TOAST, the Tribeca Art Walk, Coming to Studios Near You

Apr. 01, 2013

It’s almost time for TOAST.

The free three-day-long art walk that lures hundreds of daytrippers—from serious collectors to occasional art buyers to the just curious—takes place the first weekend of May. ­

Some 80 Tribeca-based artists are expected to open their studios to visitors from all over the city and beyond. 
TOAST—Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour—began 17 years ago by a handful of neighborhood artists and it is still run by volunteers with studios throughout Tribeca.

“We have our usual cast of characters,” said TOAST president Shawn Washburn. “There are established Tri­beca artists who have been in the neighborhood for many years, and a whole other crowd of young, emerging artists who want to op­en up their spaces and show their work.”

There is a style and medium (drawings, paintings, ceramics, textile art, memory boxes, to name a few) for every taste in this art walk. Take the peaceful still lifes and urban landscapes by Peter Col­quhoun. Or the mysterious abstracts by Michele Krauss. Or Ruth Mc­Laughlin’s delicate renderings of buttercups and Japanese maple leaves.

All the artists are in their studios during the open house, providing a chance to see how they work as well as what they do. Many serve a little food and wine, and all enjoy discussing their work and answering visitors’ questions.

TOAST takes place May 3–6, 1–6 p.m. A map of the studios will be posted this month on