State Senator Daniel Squadron will hold his annual Community Convention to "Make the National Fight Local" on Sunday, April 23, from 2-5 p.m. at Stuyvesant High School (345 Chambers St.) with a keynote by Akeem Browder. This year's Convention will focus on how local action can address national concerns. Akeem Browder, brother of the late Kalief Browder, is a criminal justice reform advocate, and was central to the recent successful push to Raise the Age for criminal responsibility.

The Convention will begin with a keynote session, followed by moderated sessions on a variety of topics focusing on local results and national issues. Community members can RSVP on Squadron's website (here) or by calling 212-298-5565. The Convention is multilingual and will include Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish-language translation.

A full listing of break-out sessions, with descriptions for attendees, is below:

  • Government in Crisis: There’s a lot wrong with the way things work in government -- from D.C. to Albany to our neighborhoods. Get involved with the push for reform.

  • Safeguarding Progress: Progress on choice, equality, and America’s long-standing embrace of immigration must not be lost. Help safeguard rights across the state.

  • Defending Affordability & Tenants' Rights: Ensuring tenant protections and housing affordability continue to be the city’s most important challenges -- join to discuss the push.

  • Chinese & Spanish Language Conversations / Conversación En Español: Our country’s commitment to inclusion must continue. Join our Chinese and Spanish language conversations to join the effort.

  • Supporting Section 8 & Public Housing: Changes on a federal level will have a big local impact. Join to help protect section 8 and public housing.

  • Streets, Transportation & Infrastructure: Our city depends on public transit -- with or without federal help. Strategize to help keep our roads, buses, and subways on track.

  • Fairness in Justice: Our state is lagging in criminal justice reforms that would make a fairer, more just state. Get involved in the push.

  • Lifting Up Education: The city and state are critical to protecting and improving public education. What do you think would help?

  • Saving Healthcare: The healthcare system is facing dire threats. Help make sure New York ensures access to quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Senior Citizens & Accessibility: Help ensure seniors and people with disabilities can continue to make a life in our city -- including getting around in it.

  • Neighborhood, Quality of Life & Emergency Preparedness: Engagement begins at our own front doors. Organize to address issues that impact neighborhoods.

  • Protecting the Environment & Parks: Protecting our environment is an urgent challenge -- advocate for our environment and your parks.

  • Advocating for Arts & Culture: New York is stronger because of a deep commitment to the arts. Help advocate for more.