River to River Festival

NIC KAY: pushit!! will be performed on June 20

LMCC presents the 18th annual River To River Festival, Downtown’s completely free summer arts festival, from June 18-29.

Performances and events celebrate artistic and creative diversity in all its forms throughout spaces in Lower Manhattan. This year's festival encourages the discovery of what arises when we all slow down.

Yoko Ono: Add Color (Refugee Boat) on display from June 18 - 29

A selection of events are: "The Reflection Project" with Yoko Ono features the artist’s iconic text works installed across Lower Manhattan on the screens of Fulton Transit Center, posters on bus shelters and in vacant storefront windows Add Color (Refugee Boat) (1960/2019) is presented by Yoko Ono in the Seaport District. The interactive installation contains a lifeboat in an empty space, inviting the public to paint their thoughts, ideas and hopes on the walls, floor and boat. 

Ernesto Pujol: The Listening School performed June 24 - 26

Jennifer Monson’s choreographed piece developed by the rhythms, tones and spatial inflections of movement generated by flows of people, the traffic, weather and water along the river’s edge. NIC Kay’s pushit!! is a site-responsive durational performance that starts on the street and moves indoors with the audience. In Social Choreographer Ernesto Pujol’s Listening School thirteen artists will perform "The Listeners," a formal listening vessel embodying stillness. Mark Epstein and Carol Becker’s "The Agitated Now" offers a reflection around the idea of slowing down to think and imagine.

For a complete description and schedule of events click here.