Three Programs at Gibney

Hadar Ahuvia and Shira Eviatar perform Nov. 21-23

November's programs at Gibney. Tickets are $15-$20. Times and more information here

Nov 7-9

Gibney Presents: nia love

g1(host): lostatsea

g1(host) grapples with what it means to live within conditions shaped by the “afterlife” of slavery. As a serial, multi-media performance and mobile site of study, love explores themes of loss, alchemy, geological debris and generational accretions.

Nov 14-16

Gibney Dance Company: Stefanie Batten Bland and Peter Chu


Gibney Dance Company’s Fall 2019 program explores what happens when seemingly opposing ideas are invited to coexist in direct relationship to one another. When diverse ways of thinking and being are brought in close enough proximity, they interact to create a third culture together that didn’t exist before. BOTH/AND features two world premieres: Peter Chu’s Forming Out and Stefanie Batten Bland’s 5 St. Fifperhanway Place Apt. 2A. 

Nov 21-23

Gibney Presents: Hadar Ahuvia and Shira Eviatar


Artists Hadar Ahuvia and Shira Eviatar collaboratively question their shared, inherited trauma of the Israeli nation-state, asking, “How do we move together?” Ahuvia’s Ashkenazi influence meets Eviatar’s Arab/Mizrahi aesthetics to incite dialogue around appropriation, legacy and anti-colonialism.