Women's Professional Development Courses

The eight sessions that can be taken independently are sponsored by City College Downtown's Center for Worker Education. They cover such topics as negociating, leadership development and time management (see details below). This program will provide women with the practical expertise and competencies necessary to propel their careers and enhance their progression into leadership positions.  

Each course is $29 and is 3 hours long. They take place at the Cunard Building, 25 Broadway, 7th fl.

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The Courses:

The Art of Negotiation (Monday, Oct. 7, 6-9PM)  In this workshop, participants will explore approaches to negotiation strategy and tactics, as well as the importance of the planning and preparation process. 

Public Speaking (Monday, Oct. 21, 6-9PM) This interactive workshop provides participants with tools, coaching and feedback on ways to improve their public speaking abilities. Exercises will focus on building confidence and improving focus, crafting a presentation and organizing content in stand out, impactful, and engaging ways.  

Time Management (Monday, Oct. 28, 6-9PM) Learn about managing your calendar and emails, setting priorities, collaborating with colleagues, delegating, and reducing interruptions. The course will help you identify goals, create daily plans and recognize obstacles that rob you of your time.  

Foundations of Leadership (Monday, Nov. 4, 6-9PM) Designed to bring clarity, direction, and an understanding of your own leadership style and potential. Managers and individual contributors alike will learn the essentials of effective leadership for greater success.  

Communicating with Others (Monday, Nov. 18, 6-9PM) This course provides tools to become a more effective communicator. Learn the rules of communication, understand the importance of verbal and nonverbal cues, and develop effective listening skills.  

Effective Decision-Making (Monday, Nov. 25, 6-9PM) Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, making a decision and anticipating likely risks. 

Managing Conflict (Monday, Dec. 2, 6-9PM) This course focuses on constructively preventing, addressing or managing conflicts by mastering the fundamentals of conflict resolution. Learn how to turn potential conflict into constructive conversation. 

How to Relate to Others (Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, 6-9PM​​​​​​​) Learn stronger social and interpersonal skills ato help your career.