PS/IS 276 Winter Carnival

Packed with kids, parents and a swirl of activities, P.S./I.S 276 held its Winter Carnival last month, bigger than ever.

“It’s my first time running it and it’s crazy,” said parent-in-charge Allison Allen. Around her, kids jumped in a bouncing house, tossed bean bags, got their faces painted, and waited patiently in a line almost as long as the gym for their very own balloon animal.

“A great team of us came together to do even better than what we’ve done in the past,” Allen said. “Not because it wasn’t good before but because we wanted to raise the bar and raise more money for the school.”

So along with the carnival in the gym, there was karaoke and King Henry (“reigning king of all things silly”) in the auditorium, an adult “marketplace” and, most notable of all, a potluck of dishes native to some 20 countries, reflecting the international flavor of the school’s parent population.

The funds that are raised go into a PTA pot for music, art and professional development.

“It’s a good way to make money,” said Principal Terri Ruyter, “but more than that, it’s a fun thing for kids and families to come to school and just have a good time.”


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