Works by Photographer Robert A. Ripps On Display

One of three works by Robert A. Ripps on display from July 2-31 in the ground floor window, NW corner of West Broadway and Thomas

The newest exhibit in the West Broadway and Thomas Street window of the former Western Union building are three 20” x 30” images and installation by Robert A. Ripps. The photographic images are printed on an aluminum substrate and mounted in an organic tableau of branches, vines and other natural materials.

Here is a statement from the artist about these photos from his ongoing "Negativityness" project:

“In my work, I like to explore the interaction and intersection of nature and the manmade

world, both visually, as well as technically. This project started as my

response to the political climate in our country right now — everything seems to be about

negativity, about division, about what is truth (and what is inarguably false, yet touted as

truth). My work looks at how the surface of things can be 180 degrees opposite from

what is underneath. It is about falsehoods and unseen influence. It is about discordance,

about disorientation, about a world turned upside down and inside out. What was familiar

and perhaps mundane has now taken on a sense of surrealism and unfamiliarity.

Although this work started as being full of fear, danger and negativity, the

series has moved beyond that stage, and has become more playful, more of an

exploration of nature and organic imagery — but hopefully with no less a mood of

deceptiveness and undercurrent of unease.”


Where: Ground-floor window, NW corner of West Broadway and Thomas Street

When: On view, 24 hours a day, July 2-31