Three Men Arrested After Fight and Stabbing on Jay Street in Tribeca

On the Jay Street side of 335 Greenwich Street, a police officer watches over the scene where a fight on Feb. 16 resulted in stab wounds to two men, prosecutors said. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

Feb. 21, 2019

Three men were arrested following a fight on Jay Street in Tribeca last Saturday night, Feb.16, that prosecutors say resulted in two of the men receiving stab wounds during the struggle.

According to prosecutors, one of the men, Daniel Ferrer, 19, said he went to Jay Street with Michael Adames, 20, to rob his “weed oil” supplier because he had not received his order. Prosecutors say surveillance video from the Jay Street side of a building at 345 Greenwich St., showed the two men, who are cousins, punch and kick a third person, with Ferrer taking a bag and running away. Adames continued to assault the man, the complaint said, before fleeing. The third man “twitched and then was still on the sidewalk for several seconds before leaving the area.”

Following the struggle, one of the cousins was taken to the hospital with stab wounds to his leg, another suffered a cut hand, requiring 40 stitches, the complaint said.

Ferrer and Adames are each charged with two counts of second-degree robbery.  A third man, James Norwood, 19, is charged with two counts of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault. Norwood appears to have been the object of the attack, though he was not explicitly named as such in the complaint. Norwood and Adames were released without bail. Ferrer was released on $2,000 bail.

A resident of 345 Greenwich who viewed the video taken by his building’s camera, and who asked not to be identified, said the video shows four men fighting as they moved from Greenwich Street to near the Jay Street doorway. One of the four walked away while two others attacked a man on the ground. One of the men fighting, he said, “starts acting like he’s stabbed and then goes back to beating the guy on the ground.”

The resident, who at the time was having dinner nearby at Salaam Bombay, 319 Greenwich St., said a waiter told him that a man had been stabbed in the leg and was picked up by an ambulance in front of the restaurant.

Police originally reported that one man was stabbed by a robber wearing a ski mask. That account was revised after a review of the building’s video.