A Toolbox in Memory of a Gardening Mom

Friends of Finn Square Travis Brown, Richard Aakre, Jessica Raimi and Patricia Aakre at the dedication of the Margaret Carlson Memorial Toolbox. Photo: Prudence Carlson

Finn Square now has a new tool box, dedicated not only to the upkeep of the garden on the Tribeca triangle, at Franklin and Varick Streets, but also to the late mother of its donor. On Thursday, Oct. 15, Friends of Finn Square dedicated the Margaret Carlson Memorial Toolbox, a gift of Tribeca resident Prudence Carlson. 

“My mother was not, underscore not, a competitive or would-be professional gardener,” Carlson said of her mother, who died this year. “She hadn’t the time or resources or ambition to be such. Her happiness, rather, was in the beauty — again, the beauty, but with a small “b” — that she could create in the crevasses and interstices of lives necessarily constrained by work, grueling schedules, obligations, setbacks, physical needs, as if she were trying to repeatedly throw a light wrap of delight and solace over all the inescapable hardships of the day-to-day.”