bike for his son. A stranger then asked the boy if he could borrow it. The boy agreed and the man then rode east on Vesey and did not return.

Broadway & Thomas (McDonald's), 6/21, 3 pm

A 63-year-old woman left her bag at the restaurant. By the time she returned to retrieve the pocketbook, about an hour later, a thief had stolen it. She lost her passport, nursing license, checkbook, diary and social security card. When she went to the bank to close the account on a missing debit card, she was told that it had been used to buy $117.50 in MetroCards.

199 Chambers (BMCC), 6/20, 11:30 am

A student's purse was stolen while she was attending class. The thief made numerous purchases with the woman's credit cards.

Cortlandt & Broadway, 6/20, 11 am

A man left his briefcase containing $2,050 behind the passenger seat of a car for a short time while he took care of a customer's order. When he returned it was gone as was another man who was in the car with him. The victim showed police the man's Facebook page on which he has posted remarks such as "LOL, Nicca mad I booked him...get mines by any means."

River Terrace & Warren (Rockefeller Park), 6/18, 8:15 pm

A 26-year-old woman was sitting on the grass with her purse next to her when a thief snatched it and fled. Her debit card was used to withdraw $20 from an ATM machine at McDonald's at 167 Chambers St. and to rent a Citi Bike in Brooklyn. In addition to her credit and debit cards, the victim lost her Wisconsin driver's license and keys.

In front of 225 Rector Pl., 6/17, bet. 7:10 am and 5:30 pm

A man's BMW blue motorcycle valued at $20,000 was stolen.

In front of 450 North End, bet. 6/15 at 10 pm and 6/16 at 6 pm

A BMW motorcycle along with a helmet, gloves and two tires were stolen. Their total value was $23,265.

130 Franklin (Gotan cafe), 6/14, 5 pm

A woman left her bag unattended under her table while she went to the bathroom. When she returned, she discovered that her wallet, which contained credit cards and a Virginia driver's license, had been stolen.

Beaver Street, 6/13, 8 pm

A 26-year-old man was walking and texting on an iPhone worth $850 when someone grabbed it from his hand and fled.

44 Wall (Duane Reade), 6/12, 8:20 am

A man entered the store and removed 44 packs of gum, eight bottles of body wash and deodorant and a pair of sandals from a display case and placed them in a bag. When an employee attempted to stop the man from leaving the store, the shoplifter said to her, "Back up or I'll shoot you." Soon afterwards, a police officer saw a man fitting the shoplifter's description at 160 Broadway. He was identified by an employee as the alleged thief and was arrested.

Warren & River Terrace, 6/12, 7:30 pm

While a man was playing inside the park, thieves took his iPhone, $300 and three credit cards from inside a tennis racket case that he had left unattended.

In front of 185 Varick, 6/12, 12:20 am

A man parked his Yamaha motorcycle while he went to work. When he returned, the $7,500 bike was gone. Video surveillance showed two men loading the vehicle into a white van and driving away.

285 West Broadway (Haus nightclub), 6/11, 3 am

A woman left her bag under the booth where she was sitting while she and her four friends went to the bathroom. When she returned, the bag was gone. Inside was a Michael Kors purse, valued at $168, containing an Alabama driver's license, apartment keys, $12 and other items. Purchases were made on her credit card before she was able to cancel it.

459 Broadway, 6/10, 2:25 am

A 40-year-old man was observed stealing two cases of 24 bottles of Corona from the back of a Manhattan Beer Distributors truck and was arrested. An accomplice of the alleged thief fled.

1 Battery Pl. (playground), 6/4, 6:45 pm (reported 6/5)

A 28-year-old woman left her bag unattended. When she returned to retrieve it, she discovered that it had been taken. The bag contained a $400 Bose Bluetooth speaker, Apple Mini iPad worth $500, a $130 Crew purse, New York driver's license and other items. Unauthorized charges of $117 were made on her credit card.

Vesey & West, 6/5, 4:40 pm

Police say a man punched a 60-year-old livery cab driver from Hicksville several times, knocking him to the ground and damaging his $400 tablet. The assailant then got into the victim's 2012 Lincoln MKT worth $20,000, and drove away. Around 6 p.m. the car was involved in a two-car collision at LaGuardia Place and West 3rd Street and the man attempted to flee the scene. Police say that Brandon Lewis, 25, was caught shortly afterwards and gave the arresting officer three false names—Chris Davidson, Jany Sacchetti and Robotic Hand—and false dates of birth that would have variously made his age 31, 40 and 51. Lewis was charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree, third-degree assault, false personation, leaving the scene of an accident and unlicensed driving. Bail was set at $5,000.

Tara Collins, the Legal Aid lawyer assigned to Lewis, said that “at this point” Lewis will plead not guilty.

6th & West Broadway (subway), 6/2, 3:30 am

A police officer observed a man remove a cell phone from the pants pocket of a man who was asleep on the E train platform. The alleged thief dropped the phone as the officer approached and then resisted arrest by flailing his arms and grabbing a railing so he could not be handcuffed.

217 Broadway (Staples), 5/31, 9:50 am

A man put his wallet down on a store counter and turned away. When he turned back, the wallet was gone. The victim lost $20, a debit card, and ID cards.

Outside 32 Cliff (Iron Horse bar), 5/29, 3:40 am

A man was outside the bar holding his $800 iPhone when an unknown man approached him, struck him in the face, then grabbed the phone and walked away.

Liberty & William, 5/28, 8 pm

A thief broke the back passenger window of a car and stole an Apple MacBook, a Sony Alpha camera, chargers and three memory cards, together worth $1,444.

Washington & Rector, 5/28, 5:30 am

A 16-year-old boy was waiting for his parents to pick him up when two males approached him and one said, "What's good with your phone?" The other man than pushed the boy to the ground and put his hands around his throat while the first assailant took the victim's $900 iPhone from his hand, went through his pockets and attempted to pull a gold chain from his neck. The men then fled. The boy suffered a small laceration to his lip.

30 Vesey, 5/27, 9 am

A woman who worked for a bankruptcy law firm stepped away from her desk where she had left her cell phone, valued at $100, along with a wallet that contained $40 and a credit card. They were gone when she returned. Credit card charges for $58 were made on her card at a nearby cosmetics store.

William & Wall, 5/27, bet. 1 and 3 am

A 2016 Yamaha motorcycle was stolen.

115 Broadway (street), 5/26, 1:15 pm

A man parked his Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle in a bike rack, locking it with a metal U-lock. When he returned, three hours later, the bicycle, worth $1,800, and the lock were gone.

232 Front (street), 4/25, bet. 11 pm and 3 am

A 2007 Suzuki motorcycle valued at $5,000 was stolen.

2nd and Battery Pl. (street), 5/24, bet. 10 pm and 8 am

A Battery Park City resident parked his 2015 BMW motorcycle. When he returned the next morning, the $15,000 cycle was gone.

Outside 18 Jay, 5/22, 10:10 am

A photographer was taking pictures of a client and put his camera bag containing $3,900 worth of lenses on a stoop. He continued taking pictures down the block and when he returned to get the bag, the discovered that it had been stolen.

97 Warren (Barnes & Noble), 5/19, 6:30 pm

A woman who had gone to the store for a book signing put her wallet in the “green” room where only employees and speakers have access. When she returned approximately 17 minutes later, it was gone. The victim lost $42 and a wallet valued at $250.

15 South William (The Growler Bar), 5/20, 9:45 pm

While a customer was drinking, a police officer observed someone walk off with his bag, which contained numerous electronics including a computer, hard drive, vapor and headphones. A 45-year-old man was arrested.

In front of 100 Reade, 5/19, 8:45 pm

A man parked his car overnight, leaving the rear passenger window opened. When he returned in the morning, he discovered that he had lost more than $1,000 in valuables, including an iPad, a Jos. A. Bank suit and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

In front of 136 West Broadway, 5/16, 2:30 pm

A man parked and locked the doors of his rented 2015 Toyota. When he returned an hour later, it was gone.

301 South End (The Black Hound Bar), 5/15, midnight

A former employee who had been fired a week earlier entered the bar with keys to the front door. He then allowed 13 or more individuals to come inside and the group consumed an unknown amount of alcohol.

Wall & Willam, 5/12, 11:45 pm

A woman got into the front seat of a cab that had two other passengers. After he told her that he could not take another passenger. After she left the cab, the cabbie discovered that his wallet had been stolen. The thief used his credit card at a 7-Eleven on Church

South Ferry-Whitehall Street station, 5/10, 6:20 pm

Upon entering the station, a woman removed her wallet from her bag to buy a MetroCard and then placed her wallet in her pocket. As she went through the turnstile, she felt someone bump her. When she reached the platform, she realized that the wallet was gone. The woman lost checks amounting to $200 and MetroCards worth $30.

On the Staten Island Ferry, 5/9, 3:30 pm

A pickpocket removed the wallet from a man's back pocket and then used the victim's debit and credit cards. The wallet also contained various documents including a birth certificate, social security card, photo ID and health insurance card.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 5/6, 9 pm

A man locked his bike valued at $1,200 at a bike rack. When he returned an hour later, the bike was gone.

39 Whitehall (NY Health & Racquet Club), 5/5, 2:15 pm

A man put his gym bag in a locker before working out. When he returned, the bag was gone. It was recovered in another locker, where a witness had observed an unknown man loitering. A Bell & Ross watch valued at $4,800 was stolen.

25 Murray, 5/5, 11:40 am

A man parked his delivery truck at the corner of Murray and Church and went to get lunch. Before leaving the van, he put a sweater over nine leather money bags that contained a total of $650 that had been collected from vending machines. When he returned an hour later, he discovered that the side door lock had been popped open and damaged and that the bags were gone.

"A" train platform at Fulton St., 5/2, 6:17 pm

A 46-year-old woman sitting on the steps leading to the platform removed her shoulder bag and placed it next to her. A man approached her and asked for directions to another train. She went to show him, forgetting her bag. When she returned five minutes later, it was gone. She lost $120, ID cards and a debit card.

200 Water (Duane Reade), 5/1, 7:20 pm

Two thieves fled with $1,140 worth of over-the-counter medicine, including a large haul of allergy tablets: 35 packages of Claritin and 27 packages of Allegra.

140 West Broadway (American Apparel), 4/29, 7:10 pm

Three men entered the clothing store and took 26 bodysuits, 12 tops and other items off the racks and ran out. The total value of the stolen merchandise was $1,420. This incident follows a theft at the store about six weeks earlier when six men stole more than $3,600 in merchandise.

39 Whitehall (New York Health & Racquet Club), 4/29, 4 pm

While a 22-year-old man was using the gym, a thief removed the following items from his locker: an Apple laptop valued at $2,000; an iPhone 6S worth $500; and his wallet.

50 Fulton, 4/24, 8:20 pm

A 23-year-old man was standing next to a Citi Bike he had rented when a thief grabbed the bicycle and rode off with it.

455 North End (Arthur's Salon at Brookdale Senior Living), 4/22, 7 pm

The owner opened his cash drawer to give change to a customer and discovered that $2,000 had been stolen.

50 Fulton, 4/24, 8:20 pm

A 23-year-old man was standing next to a Citi Bike he had rented when a thief grabbed the bicycle and rode off with it.

Bowling Green Station, 4/19, 1:20 pm

A 47-year-old woman was boarding the #4 southbound train when two males tried to engage her in conversation. As they did, she observed in the reflection of the train window a third man remove her cell phone from her bag. The woman then asked the man to return her phone who said that one of the other men who had fled had the phone. When the train stopped at Borough Hall, the victim pointed out the two males to a police officer who arrested them.  The woman's phone was found on one of them and a knife on the other. The two arrestees, age 15 and 16, were from Staten Island.

Bowling Green Station, 4/18, 8:15 am

While getting off a crowded #4 train at Bowling Green, a woman was informed by another rider that her bag was open. She then discovered that her wallet was gone. The woman lost $120, numerous credit cards on which some unauthorized charges had been made, and her driver's license.

270 Greenwich (Whole Foods), 4/18, 2:40 pm

A 39-year-old woman placed her wristlet on the top rack of her shopping cart. When she got to the checkout counter, she discovered that it had been stolen. Inside the wristlet was $350, a cell phone valued at $500, credit cards and a driver's license.

350 Albany, 4/16, bet. 5:45 am and 2:15 pm

A resident of the Financial District parked his red, 2015 Yamaha motorcycle valued at $18,000 on the street. When he returned, it was gone. Witnesses told him that they had observed two men load the motorcycle onto a green van without plates.

214 Front, bet. 4/15, 10 pm and 4/16, 8 am

A 34-year-old Financial District resident parked her Honda 2012 motorcycle valued at $8,100 on the street. It was gone the next morning.

66 White, 4/15, 4:30 am

A witness observed a man stealing tools from a building under construction. He chased the thief but he got away.

110 Maiden Lane (Hale and Hearty), 4/15, 3:30 pm

An employee placed her bag containing $2,000 in a locker while she worked. A thief stole the money.

William & Wall, 4/13, 5:15 pm

A 51-year-old man dropped his wallet while working on the driver's side of his truck. A man on a bike was passing by and picked it up and rode off with it. The wallet contained a driver's license and credit card.

352 Greenwich (Duane Reade), 4/12, 10:30 pm

An employee placed his jacket on the pharmacy counter. A video showed a man reaching into the jacket, grabbing keys and then fleeing. Fifteen minutes later, the victim went to his car, a white GMC Suburban, and found that it was missing.

39 Whitehall (NY Health & Racquet Club), 4/12, 8 pm

A 23-year-old man put his belongings in a locker but left it unlocked. When he returned from his workout, his wallet with $100 and laptop, valued at $500, were missing. One of his credit cards was used at a Smashburger restaurant.

Whitehall & South, 4/12, 3 pm

A man who had been sitting in the passenger seat of a truck was assaulted and robbed of two cellphones. The alleged assailants, two Staten Island men, age 33 and 37, were arrested. The attack was recorded on surveillance video.

55 Broad (Starbucks), 4/12, 2:50 pm

A woman forgot her phone iPhone 6s, valued at $900, in the bathroom. By the time she returned a short while later, it was gone. The phone case also contained a MetroCard worth $100.

212 North End (Asphalt Green), 4/12, 11:50 am

A 49-year-old Tribeca woman locked her belongings in the women's locker room and went to work out. When she returned, she discovered that the lock has been removed and that her bag had been stolen. She lost her iPhone 6, keys, driver's license, credit card and other items.

195 Broadway, 4/8, 3 pm

After missing the day's UPS pickup, an employee placed seven pieces of jewelry valued at $50,380 in a storage closet. Someone entered the closet with a key, cut open the UPS box and stole the seven items. The employee told police that seven to eight employees have access to the closet.

Bridge & Broad, 4/7, 12:10 pm

Police say that a driver going up Broad Street, in order to avoid traffic, drove in the wrong lane, blocking an FDNY vehicle that was responding to a call. When an FDNY member asked the driver for his ID, the man refused to comply, cursing the FDNY officer and saying, "You're not a cop." He then attempted to drive away, hitting the man in the knee with his car, according to police. The victim was treated at the scene and the 31-year-old driver, a resident of Old Bridge, NJ, was arrested. He was charged with assault in the second and third degree, reckless endangerment in the second degree and obstructing governmental administration in the second degree.

120 Broadway (The Capital Grille), 4/6, 6 pm

A 56-year-old woman was sitting at the bar when someone knocked her coat off the back of her chair, then picked it up and gave it to her. A short time later, she discovered that her wallet was missing from the coat's pocket. There were approximately 15 bank and store credit and debit cards in the wallet.

251 Vesey (Pick a Bagel), 4/5, 11:45 pm

A man made a purchase with a credit card that did not belong to him. Further investigation showed that he had made six other purchases with a stolen credit card, and had two other stolen credit cards and one debit card on him. He was arrested.

180 Varick, 3/26, bet. 3:30 and 6:10 pm, reported 4/7

While a man was working inside the building, his Cannondale bike, which he had secured to a bike rack, was stolen. The bike was valued at $1,730.

251 Vesey (Pick a Bagel), 4/5, 11:45 pm

A man made a purchase with a credit card that did not belong to him. Further investigation showed that he had made six other purchases with a stolen credit card, and had two other stolen credit cards and one debit card on him. He was arrested.

Broadway & Barclay, 4/5, 11:20 am

A 36-year-old woman was struck in the back of her head and on the leg with a cane. The victim and a witness followed the alleged attacker to the corner of Park Place and Church Street, where they flagged down a police car. The alleged attacker, a 51-year-old man, was arrested and charged with one count each of second and third degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.

105 Hudson (Nobu), 4/4, 5 pm

Two workers got into a fight and one of them punched the victim several times. The man was taken to Bellevue Hospital where doctors who performed surgery on him, found multiple fractures to his jaw. Police are searching for the assailant.

460 Greenwich (Estancia), 4/3, bet. 1:45 and 9 am

A robber entered the restaurant through a back window in the kitchen that is usually closed. A laptop, iPad and iPod valued at a total of $2,300 was stolen, along with $1,586 taken from a cash register that was pried open and an unlocked lock box.

285 West Broadway (Haus), 4/2, 4 am

A man was inside the nightclub/bar when a man punched him, causing a laceration above his right eye. The victim then went outside, he said, to alert security when the assailant hit him from behind. The victim then put the attacker in a headlock and the assailant bit the man's stomach and pulled his bracelet off his wrist. Both men work as promoters at the club and were acquiantances.

Chambers St. Station at Vesey & Chuch, 4/1, 4:30 am

While exiting the station, a 63-year-old man was attacked by someone came up behind him and said, "Give me your money." When the victim told him that he had no money, the assailant cut his face with an unknown object. The victim was treated at his job at 250 Vesey St. and refused further medical treatment.

123 William (Open Kitchen), 3/30, 1:20 pm

A woman placed her bag behind her chair while she was eating and a thief reached inside and stole her Coach wallet, valued at $150, which contained $125 amd numerous credit cards including a Nordstrom gift card worth $396.

120 Broadway (The Capital Grille), 3/24, 7:30 pm (reported 3/28)

A woman sat down in the bar area placed her zipped backpack on the rear of her chair. Soon afterwards, she discovered that the backpack had been unzipped and that her wallet was missing. She later learned that unauthorized charges had been made on her credit cards.

199 Chambers, 3/29, 5:20 pm

A man locked his bicycle, worth $1,205, to a bike rack on the sidewalk. When he returned a little over an hour later, the bike and the locke had been stolen.

154 Church (Dona Bella Pizza), 3/29, 3:10 pm

A woman was standing in line waiting to get ice from an ice machine when someone bumped her. A few moments later, she discovered that her wallet was missing from her jacket pocket. The victim lost a Chanel wallet valued at $1,000, $350, her driver's license and an American Express credit card.

270 Greenwich (Whole Foods), 3/29, 2:30 pm

A woman who was shopping had secured her handbag to the cart. When she reached the register, she discovered that her wallet had been removed from her bag. The victim lost a Kate Spade wallet valued at $100, several credit cards and a driver's license.

Broadway and Chambers, 3/28, 12 noon

A 68-year-old woman left work at 250 Broadway to go eat lunch on Chambers Street between West Broadway and Church Street. En route, a pickpocket managed to filch her cell phone and wallet from her bag.

96 Chambers, 3/26, 1:16 am

A 29-year-old woman was walking west on Chambers Street when three men coming from the east surrounded her. One of them said, "Let me see what you got." She handed him her wallet and he took $110 from it. All three men then fled.

259 Front, 3/25, 11 pm

A 27-year-old Queens woman left two Citibikes with a total value of $2,400 unsecured outside a restaurant while she went to the bathroom. When she returned, both were gone.

West & Chambers, 3/25, 2:45 pm

A tourist from Japan was attempting to return his Citibike at a docking station when two thieves pulled the bike out of the dock and fled with it.

102 North End, 3/24, 12:45 pm

An Uber driver double parked his car outside the Conrad Hotel while he went inside to use the restroom. He did not recall whether he locked the doors. When he returned, his wallet containing credit cards and his driver's license had been stolen along with an iPhone given to him by Uber.

Water & Wall, 3/20, 11 am

A visitor from California was with a tour group and while he was taking pictures a thief removed his Apple iphone 6s, valued at $800, from his backpack.

140 West Broadway (American Apparel), 3/19, 3:15 pm

Six men took $3,673 worth of clothing from several racks and a display table and walked out of the store.

151 Franklin (Patron of the New), 3/18, 12:15

Six men entered the store and removed a load of clothing—including 28 pairs of jeans—from hangers and fled. The stolen items were valued at $14,570.

80 Broad (Dig Inn), 3/17, 8:45 pm

A woman ordered food, sat down and put her bag on a chair next to her. She then left the restaurant, forgetting the bag. After about five minutes, she returned and the bag was gone. The Prada Slim Bag, valued at $2,785, contained a computer worth $1,798 and other items with a total value of $4,752.

160 Broadway (McDonald's), 3/17, 2:18 pm

A man accidently dropped his wallet and could not find it when he went to look for it. Video surveillance footage from the restaurant shows another man picking up the wallet and removing items from it. The victim lost his driver's license, several credit cards and other miscellaneous items.

76 Fulton (R&R Coffees), 3/16, 12:34 pm

A thief took a woman's purse that she had hung on the back of her chair.

195 Broadway (Starbucks), 3/14, 2:15 pm

A 64-year-old visitor from Los Angeles hung her bag, loaded with valuables, behind her chair. While she was drinking coffee, a thief took the bag, which contained two pairs of designer glasses worth $1,600, two Louis Vuitton purses valued at $1,500, a $900 Louis Vuitton wallet and an $800 Apple iPhone6 as well as credit cards.

Fulton Street (Southbound A train), 3/14, 4:35 pm

An 18-year-old student on her way home from Pace University was pushed while the train was in the Fulton Street station. Soon afterwards she realized that her wallet had been taken from her bag. The victim lost a MetroCard with $117 on it and numerous credit cards.

95 Pearl (Ulysses Bar), 3/12, approx. 1 am

A woman put her bag near her feet as she sat at a table across from the bar. She then got up to dance and also went to the restroom, leaving her bag behind. When she returned, the bag was gone. The victim was intoxicated and was unable to say how long she left the bag unattended. She lost her passport and credit card.

In front of 325 North End, 3/11, bet 9 am and 9 pm

A man parked his 2008 motorcycle on the street and went to work. When he returned, it was gone.

Barclay & Broadway, 3/11, 1:55 pm

A man was inside his truck unloading it for a delivery when a man reached inside the vehicle and took a crate that contained bags of money worth $10,050 and a Motorola handheld device valued at $1,200.

J train bet. Bowery and Broad, 3/10, 10:15 pm

A 22-year-old woman put her wallet in her jacket pocket after going through the turnstile at the Bowery Street station. She was bumped several times on the crowded train, and when she exited at the Broad Street stop, she realized that her pocket had been picked. She lost $80, keys, her driver's license, a 30-day unlimited MetroCard and several credit cards that she cancelled.

26 South William (Luke's Lobster restaurant), bet. 3/9, 9:40 pm and 3/10, 10:50 am

A burglar stole $8,000 from a safe and two cash register drawer safes. The restaurant has two rolldown gates and a back door with a deadbolt lock. There was no sign of forced entry.

80 Varick (magazine store), 3/9, 12:25 pm

A man entered the store and went up to the cashier. He then took out a gun and held it to the worker's head, saying, "Give it up, mother fucker." The victim gave him $300 and the robber fled.

46 White, 3/8, bet. 7:15 and 9:30 pm

Two cargo bikes that were secured on the sidewalk were stolen. The bikes were valued by their owner at $800 each.

179B Church (Rainbow East Nail Salon), 3/8 5 pm

A woman left her bag behind her chair. When she went to get her wallet, she discovered that it was gone. Upon calling the bank to cancel her credit card, she was informed that $400 had been charged at a Foot Locker store. Surveillance video showed an unknown woman putting her hand in the bag.

299 Broadway, 3/8, 1 pm

A woman put her bag on the back of her stroller as she shopped in Shopless. A thief grabbed a wallet from the bag and fled. The thief made one purchase on her American Express credit card.

Fulton Street Subway Station, 3/3, 8:30 am

A woman traveling from Brooklyn was bumped and jostled several times in the crowded train and upon arriving at the Fulton station, she saw that her handbag strap was hanging down and that her wallet was gone. She lost her U.S. passport, her keys and numerous credit cards.

West Broadway & Chambers subway station, 2/14, 11:30 am (reported 3/7)

A 19-year-old woman swiped her student MetroCard at the turnstile when a man came up behind her, grabbed it and ran out of the station.

182 Broadway (Urban Outfitters), 3/2, 6:50 pm

A shoplifter placed a variety of items including men's underwear, tee shirts and sweatshirts in a plastic bag. He was observed by a worker who retrieved the clothing, valued at $1,057. The thief fled north on Broadway.

Opposite 15 Cliff (parking lot), 3/1, 12 pm

A man who was making deliveries forgot his backpack on the ground near the back of his truck. When he returned, he discovered that a thief had opened the bag and taken a UPS scanner (valued at $2,000), along with his U.S. passport, a bankcard and a Sean John jacket worth $100.

95 Pearl, 2/28, 2 am

A man being escorted out of Ulysses bar picked up a bottle and threw it at the bouncer, hitting him in the arm. The assailant then fled.

Lispenard & Church, 2/26, 4:55 pm

A man told police that he locked the doors of his van before going to make a delivery. When he returned, three boxes containing computers valued at $7,500 were missing.  There was no sign of forced entry.

Staten Island Ferry exit, 2/25, 6 pm

A pickpocket took the wallet from the jacket of a woman somewhere between the time she made her way through a crowd outside the Staten Island ferry and her arrival at the South Ferry #1 train. She lost $70, an insurance card, credit and bank cards and her student Trinidad and Tobago student ID card.

18 Beaver (Yip's), 2/24, 12 pm

A 44-year-old woman went to the cash register to pay for her food. She reached into her jacket pocket and removed a black sock containing $3,800. She placed the sock on the counter and reached into her pocket again to get money for her food. About 20 minutes later, en route to the subway, she realized that she had left the sock in the restaurant. When she returned, the money was gone. A security camera showed a female customer picking up the sock from the floor and, seeing the money, gave it to the cashier. A few minutes later, a man approached the cashier who gave the sock to him. The victim said the money was her income tax return.

145 West Broadway (The Odeon), 2/22, 11:20 am

A woman who was eating at the restaurant hung her bag on the back of her chair. When she went to get her wallet, she discovered that it was gone. A $4,000 charge was made to her American Express card and $5,000 to her Santander debit card.

85 Nassau, 2/18, 3 pm

A man parked his van, removed items from the back to be delivered and then locked the rear door. When he returned, 15 minutes later, he discovered that the rear door had been damaged and that three boxes of clothing as well as personal items had been stolen.

A train, at Broadway/Nassau, 2/16, 6:30 pm

A thief snatched a cell phone from a woman's hand who was using it to take pictures. The man fled up the stairs to the mezzanine where he was arrested and the phone was recovered.

38 Park Row, (Starbucks), 2/15, 12:55 pm

A 70-year-old British tourist was waiting in line when a thief snatched her wallet from her bag. The woman lost $600, 250 Euros ($275) and a Visa card.

285 West Broadway (Haus NYC nightclub), 2/14, 2 am

A 31-year-old tourist from Los Angeles left her bag unattended on her seat. When she returned, it was gone. Inside the bag was a Burberry wallet valued at $400 and five credit and debit cards.

10 Liberty (parking lot), 2/13, 7 am

A unknown male used an Enterprise key card and took a 2016 Infiniti sedan that he did not return. The GPS was disengaged.

#4 train, at Fulton Street, 2/12, 3 pm

As the train pulled into station and the doors opened, a woman snatched a gold Apple iPhone 6 Plus valued at $900 from a man's hand and fled with a female accomplice, exiting the station at Broadway and Fulton. The victim ran after the thieves, both teenagers, but lost sight of them.

200 Broadway (Irving Farm Coffee Roasters), 2/12, 2 pm

An employee was putting her property in a storage closet when she realized that she had left her purse in the store. It was gone when she went to retrieve it. The 25-year-old woman lost $50, a Metrocard worth $117, a Guess wallet and purse valued at $100, her driver's license and credit and debit cards.

10 Hanover Square (inside gym), 2/12, 8:15 pm

A 32-year-old man was working out at the gym. When he returned to his locker, he discovered that a thief had stolen his Apple laptop valued at $1,700, Bose headphones worth $300 and a piece of Tiffany jewelry valued at $300. It is unknown whether or not the locker was locked.

217 Broadway (New York Sports Club), 2/12, 5:50 pm

A woman placed her bag in a locker but did not lock it. When she returned from working out, she found that her wallet containing $190, credit and debit cards and other items had been taken.

26 Beaver, 2/12, 2:20 pm

A man was standing in front of the above location when two men attacked him. One punched him in the face several times and the other forcibly took three $100 bills and 15 $20 bills  from his front pocket.

111 Front (Jeremy's Ale), 2/9, 9 pm

While she was at the bar with her friends, a woman placed her bag behind her chair. When she went to retrieve her wallet, she discovered that it was missing. Inside the Coach wallet, valued at $200, were five credit cards, a driver's license and $70.

183 Broadway (Sunglass Hut), 2/8, 5:26 pm

A man stole five pairs of Tiffany sunglasses worth a total value of $1,750.

200 Broadway (Fulton Transit Center), 2/6, 5 am

A man was on Facebook on his Samsung Galaxy S smartphone when a thief grabbed it out of his hand and ran into the subway station.

Corner South and Maiden Lane, 2/5, 5 pm

A taxi driver left his wallet in his unlocked cab while he went to a restroom.When he returned, he discovered that the wallet was gone. The cabbie lost his social security card, driver's license, five bank cards and two store credit cards.  One of the cards was subsequently used to pay for groceries and a taxi ride.

A train approaching Fulton St, 2/1, 12:30 am

A 19-year-old Bronx man was on his way home from work when a thief took his wallet from his pocket. When the victim stepped towards him and said, "What are you doing?" the man placed a gravity knife to the right side of his neck. A second assailant then grabbed the man's neck and punched him in the head causing the victim to lose consciousness, which he did not regain until the train reached the northern Bronx. The man lost his wallet, which contained $160, a Green Card, Social Security card, drivers license, a debit card and other items.

54 Murray (Equinox Gym), 1/29, 4:45 pm

A man returned to the locker room and discovered that his locker had been broken into. The alleged perpetrator, who was identified as a result of being scanned into the gym, later attempted to use the victim's credit card to go to New York Dolls at 59 Murray St. The stolen items included a wallet with credit and debit cards and a driver's license, a pair of Varvatos Jeans valued at $200 and a Diesel belt worth $150.

Vesey & Church, 1/27, 10:30 pm

A woman got off the E train at Church and Dey and was heading towards the PATH as she spoke on the phone. A thief came up behind her and grabbed the Samsung S4, valued at $300, and fled into a nearby train station.

7 World Trade Center (Moody's), 28th fl., 1/27, 3 pm

A 48-year-old Moody’s employee received a call at work from a man in Mexico who said that he had the man's son and stated, "Unless you follow my instructions, I will kill your son." The victim complied with the extortionist's demands. He withdrew $2,000 from an ATM and transferred the money via Western Union to Mexico City.

54 Murray (inside Equinox gym), 1/20, 3:15 pm

A man locked his locker before going to take a shower. When he returned, the lock was broken and his $100 Thule bag was gone. Inside was a Mont Blanc wallet valued at $500, three credit cards, Nike and Adidas clothes worth $150 and miscellaneous items.

Chambers & Centre, SW corner, 1/17, 12:05 am

A visitor from Easton, NY, was walking from his car when two men on bikes rode up to him and snatched his cellphone from his hand.

217 Broadway (AT&T store), 1/16, 4:18 pm

Two men ripped two iPhone 6s and one Samsung S6 from a display and fled. The total value of the phones was $2,114.

181 Broadway (inside Aldo shoe store), 1/15, 12:45 pm

A woman left her bag unattended while she tried on shoes. When she returned to her bag, it was unzipped and her wallet containing her Green Card, six credit cards and a driver's license was gone.

125 Chambers (Starbucks), 1/14, 6:10 pm

A 28-year-old woman was looking for her cell phone and temporarily left her bag unattended. During that time a thief took her wallet, which contained her school ID, $50 in Indonesian currency, a MetroCard and a credit card.

233 Broadway (Starbucks), 1/12, 2 pm

A woman put her bag on a stool next to her. When she was about to leave, she discovered that her wallet was missing. Five charges totaling nearly $600 were made on her credit cards. Her wallet from Papyrus plus store credits to Shi Shi Clothing and a MetroCard were valued at $238.

103 Church, 1/12, 10:55 pm

A man entered a convenience store and displayed a knife to a 53-year-old worker, demanding her gold ring. She refused. The robber then said, "Give me the money," and another worker handed him $750 from the register. The thief fled toward Chambers Street.

38 Park Row (outside of Starbucks), 1/7, bet. 4:30 and 5 pm

A French tourist who was sitting outside of Starbucks put her bag next to her as she drank coffee and talked on the phone. After a while, she looked down and discovered that the bag had been stolen. She lost $80, a Lumix camera valued at $300, a fisheye camera worth $80, a driver's license, one credit card and a French ID card.

86 Warren, 1/6, 6 pm

A 46-year-old employee of a parking lot is wanted for removing $1,999 from the cash register.

183 Broadway (Sunglass Hut), 1/3, 12:40 pm

A man and a woman stole eight pairs of Bulgari sunglasses and one pair of  Tiffany & Co. sunglasses with a total value of $3,140 from a display case in the lobby near the door of the store. The burglars fled west on Dey Street.

World Trade Center E Train Station (at Chambers St), 1/2, 2:30-5:39 am

Transit police observed a man for three hours as he cased sleeping passengers on the platform and as he walked in and out of train cars. According to police, man then sat down next to a sleeping passenger and cut the right front pants pocket of the victim and removed his wallet. The thief fled, followed by police who apprehended the alleged pickpocket, Keith Anderson, 56, of Queens, in a Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Murray and Church Streets. The wallet, which contained $682, was recovered. Police said that the alleged pickpocket is a member of the "Nifty 50," a term coined by police for a group of habitual pickpockets whose mug shots are on flash cards studied by plain clothes transit officers.

2 Gold, 1/1, 12:20 am

A 30-year-old man was drinking in bars on the Lower East side where he met two men who he invited back to his apartment. They were there a short time when the man went to sleep. After waking up, he discovered that both men were gone and that his iPhone, valued at about $500, had been stolen along with his wallet containing $100, credit cards and a driver’s license. The thieves had disabled the tracking app.

343 Canal, 3rd fl., 12/30, bet. 7 pm and 8:45 am

The owner of a clothing showroom arrived in the morning to discover that a rear window that had been closed the night before was open and that two bull horns valued at $200 and six checkbooks were missing.

129 Front (on street), 12/26, 2:30 pm

A 27-year-old visitor from Tennessee parked her Dodge Durango Jeep and when she returned a half hour later, she discovered that the trunk had been opened. She lost $2,850 worth of clothing and jewelry, an iPad and assorted souvenirs. There was no sign of forced entry.

100 Broadway (Duane Reade), 12/25, 10:17 pm

A woman put 133 bottles of nail polish valued at $1,128 into a Duane Reade shopping bag and left the store without paying.

225 Liberty (Brookfield Place), bet, 12/22, 4 pm, and 12/23, 7:45 am

Before leaving for the day, workers chained a core drill they were using at a Saks Fifth Avenue that is under construction. in an office building. A thief broke the chain and stole the drill, valued at $3,000.

93 South (Blazing Saddles), 12/8, 3:30 pm

Two men rented two bikes valued at  $1,570, putting and inactive credit card on file. They did not return the bikes.

Dover & Pearl, 12/16, 9:45 pm

A thief snatched an iPhone out from the hand of a woman who was walking on the street.

120 Broadway (Capital Grill), 12/15, bet. 7 pm

A 25-year-old woman who was working alongside 10 or 15 other people at the registration table of a large private party put her bag on the floor under the table. When she looked for it at 7 p.m., she realized that it had been stolen. At 11:30 p.m., the victim received a text from Chase that a charge of $91 had been made to her debit card. A total of $192 in charges were made to two of her other debit cards. The woman also lost her Longchamp bag valued at $150 and a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop of unreported value.

388 Greenwich (Citi Building), 12/15, 3 pm

A worker on the 36th floor went home, leaving his backpack containing tools worth $1,330. When he returned the next morning, it was gone.

West Broadway & Franklin, 12/15, 9:45 am

Four hours after docking her Citi Bike, the rider received an email that the bike had not been returned. After calling Citi Bike, she learned that there was an error when the bike was docked and it did not lock properly.

Greenwich and North Moore (outside Citi Building), 12/13, 5 pm

A woman returned a Citi Bike to docking station, forgetting her bag on the handlebars. When she returned, three to four minutes later, the bag was gone. In addition to $100, the woman lost a Hobo wallet, three credit cards, an unlimited MetroCard and two gift cards.

225 Liberty (Rite Aid), 12/13, 1:47 pm

A man and woman, between the ages of 25 and 30, entered the store and approached the display of gums near the register. The woman then placed 109 packs of Orbit, Trident and Dentyne gum valued at $395 in the man's backpack. An employee witnessed the theft and confronted the man as he left the store. The thief displayed a box cutter and said to the employee, "Do you want to get stabbed?" As the male fled, the woman followed behind him, saying to the worker, “What is this all about?”

Church & Fulton (stairway of A train), 12/11, 2:10 am

A 20-year-old man was walking up the staircase when a mugger pushed him against the railing and took his iPhone 5 and headphone as well as his watch and ring. The thief then said, "Look away. Gimme your wallet." The victim gave him his wallet, which contained $20. The man's class ring was worth $300 and the phone was valued at $200.

170 John (Trading Post), 12/10, 6:45 pm

A man was attending a private holiday party for a Wall Street company and left his bag containing a MacBook and two Kindles in a coat check area. At approximately 8 p.m., a man who was also attending the party and had been seen sitting at one of the tables was caught on video removing the bag. The victim lost $4,800 worth of equipment along with a USB drive containing his wedding photos.

29 John, 12/09, 7:50 pm (My Convenience)

A man displayed a knife to the cashier of the store and demanded that he give him all the money in the register. The worker handed over $600 and the thief fled west on John Street.

370 Canal (Planet Fitness), 12/9, 8:15 am

A 32-year-old New Jersey man placed his belongings in an unlocked locker before working out. When he returned 45 minutes later, his jacket was gone and his wallet, which contained his Social Security card, work ID and debit and credit cards, had been removed from his jeans pocket.

212 North End (Asphalt Green), 12/7, bet. 5 and 6:20 pm

A woman left her belongings in an unlocked locker. A thief took her wallet containing credit cards, a monthly MetroCard valued at $116 and a Dominican driver's license.

Subway station, Fulton and Church, 12/5, 3:30 am

A transit police officer observed a man reach into the pocket of a sleeping passenger and remove a cell phone. The thief then walked down the platform where he was arrested. The victim's phone was found in the man's pocket along with three other cell phones and multiple IDs and credit cards.

250 Rector Pl. (parking lot), 12/4, 2 am

A thief removed a 2015 Mercedes Benz from the garage with a Zipcard obtained with a stolen credit card. The car was last traced to North Amityville in Suffolk County.

90 Washington  (Clinton Hall Bar), 12/2, 1:45 pm

A 35-year-old visitor from Ireland was drinking at the bar when a thief removed his jacket from his bar stool. The jacket, valued at $1,200, contained a $300 wallet with several Irish credit cards and a 100 Euro bill.

111 Fulton (Au Bon Pain), 12/2, bet. 11 pm and 5:45 am

An employee came into work at midnight and discovered that the front door, which had been locked at 11 p.m., was open. The manager arrived at 5:45 a.m. and found $4,500 missing from the safe. The restaurant's front door showed no sign of forced entry and the safe door was not damaged.

52 Walker (M15 bar), 11/29, 2:30 am

A 29-year-old man got into an argument with three other men, one of whom hit him in the head with a bottle. While under arrest, the alleged assailant told police that the victim "came at me" and that he was "protecting his cousin."

Water and John, 11/28, 6:58 pm 

Seven Brooklyn youths were arrested after allegedly attacking a female near her Seaport home and attempting to take the victim’s phone and bag.

According to police, six teens, including five females and one male, ages 13 to 18, along with a 12-year-old boy, “acted in concert” by punching the victim in the head and shoving her to the ground before trying to snatch her phone and bag. Officials say the victim suffered a scrape to her face, red marks on her neck, and pain to her right arm. No age was reported for the victim.

Naomi Brown, 18, is charged with two counts of 2nd degree attempted robbery and is the only defendant who is being charged in criminal court. Fredric Bennett, the Legal Aid Society lawyer representing Brown in arraignment, declined to comment.

Varick & Vandam, 11/28, a little after midnight

A man was walking in the crosswalk when a woman grabbed his cellphone from his hand. The woman fled and the victim chased her, catching up to her beneath the scaffolding at 185 Varick, where she handed the phone to a man who ran away with it. At the same time, another man pushed the victim to the ground. Before fleeing with the assailant, the woman said to the victim, "If you follow, I will come back with a gun."

225 Liberty (Equinox), 11/27, 12:45 pm

A man returned from working out to discover that his locker, which he had locked, was ajar with no damage to either the locker or lock. Soon afterwards, he received an email that a charge of $10,225 and been made on his credit card at an Apple store on 14th Street.

127 Pearl (Killarney Rose bar), 11/19, 10 pm

A bag left unattended by its owner, a 24-year-old woman, was stolen. Charges were made on her credit card at two nearby Duane Reades and McDonald's.

183 Broadway (Sunglass Hut), 11/19, 11 am

A woman pretending to be a shopper came into the store with a man and asked the salesperson to show her some sunglasses at the rear of the store. While she distracted the worker, another man entered into the store and took three pairs of sunglasses valued at $1,365.

Broadway & John (subway station), 11/17, 6 pm

A pickpocket was observed by a police officer as she twice attempted to place her hand inside the bag of a woman who was waiting for the train. She was arrested.

222 Broadway (Zara), 11/16, 12 pm

A shoplifter stole approximately $1,000 worth of clothing.

77 Pearl (Burger Burger), 11/14, 12 pm

A man entered the restaurant through a side window and stole $92 before fleeing through the back door.

225 Broadway (Bistro Oliva) , 11/10, 2:52 pm

A thief took a bag that the owner, a 44-year-old woman, had left unattended on a chair. She lost $400, $150 pair of sunglasses and two bags, each valued at $30.

47 Stone, 11/8, 3:20 pm (Bavaria Bierhaus)

A man ordered a steak dinner but was then told to pay for it and leave because he was being disorderly. Upon leaving, one of the workers, a 22-year-old woman, followed him outside where the man punched her in the mouth before fleeing.

52 Stone, 11/4, 7:25 pm (In front of Stone Street Tavern)

A visitor from Massachusetts hung his blazer on the back of his chair and then sat down to have dinner. When he was finished, he discovered that his wallet had been removed from the inside of his jacket. The man lost $800, credit cards, a money clip valued at $250.

West & Liberty (NW corner), 11/4, 6:10 pm

Four men approached a food vendor and demanded money from him. One of them said, "If you do not move from here, I will kill you," then struck him with a knife and took an unknown amount of money.

17 Battery Place, 11/4, 12 pm

A man got into an argument over money with a food cart vendor. As the fight escalated, the man picked up a bottle of hot sauce and sprayed it into the victim's face, then punched him in the face and took $200 from the cash drawer. The assailant was arrested.

West Broadway & Canal (SW corner), 11/2, 5:05 pm

A man was holding a $20 bill in his hand when a stranger came up to him and snatched it. A 48-year-old Brooklyn resident was arrested.

129 Fulton (inside CVS drugstore), 11/1, 11 am

A man who was trying to steal a case of Red Bull was stopped by an employee. The thief allegedly pulled out a metal object, verbally threatened to stab the worker, then swung the object in an attempt to slash him. He then dropped the case and fled. After his arrest, the alleged assailant, Patrick Hale, 49, was brought to the First Precinct where, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office, he told a cop, in substance, "I have HIV and if I don't get out of here soon I'm going to spit in your face." Shortly afterwards, the defendant spit in the officer's face, causing saliva to get into his eye and mouth. Among the charges against him are first degree robbery and second degree assault.

101 Maiden Lane, 10/29, 10:15 am

Two thieves stole a demo bike parked in front of SoulCycle. The bike was valued at $3,000.

111 Fulton (inside Chipotle), 10/29, 11:38 am

A 23-year-old woman placed her handbag with her wallet on the floor next to her while she she was eating. A thief stole the wallet, which contained her passport, credit cards and and a NYC ID.

West & Murray (Battery Park City ball fields), 10/29, 6 pm

A 46-year-old Tribeca resident put his electric skateboard down while he watched his son's soccer game. When he went to retrieve it, the skateboard, valued at $1,775, was gone.

195 Broadway (inside Starbucks), 10/28, 11 am

A visitor from Switzerland placed his jacket next to him while he was drinking coffee. When he was about to leave, he discovered that his wallet was missing from his right-front jacket pocket. The wallet contained credit cards and a Swiss ID.

179 Broadway (inside Pret a Manger) 10/25, 1:50 pm

A 70-year-old British tourist got up to leave the restaurant when she realized that her bag had been stolen. Among other items, she lost a $400 Samsung phone, $250 in cash, credit and debit cards and tickets to the World Trade Center Memorial Museum.

250 Broadway 10/23, midnight

A police officer arrested a man with a stolen Citibike valued at $1,200 that had been stolen from Liberty and South End the week before.

130 Fulton (inside Starbucks) 10/22, 7:05 pm

A 33-year-old woman left her handbag on a table when she went to get a cup of coffee at the counter. When she returned minutes later, it was gone. The bag contained a wallet valued at $150, two credit cards and $30.

100 John 10/21, 3 pm

A man was making deliveries when he noticed that one case of Baileys and one case of Ciroc valued at $400 were missing from his unlocked truck.

In front of 1 State 10/17, 3 pm

A 27-year-old woman met with an unknown man and invited him into her car in order to sell him her iPhone. The man then snatched her bag containing $730, six credit cards and the phone she intended to sell him, and fled.

In front of 241 Water bet. 10/16, 11:30 pm and 10/17, 10:30 pm

A man parked his car overnight. When he returned the next morning, he discovered that the side window was smashed. An estimated $3,400 worth of electronics and clothing was stolen, including a $1,600 Moncler jacket, a parka valued at $1,200 and an iPad.

Wall Street #4 train 10/16, 7:50 pm

A woman boarded the rear of the train and was looking at her phone. As the train stopped at Fulton Street, a girl snatched the phone from her hand and fled. The victim ran after her yelling, "Blue sweatshirt stole my phone!" A police officer also gave chase and apprehended the alleged 17-year-old thief.  The phone was not found on her and the victim said that she believed she saw the girl throw down the phone in the passageway.

Murray & West Broadway 10/13, 9:45 p.m.

A BMCC student left class and saw a man with whom he had had an "altercation"  two days earlier pacing on Murray Street. The man said to him, "What's up, dude?" and ran across the street to a bush, where he allegedly removed a gun, walk about four feet, then put it away and took out a switchblade that he pulled on the student, cutting his left wrist. The victim, who saw a group of men by the bush, went into the Corner Deli at 66 West Broadway and asked to call 9/11. One of them went inside, said something in Spanish and everyone left. Then six men entered the deli and attacked the victim, pushing him into a glass counter, breaking the glass and cutting his left arm. The attackers left with the victim's backpack and ran into a 7-Eleven store at 140 Church St. The victim confronted the thief at the 7-Eleven and retrieved his backpack. Among the items that were missing was his wallet containing $400, bank cards and a driver’s license, and a $1,300 Andrew Marc jacket.

140 Washington (Club Quarters Hotel), 9/27 (reported on 10/07)

Two thieves who were guests at the hotel checked out and then returned and claimed to have left bags in a storage area. After deceiving the hotel staff, they took the bags of three guests. They then entered a Starbucks in the Marriott Hotel at 85 West St. and made a purchase with a credit card stolen from one of the bags. The men's actions were recorded on surveillance video. The total value of items in the bags was $7,005 and included a laptop computer, iPad, chargers, a hard drive and gift cards.

10/10, 2:05 pm 325 Canal (Best Canal Jewelry)

After showing a case of rings to a woman, a saleswoman turned around to see that a ring was missing. She asked the woman, who was with a man, to give the ring back but the two instead headed out the door. When the saleswoman tried to stop them, they became confrontational and the accused female thief allegedly punched the saleswoman in the face. Renee Wilkinson, 42 and Kevin Fellmann, 33, were arrested and police say that the ring was found in Wilkinson's pocket. Each were charged with 2nd degree robbery.

10/10, 6:45 pm: 316 Canal (LGS Jewelry)

According to police, Rason Peterson, 23, grabbed the $1,800 necklace out of the hand of a store saleswoman and fled. The worker ran after the alleged thief. When she stopped him, he hit her several times in the face, causing swelling, redness and a bleeding lip. Peterson was arrested and charged with 2nd degree robbery.

10/9, 4:49 pm: 305 Broadway (Duane Reade)

Five men removed 226 pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream valued at $1,286 plus six pints of Delish ice creams worth $24 from a freezer, stuffing them in their backpacks before fleeing.

10/7, 8:15 am: State and Whitehall 

A woman waiting for the bus was distracted by one man while his accomplice took her book bag, which was on the sidewalk beside her. The thief fled on a skateboard when he was stopped by Good Samaritans, who returned the property to the woman. The woman then followed the alleged thieves  to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, where Joseph O'Toole and Joseph Camillo, both 18, were arrested.

10/7, 7:40 pm: North End and Warren

A 15-year-old Battery Park City resident was walking his dogs when two men asked if they could see his phone. When the boy refused, one of the men took out pepper spray and sprayed it in the victim's face, then  fled.

10/6, 8:45 am: Whitehall and South

A woman was seated on the southbound #1 train when she was approached by a man in is 40s who said to her, "I need some money, I can cut you, you know?" After the victim gave the robber $16, he said, "I need more than this" and she gave him a $20 bill. The robber told the woman to move to the next train car. The victim got off the train at Chambers Street and called the police.

10/5, 4 pm: Chambers and Greenwich (Washington Market Park)

A babysitter left her bag on a bench and went to help a child off  the jungle gym less than six feet away. When she returned she saw that her wallet was missing from her bag. The wallet contained bank cards, an actor's union ID card and $15.

10/5, 4 pm: Varick and Franklin (in subway)

A woman got off the 2/3 train at Chamber Street and transferred to the #1 train. A man boarded the same train and demanded money from her. After telling him that she had no money, the man said, "Let me see your wallet." After giving the man her wallet he returned it to her empty and got off at the Franklin Street station.

291 Broadway (Andy James Deli)

10/5, 5 p.m.

A thief entered the deli and went behind the counter where he took a worker's pocketbook, containing $150 and several bank and gift cards.

99 Wall Street (Starbucks)

10/5, 3:45 p.m.

A woman put her bag on the counter and turned her back to it. When she picked it up she noticed it was unzipped and that her wallet, with $800, credit cards and drivers license, was missing.

55 Church (Front of  Millennium Hotel)
10/1, 10 p.m.

A woman from Denmark began to get into a taxi when she realized that she didn't have her pocketbook, which she had placed on the bench where she had been sitting. When she returned to retrieve the bag, which contained two Danish passports, two phones, $180 and other items, it was gone.