Officers Assaulted in Lower Manhattan

Officers were assaulted recently in two separate incidents in Lower Manhattan, leading to arrests in both attacks.

On Wednesday, June 24 just before 1 a.m., Idarie Forde, 30, reportedly argued with an traffic agent who issued him a summons for parking in a no-standing zone on Beaver Street between Broad and Pearl, before allegedly punching him three times in the face. Forde was charged with assault in the second degree, according to the Manhattan DA’s office. The officer, who suffered a bruise to his eye and an abrasion to his elbow and hand, was taken to the hospital.

Ahmed Abdelhafez, 29, was arrested on Saturday, June 27, after he allegedly prevented a food cart owner in City Hall Park from showing his ID to two officers who had requested it. (The cart spaces are reserved for disabled veterans and, according to police, no such operator was present.) “Don’t give them ID, don’t give them shit,” Abdelhafez reportedly told the cart operator, before saying, “Fuck you” to the officers and threatening them. The officers' sergeant was called and he requested to see the vendor's ID. Abdelhafez allegedly continued to prevent the vendor from handing it over. The officers then attempted to arrest Abdelhafez, but he reportedly resisted, swinging at the sergeant and kicking him in the face. He was charged with assault in the second degree, obstructing governmental administration in the second degree and resisting arrest, the DA’s office reported.